Thursday, January 3, 2013

Former Beck addict comes clean

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The following post is a complete re-write. It was a guest post by an anonymous, former supporter and "addict" of Glenn Beck. She has since decided that she did not want her story posted here, so this has been narrowed down to the Amtrak story Beck told on the air and a clip from his appearance on The View.

Beck the Ambushed "Victim" 

 Via The Huffington Post:

Beck did not let go of this and continued discussing the issue on radio and TV, even demanding a "Damn Apology" from Barbara Walters. In the days that ensued “The View” debacle, Beck was unable to blow it off.  If it really was a matter of “he said, she said”, why was his teeth locked on this story like a bone?  He was caught on national TV lying through his teeth.

lying sack of dog mess

What other stories has Glenn so casually told that are not true? The average person would not feel hurt by a TV commentator caught embellishing a story; but to many people, Beck is more than a commentator, at a minimum he is a soothsayer and a man of God. Critics, on the other hand, recognize that Beck is nothing more than a false prophet making genuine profits off his follower's gullibility.

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