Sunday, February 24, 2013

Glenn Beck is caught lying...again

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In the contents of this blog, there is a section labeled "Beck's false claims." It's quite long. The majority of these false claims cannot be claimed by a critic as being lies because, for a statement to be a lie, the speaker has to know that it is not true. Otherwise, a false claim can be a misstatement of facts born of ignorance of the facts. Although many of Beck's false claims are more likely born of his ignorance about history, politics and religion, sometimes it is clear that Glenn Beck knows what he's claiming is not true, that he knows he is lying. The following is a list, then, that will be updated as warranted, of Glenn Beck's known lies (not to be confused with the more innocent ignorant claims).

a proven liar

In a Mediaite story this week by Andrew Kirell entitled "Glenn Beck takes on Coulter calling libertarians 'pussies,' whines about 'Nazi' libertarians not liking him," the author rather casually noted:
Despite being the “only media organization” at the Students for Liberty conference, “they pissed all over us,” Beck claimed of his company’s experience at ISFLC. 
But, actually, no. There was a presence from Mediaite, Reason, The Daily Caller, The Washington ExaminerNational Review, and The American Conservative, among others. TheBlaze was far from the only media outlet covering the event.
Beck did not go to this event, so it's possible that he was making up facts again, or the person he sent, "John," did not tell Beck the truth. Or Beck was lying again.

Eight blatant lies

This would not be the first time Beck has been caught telling a blatant lie. Below is a list of lies Beck has been caught telling as documented in this Review:

No doubt readers can come up with other examples of Glenn Beck making claims that he knew or had to know were not true. Just as likely, readers can find people online or around town that support him, who are unwilling or unable to acknowledge what is proven here beyond a shadow of a doubt, namely that Glenn Beck is not an honest man. Ergo, using Beck's "logic," he has no honor either, sacred or otherwise.

Update, May 14, 2013: Yesterday Beck called for a Special Council to pursue impeachment of the President over Benghazi and the IRS scandal where they targeted conservative groups for extra scrutiny in their 501 (c) 4 status. Beck said, "I have not suggested that anything rises to ... the level of impeachment...There's documentation on this. I believe it is time for the American people to demand that a Special Council is appointed ..." Got that? Except Beck only recently did suggest just that. On April 19th Beck said, "when America knows the full story on this [Saudi student, Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbiif she doesn't stand up, and quite honestly and demand impeachment and a mass firing ...we don't stand a chance.

Update, May 23, 2013: Right-wing Watch, a project of the liberal People of the American Way noticed Beck making a claim that was patently false based, again, on what Glenn Beck had said only three days earlier. There is a difference between logical inconsistency and an outright lie. Watch him via RWWBlog on YouTube:

Got that? On May 3rd, Beck claimed, "As a journalist and somebody who runs a journalistic organization, here’s what I want you to look for." Then, three days later Beck said, "I have always said that I am not a journalist. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m a thinker. But I wear it as a badge of honor that I am not a journalist."  [Emphasis added.]

Update, Sept. 6, 2013: In a NY Times Magazine interview published online today, Beck claimed, "I didn’t call for Obama’s impeachment." That is another bold-faced lie. He did so on April 19th of this year as well as on May 13th (see above).

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