Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Obstruction in Washington is coming from Republicans

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In June of 2013 when President Obama nominated three judges for the Washington, DC circuit court, he complained about the obstruction in Congress by Republicans.

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This clip from anyone on MSNBC certainly will not convince a Republican supporting their Party's effort to block anything and everything that the President supports, but it should make it clear to voters who want government to function effectively that so long as Obama is the President, Republicans in Congress need to be pushed out of office.

This month we have had a shutdown of government by those allied with the reactionary politics of Glenn Beck. In this clip, All In's Chris Hayes interviews two mainstream Republicans to discuss the extremists who are fracturing the Republican Party. Via MSNBC:

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Again, the ONLY way to get solutions to the problems this nation faces is by sending Republicans home in 2014 and having a unity government, one that a minority cannot block needed legislation, even basic legislation like funding the government. Glenn Beck's allies have got to go. Because many of them are in gerrymandered districts, voters need to send "moderate" Republicans home as well.

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