Monday, June 8, 2015

Millennials: Glenn who?

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Mediaite, the website that covers most people in the media, has published a piece that covered a Pew Research Center survey on the most distrusted news sources. While Rush Limbaugh was first on the list, Glenn Beck was second.

The author wrote:
Glenn Beck
Once again, a radio host normally associated with older, more conservative audience is unsurprisingly distrusted by younger generations; but also distrusted by the Boomers. For Millennials, the distrust to trust was 21% to 3%; for Gen X, 27% to 11%; and for Boomers, 26% to 16%.
Andrew Kirell added, "Less than 40% of Millennial respondents even knew who Glenn Beck is."

A has-been losing influence

For a summary about Glenn Beck, see "Becoming Paul Revere"

For a Mormon criticism of Mr. Beck, see "Rough Stone Soaring"
Before more people start tuning into Beck's reactionary, yellow propaganda
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