Sunday, February 3, 2013

Maher: Beck is why Republicans are in trouble

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Previously, it was noted that Glenn Beck "hates" the Republican Party, and he recently declared it "dead." It would be apparent that Beck has no interest in helping the Republicans win elections, although last year he encouraged his followers to get involved and help rid the country of the "Marxist, socialist, fascist communist" in the White House. Last week on Real Time, Bill Maher had some things to say about Beck's influence in "the stupid party" to quote what Gov. Bobby Jindal was talking about recently.

Bill Maher

Via Mediaite:

Crooks and Liars author Heather went on to write:
After discussing Sarah Palin's departure from Fox "news" right after Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal told his party that they need to "stop being the stupid party," Real Time's Bill Maher reminded his audience during his New Rules segment that people like Palin always seem to land on their feet, like her cohort who they finally fired, Glenn Beck. And as Maher noted, there's really only one thing that people like Palin, or Beck or Limbaugh care about -- and that's separating the rubes who take them seriously from their money.
And as long as that's the case, they're going to be causing problems for Republicans winning elections. These carnival barkers might not have much influence in national races, but they're doing their best to do real damage when it comes to any sane Republicans being able to make it through a primary race. [Emphasis added]
Of course Beck's followers do not realize that Beck is exploiting them for money. Too many of them are "addicted" to Mr. Beck, and therefore cannot hear his lies and detect any of his many examples of blatant hypocrisy.  The Republican Party is not a stupid Party, but it has a stupid wing. Any Republican follower of Glenn Beck is part of that stupid wing. So long as they willingly get conned of their money, help make Glenn Beck wealthy and believe the nonsense that this brilliant propagandist spews, he will help the Republicans lose elections. Some adult in the Republican Party needs to tell Glenn Beck to leave, get out, go find a Party that suits his "stupid" ideas. Somebody needs to, but in all likelihood, they will have to lose a few more national elections before anyone will tell Beck to get lost.

a pimple on the ass of progress

Before more people start paying for Beck's 
hypocritical hate-mongering, 
get involved
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