Thursday, May 2, 2013

Any questions?

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"The antidote to bad speech is more speech"
~~J S Mill

A Public Service Announcement

Via Rachel Edwards:
This is a mind on reason:

This is a mind on Beck. 

You don't have to listen long to get the gist of this woman's rage, but it's not until near the end that ShellymicAB, aka, Shelly Dankert spews Beckisms.

Hillbilly Jim Pwnz took some liberties with a shorted version of Dankert's election night rant, and his video does have the HTML code used to embed video into blog posts, available.

Shelly Dankert is the blogger behind NebraskAttitude. Under the category of "Glenn Beck" she has two posts entitled "Rumors of War III: Obama is the Enemy of the United States." "You MUST WATCH THIS" she yells.

Any questions?

If you have a close friend or family member spouting nonsense such as:
  • Obama is a Marxist (he's not)
  • Obama is trying to destroy the U.S.
  • Western radicals or liberals want a Muslim caliphate in the Middle East
  • The FBI cleared an "armed and dangerous" Saudi student after Boston bombings
  • Progressivism is a cancer
  • 1984 was written by "Aldoux Huxley" 
  • Boston on the day of April 24th was akin to Nazi Germany
  • The government is out to control you
  • etc. etc. etc.
..then, please, share this URL about Glenn Beck with them.

If they are anything like Shelly, they will consider you "insane." So it goes. If they trust and believe Glenn Beck, then share this URL about Glenn Beck's bald-faced lies with them:

Because facts often backfire for ideologues, even being exposed to Beck's bald-faced lies will only make them dig their heels in deeper and accuse this Review of being a "Soros project" or some such manner of avoiding the cognitive dissonance that would accompany the reality that their hero is, in fact, a liar and deceitful propagandist.

For a summary about Glenn Beck, see "Becoming Paul Revere"

For a Mormon criticism of Mr. Beck, see "Rough Stone Soaring"

Before more people start tuning into Beck's reactionary, yellow propaganda
get involved!
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