Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Glenn Beck's epic failure

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Before the election Glenn Beck tried his damndest to scare the hell out of his gullible followers and motivate them, presumably, to support Governor Flip Flop for President. Of course, it didn't work out as the reactionaries and conservatives wanted it to. In fact, just the opposite with President Obama winning re-election, the Senate becoming even more progressive and at least two Tea Party Representatives, including Beck ally, Allen West, going down to defeat.

First, listen to Beck at his fear-mongering, irrational best. Via News Corps: The Internet's Chronicle of Media Decay:

It's a delightful fantasy to consider banishing the anti-science religunuts like Beck to some Caribbean Island, but in fact one of the most prominent features of liberalism is tolerance of people like Beck and his flock. And make no mistake about it, the elections of 2012 was a resounding victory for liberals.

Today Beck is asserting that he's going to "double down" on his reactionary agenda, and that's fine. Let him. We know how successful he was in the last four years in his effort to undermine the President's authority and to make him a one-term president, i.e., not at all.

After all of the tears, all of Beck's fears and all of his smears, they amounted to diddly. Glenn Beck failed, and for that America can move forward, if only a little bit here and there, now and then, with a Republican House of Representatives to continue their obstruction of the President.

after the tears, Beck admits his ignorance

Like many propagandists on Fox "News," Beck had predicted a Romney landslide. In his morning radio show monologue today, Beck made an astonishing admission:
 I said over the summer, you know what really scares me is I’m always wrong about politics. I can’t ‑‑ I can’t tell you what’s going to happen in politics, and I guess my arrogance or misunderstanding of the peace and comfort that I felt in my prayers that I thought I did understand politics. No, I didn’t understand politics and I also didn’t understand God, and I also didn’t understand the American people, or at least half of them.
Beck understands far fewer than half of the American people. Of course, Beck is not one to let his own ignorance about politics, God and people stop him from continuing to pretend as if he knows what he's talking about. Beck has made a huge success from his utter ignorance of politics, and he has promised to "double down." Of course he will. Being a gifted talker and severely ignorant about politics works very well for Republicans of talk radio. The sad thing is, you really can fool some of the people all of the time.

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