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My name is Victor Scott Tiffany. I reside in Upstate NY, and, until recently, I was a registered Republican. Specifically, I was a Lincolnian/Rooseveltian Republican, an old school progressive. That, in the eyes of the reactionary elements within the Republican Party, made me a RINO, a Republican in name only, because the first Republican President is still my favorite President of all time. If that made me a RINO, then what's that make those calling me one?

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I like to tell people that Glenn Beck introduced me to interactive television. I’d watch The Glenn Beck Show on Fox News; and, when he’d say something I knew to be flat out wrong, I’d jump up out of my chair and yell, “That’s bulls**t!”

My Biggest Advantage over Glenn Beck

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from DeVry Institute of Technology in Phoenix (1977), and the title of my senior paper is “The Control of Executive Stress.”

I earned a Master’s of Arts in the Social Sciences from Binghamton University (1984). The title of my thesis is “Quantum Rationality and The Inexhaustible Process of Peace: An Essay Exploring the Extant Structures of Peace and the Possibility for Synergistic Institutional Transformation.” It was a Cold War essay, and in many ways now obsolete.

As a graduate student, I wrote stories for the student newspaper, Pipe Dream. In my final year I was promoted from reporter to columnist. The title of my final column is “Ronald Reagan is Not a Conservative.” By today's Glenn Beck/Tea Party standards, President Reagan was a liberal. During his eight years, government grew even outside of the military-industrial complex, taxes were raised, regulations increased and the national debt tripled but that was not the argument I was making at the time.

The Focus of
The Glenn Beck Review

There is a joke which states that when you get a Bachelor’s Degree, you learn a little bit about everything. In the field of media criticism, that would be equivalent to Media Matters who point out the lies and deceptions of all conservatives and reactionaries.

When you get a Master’s Degree, you learn a lot about one area of study, one field of research.  In the field of media criticism, that would be equivalent to News Hounds who point out the lies and deceptions heard and seen on Fox News.

Finally, when you get a Ph.D., you learn everything there is to know about absolutely nothing.  In the field of media criticism, that “nothing” is Glenn Beck. (It could be any pundit or politician.)  This blog is a love/hate task.  I hate the time I’m losing to more entertaining fun such as the NBA Finals or enlightening activities such as reading, but I love the challenge that I’ve given myself. Researching and writing this blog is distasteful enjoyment. I don’t hate Glenn Beckhe is the nearly perfect straw man. Beck is contemptible, but he’s not evil in my view.

I’ve made it my mission to unmask this liar, hypocrite and charlatan. I would be happy to get more information about Glenn Beck that I am not aware of. However, I am not interested in any personal dirt or rumors about him. Any information about his social values would be helpful. 

I would also be happy if Glenn Beck would just stop his deceit and his hypocrisy. The mission of The Glenn Beck Review is NOT to change Beck's perspective or far right ideology. That would be absurd. If Glenn Beck starts practicing honest dissent, which he has every right to exercise, I could get my life back. 

Feel free to e-mail me with ideas to contribute to the exposé that is this Review of his show on Fox and his newsletter: politicalwiz55@aol.com. Tell me to keep the information you share anonymous or not.

Thank you for your contributions to this effort.