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Beck believes he has information about "bombers" and calls for Obama's impeachment.

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Exploiting the tragedy in Boston this week, Glenn Beck is making waves in the media again, this time by claiming to know something about the Saudi "person of interest" who was interviewed by the FBI and cleared. He's claiming that there are "four" suspects. Below are two recordings from Mr. Beck, the first from his radio show captured by Media Matters for America and the second from his online video channel, BlazeTV. Finally, this Review is going to scoop Beck's Monday scoop by providing the source and list of alleged ties to the "person of interest" and al-Queda.

Via Media Matters:

Got that? President Obama should be impeached. "Suspect" number one, according to Beck, was NEVER a suspect. After being interviewed by the FBI and having his apartment searched, he was deemed not involved with this terrorist attack. Beck doesn't "believe anybody on TV anymore" which is interesting because he's on TV now through Dish Network satellite television. Care in crafting sentences is not Beck's forte. Beck claims that "our media is rooting for an American to be the killer." What station does he watch? Beck has made other false claims about the media, and this is no exception.

So Beck's "insight" regards the Saudi student, Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi. The government, according to Beck, is "aiding and abetting him." Beck thinks that Americans are going to believe anything that a proven liar says about a person of interest, who had nothing to do with this bombing, are going to demand that the President be impeached. Uh huh. Delusional much? Can you imagine how the right-wing media would have reacted if liberals on talk radio had said such a thing about President Bush within a week of the 9/11 attacks?  

Jason Easley from Politicususa has it about right what he wrote:

"Glenn Beck and others on the right who are peddling their conspiracies and hate, are the antithesis of everything this country stands for. They are un-American, and a source of shame for us all."
But wait, there's more. Beck claims to have more that he's going to release this Monday if the Obama administration doesn't come clean. You can't make this stuff up. If you've stopped laughing from the recording of his radio show, listen to this from his TV channel of propaganda.
Via Right Wing

This seems like "number two" alright, and straight from a male bovine, but let's give Mr. Beck the benefit of the doubt. "What we do going forward from here will determine the fate of our nation." Hyperbolic much? Beck believes that Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi is "a very bad, bad, bad man." Beck should know; he's only inspired three attempted assassinations when he was on Fox, but I digress.

Not that it matters to Beck or his gullible followers, but The Hill has reported:
Administration officials told The Hill on Thursday that news reports about the student injured in the bombing are confusing him with another student from Saudi Arabia who was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement for violating his visa. 
The first Saudi student is not a suspect in the Boston bombings but was hospitalized after the attack and questioned. Authorities also searched his apartment in Revere, a suburb of Boston.
This first Saudi student is Beck's "suspect number one." If you want to know what Beck is going to be releasing this Monday, see a post from Beck ally and anti-Islamist, Walid Shoebat entitled " 'Innocent' Saudi has several ties to Al-Qaeda Terrorists." This Islamaphobe, Showbat, attempts to associate Abdul Rahman to family members who are connected with al-Qaeda. In other words, if your uncle is a thief, then you must be a thief. This is one of many propaganda techniques that Beck uses, i.e., guilt by association. This is most likely going to be Beck's big scoop on this Saudi student.

More will be posted here as warranted.

Update #1. Glenn Beck has expressed respect for Cooper Anderson, and he is "keeping them honest." In this case, CNN looked into this Walid Shoebat character and his website.

Via CAIR tv:

Like Glenn Beck, this Shoebat seems to be passing himself off as something he's not.

Update, 4/21/2013: A reliable source has conveyed to this Review that an assistant to a member of the Saudi Royal Family told her:
...the Saudi kids' last name, while some in his extended family HAVE been associated with terrorism, has 'thousands' in the Middle East with that name.  She said that if the kid himself were in ANY way connected to terrorist activities, that Saudi would publicly "disown him"-that they wouldn't risk "the tenuous bond between the two countries;  his family is not THAT important".
When this assistant was told about the probable source of this "information" about Alharbi, she asked, "...if 'that liar,' [Walid Sheobat] is still being paid by US taxpayers to 'spread his hate' ". Since the link to this story has been posted on Beck's Facebook page, which, oddly enough, does not even mention this bombshell that Beck is supposedly conveying tomorrow morning, and website multiple times, it is very possible that Beck's team is scrambling to find other sources to "report" on Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi.

On the CNN Sunday program, Reliable Sources, no one mentioned The BlazeTV or Glenn Beck. More to come as day breaks and Beck shares his "information" about this Saudi student, who wants, according to one source, to stay in the United States longer. Will Mr. Beck make this impossible? Stay tuned to this post for updates as Beck's propaganda warrants.

Update, 4/22/2013: Today on Beck's radio show, Beck conveyed no new information about this Saudi student. He did claim, twice, that he has a source "high up in the administration." The first time he mentioned this supposed source, he claimed that the source could get 20 years in prison for talking with Beck. In the next hour, Beck claimed that this source could be killed for talking to Beck.

There are two possibilities here. Either Beck is lying again and has no source in the administration, or someone in the administration is playing Beck for a fool. Although the latter theory would be poetic justice, it's not likely. More likely is that Beck knows that his "source," Walid Shoebat, has been exposed as a liar and a fraud leaving Beck with little to base his conspiracy theory on.

Update, 4/23/2013: The selection of what to add for today is a matter of complete bias. Beck's "news" site, TheBlaze, is reporting on an recorded exchange in a Senate conference hearing between Secretary Napolitano and Senator Grassley (R, IA). 

Responding to a question from Grassley, she said:

“Before the [Tsarnaev] brothers became the focus of the investigation, authorities questioned a Saudi student who reportedly was on a terror watch list,” Grassley said. “I sent a letter to you this morning asking for answers to questions about the bombers and how they interacted with your agency, I trust you will promptly respond…” 
“With regard to the Saudi student, was he on a watch list, and if so, how did he obtain a student visa?” Grassley asked. 
Napolitano firmly responded: “He was not on a watch list. What happened is — this student was, really when you back it out, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was never a subject. He was never even really a person of interest. Because he was being interviewed, he was at that point put on a watch list, and then when it was quickly determined he had nothing to do with the bombing, the watch listing status was removed.”
The Secretary is not to be believed when you don't trust the government. Beck continued to rouse the rabble by asking more of his particular blend of honest and mostly dishonest questions:

Beck has NOTHING on this Saudi student, and a few of his followers are picking up on this. From yesterday on Beck's website:

It bears stressing that many comments are supportive and others "helpful." Some of Beck's fans have heard on Facebook that Alharbi is bin Laden's son. Yep. Beck's supporters are THAT gullible. It's nice to see BillHughes13 wake up to the scam that is Glenn Beck's war on the general understanding of reality.  Beck doesn't trust what he hears on TV, but who can listen to this and trust Glenn Beck?

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