Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Beck discusses mythological end of the world, ignores real threat

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On his morning radio show last Monday, Glenn Beck discussed the Mayan calender and the supposed end of the world it conveys to some, a date coming up in just over a week. In an effort to educate people by providing an alternative narrative to the nonsense Mr. Beck spews, a video presentation by Guy McPherson is offered below. At the Bluegrass Bioneers 2012 conference, he described the dire scientific projections of systemic collapse due to  anthropomorphic climate change, something Beck denies on behalf of his fossil fuel fuel friends, David and Charles Koch and others profiting as they render the planet uninhabitable.

From a story on his website entitled "2014: The World is Over," this is Beck discussing the Mayan calender.

All joking aside…well most joking aside, there are people preparing for the world ending in twelve(ish) days. 
Stu told a story about a man who sells underground shelters. He used to sell about one per month, but now they’re going at about one per day. Even the man selling them plans to go underground from the 21st to the 23rd, just in case. 
“You’re telling me that the Mayans are getting it within three days?” Glenn asked. “I mean, how long has this calendar around? I think they got it done. If they say it’s going to end on a Tuesday, they’re not going to be wrong by three days.  Come on.
On a more serious note, this presentation is one that every voting American needs to see and become radicalized in response. Although over an hour long, McPherson's frightening points are made in about half the time. The rest is a Q and A session.

Science denialists like reactionary, corporate propagandist, Glenn Beck, his gullible followers and anyone programmed by the right-wing echo chamber will dismiss McPherson, but he has something that Beck does not: scientific facts and projections. What is to be done about this impending doom? No doubt, different people will react in wildly different ways. If we are to survive as a species, we will need a mass increase of awareness about this and a new economic paradigm with the primary objectives of sustainability and carbon reduction rather than corporate profits. As far fetched as that seems, if McPherson is right -- and we are certainly undergoing climate change now -- it may be human's only hope for long term survival.

Update 1/14/15: For more on the dangers of rapid climate change, read "The Methane Monster Roars."

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