Thursday, April 25, 2013

Beck jumps shark, but falls short: CHOMP CHOMP

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Last Friday, five days after the terrorist bombings in Boston, Glenn Beck claimed that America should "demand impeachment" of President Obama for a government cover-up of a Saudi student's role in the attack. That was yet another example of Beck "jumping the shark." Over the weekend, we found the most likely source of Beck's misinformation, an Islamophobe named Walid Shoebat, and offered video from CNN that exposed him as a liar and a fraud. On Monday, Beck did not cite Shoebat, but claimed that he had a source high up in the administration. As of last night's show on the BlazeTV, Beck admitted to his employee, Buck Sexton, that all he has is "conjecture." Splash! Beck doesn't clear the shark.

"Jumping the shark" is  "an idiom created by Jon Hein that was used to describe the moment in the evolution of a television show when it begins a decline in quality that is beyond recovery, which is usually a particular scene, episode, or aspect of a show in which the writers use some type of "gimmick" in a desperate attempt to keep viewers' interest." Beck has made a living jumping the shark for years, but this time, even some of his own followers are disappointed in him.

The phrase, "jump the shark," comes from a scene from the TV series Happy Days. Via kmcnally's YouTube account:

weapon of mass distortion? See p. 2 (unseen)

On his BlazeTV show last night, after telling his gullible and obedient followers not to "listen to anyone else," Beck told Buck Sexton this about Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, the Saudi student who was questioned and cleared by the FBI while in the hospital recovering from burns suffered in the attack:
My thought is, Buck, and I have nothing to back this up, it's totally conjecture, but my thought is that this guy [Abdul Alharbi] is from a very prominent family, he came over here, and maybe he's a guy that is going into these Saudi mosques, and just looking for the nastiest of the nasty, and he can relate to them, and he's over here, and he kinda helps tweak them, and puts them in place and helps them become a home grown terrorist. Is that...does that sound crazy? [Emphasis in red added]
No, Mr. Beck; it sounds like slander and defamation of character. To his utter disgrace, Buck Sexton's reply was, "No, No; that's all plausible. I just can't say it's provable." Sexton must be getting a decent pay check from Mr. Beck to not call Beck out for this sleazy attack on this Saudi student.

Has Alharbi? and friends depicted behind them for this exchange

Beck knows that he has no reliable source who can back up his slander against Abdul Alharbi, so this morning, on the three stooges radio program, Beck actually said, "all these websites tried to smear me, to discredit us, last week and this past weekend by claiming we were blaming the Govt for the bombings.  This is why you need to know the truth.  Please call your cable companies...." That might be due to Beck's own words claiming that the government was covering up the fantasy of Beck's implication of Abdul Alharbi's involvement. In fact, it's right on last night's chalk board:

"Govt/administration is covering up action/info"

"Please call your cable companies." Always the huckster, even when under water with a shark gnawing on his limbs. Beck's attack on Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi is "totally conjecture," but that doesn't stop his most gullible and reactionary followers from hanging on his every word. 

Alharbi and friends depicted on his Facebook page

Efforts to contact the Boston FBI and Alharbi himself for alternative versions of Beck's "conjecture" continue.

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Unknown said...

Thank you VIctor for supprting this poor young man against Beck's mad thoughts. Beck should ablogize for the damage he caused to this young man who come to this country to complete his study and go back to his country and contribute to its development