Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beck desecrates American flag for melodramatic effect

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Previously, it was pointed out that Glenn Beck is a liar. However, most times that Beck makes a false statement -- and he makes a lot of them -- there is no proof that Beck knows that he is deceiving, that he knows the facts. Most of the time it seems that Beck is just making up "facts" and asserting them as "the truth." This is why his autobiography is subtitled Glenn Beck and the Triumph of Ignorance. (1) Furthermore, Beck's ignorance transcends the making of false claims.

What's wrong with this picture?

Yes, that is the American flag lying on the floor of his studio.

Yesterday, the Mediaite blog covered the story of Beck carping about "the collective government" and published this segment of classical Beck, making up concerns that cause him to lose his faith in all but his invisible friend in the sky. Watch this via Mediaite:

First of all, Beck is twisting reality around. With the expansion of health care in the U.S. as a right, not an privilege, rights are expanding. (Where civil rights are being repressed, Beck supports the efforts.)  Beck is for freedom of the few and poverty for those left behind by the competitive system of capitalism. That is the extremist individualism that is fading into the nation's past. This clip is an excellent example of Beck blending politics and religion, the very synthesis that pushed some of his more secular, libertarian followers away when he was on Fox and saw his ratings drop about a million viewers a day.

flag code? what flag code?

However, for the purpose of melodrama, Beck uses a flag to represent a coat or a blanket. Once again, Beck's ignorance is on display in this bit of reactionary propaganda against the advance of human rights in the United States. Beck pretends to be a super-patriot, but he is betrayed by his desecration of the American flag. From is this:

  • My flag touched the ground. Do I need to destroy it?
No. You should, of course, try to avoid having the flag touch the ground. But if it does, you should correct the situation immediately. If the flag has been dirtied, you should clean it by hand with a mild soap solution and dry it well before returning it to use.
Glenn Beck is no moron, but he has made a great success of his blubbering ignorance. He is a gifted but ignorant and deceitful con man selling snake oil (false consciousness) to mostly religious extremists and reactionary, tea party types. Fortunately his "army of psychotics" is not big enough to have an electoral impact any longer, but he has not given up. "Glenn Beck will die planning something 'big.' "(2)

Before more people are rendered "psychotic" by Beck's manipulative propaganda, 
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1) This blogger had the fortune and honor to meet the author, Alexander Zaitchik on 3/2/13 in Ithaca, NY
2) Stated by Zaitchik during the 3/2/13 meeting.