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Beck speech to the NRA smears Mayor Bloomberg this time

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Glenn Beck, who recently came out with a anti-gun control book entitled Control, offered the keynote address to the NRA on May 4th. His speech is offered in its entirety below and followed by the criticism he took for how he depicted NYC Mayor Bloomberg. Beck ushered his faux outrage to claim how the media has the depiction wrong; but in doing so, he makes himself out to be too clever by half.

Via the NRA website:

Instead of picking this completely apart, it's useful to let the professionals take on the false claims made by Mr. Beck.

Via Media Research Center, aka, the Mendacious Reactionary Collaborators:

Matthews was being hypocritical here, but ABC news and other media outlets also picked up on the appearance of that salute. ABC noted:
Glenn Beck roused the National Rifle Association's annual convention this weekend with his attacks on New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, but he also aroused criticism by a major Jewish group for depicting the mayor giving what appears to be a a Nazi salute.
"...what appears to be." Now listen to Beck's faux outrage at how the media covered his choice of imagery. Via the media blog, Mediaite:


Beck picked a rare graphic of Lenin, added an armband, and knew damn well, as he explained, that he thought he was going to trick the media into believing it was a Nazi salute. First, this is what a Soviet salute  actually looked like:

Beck thinks he's owed an apology? ABC was correct; it appeared to be a Nazi salute, not a Soviet one. Beck, who suffers from "Nazi Tourette Syndrome," is being an utter hypocrite when he questions any media outlet's credibility. That is nothing new; Beck is a serial hypocrite. Beck has no credibility. He is still harping on the Saudi student that he smeared in a lame effort to rouse the rabble in his following to have the President impeached following the Boston marathon terrorist bombings. Beck owes Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi an apology, but that won't happen unless he's forced to by a judge in civil court. Beck owes President Obama an apology for calling him a racist. That will never happen either.

Taking Beck at his word for a minute, he cleverly fooled Media Matters, ABC and HuffPo among others by depicting capitalist billionaire, Michael Bloomberg, as a "communist" or Leninist or whatever he thinks he was doing. And Beck sure tricked them. Yep, people thought that the exact same salute was Nazi because Beck is so clever.

So Beck thinks that a capitalist billionaire is Leninist or communist. Right. That, actually, is more absurd than depicting Bloomberg as a Nazi. Either way, Beck is being deceitful. Nazi salute or Soviet salute (it wasn't), Beck was STILL engaging in deceitful propaganda. In other words, same old Glenn Beck.

Oh yes, Beck is so clever. Too clever really. Too clever by half. It's pathetic that no one at Mediaite thought to point this out, but that, too, is same old Mediaite.

The Frenchman, who supposedly refused to cross the line in the sand at the Alamo, had been named to the French Legion of Honor for heroism. There is serious doubts as to whether Moses Rose was even in the garrison that day, but that didn't stop Beck from taking a cheap shot at the French.

During the NRA speech, Beck noted "We tended to get along."  Then Beck was hired by Fox, and vitriolic, race-baiting hate-speech became his modus operandi. In fact, Americans of different political stripes have engaged in angry disputes over political issues for centuries; but facts and Beck's verbiage are not typically in alignment. In other words, this speech was pretty much as expected, i.e. deceitful propaganda.

copied from Santiago James Chavez' FB page

Update, 5/09/2013: The following fantasy is from SantiagoJJJr's YouTube site, referenced in the comment below:

It would have been preferable, if this video were Review produced, to have all of those Beck cited but One agree that Beck has the right to say whatever he wants to say so long as he does not yell "FIRE" in that crowed venue or incite armed insurrection against the state, something he often comes too close to. All but One would walk away leaving Jesus to alone to offer a prayer for Mr. Beck to stop using His name to promote gun ownership as the talisman of freedom.

For a summary about Glenn Beck, see "Becoming Paul Revere"

For a Mormon criticism of Mr. Beck, see "Rough Stone Soaring"

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