Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beck's predictable response to Biden

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Last week Glenn Beck had a predictable response to the debate between V-P Joe Biden and Beck's soulmate, Paul Ryan. Beck's reaction to the debate will be counter-positioned with a discussion of the same debate among the four pundits of The Cycle which included Beck's employee, S.E. Cupp.

First, the prediction from Mark on the News Corpse site in a piece entitled "Fox News Knows Ryan Lost Debate, So They Resort to Distractions and Lies" argued:
One of the best ways that experienced debate watchers know when one side has lost is if that side spends most of their time criticizing the moderator and/or the style of their opponent. That’s a clear sign that they believe they came up short on substance. And it’s precisely what Ryan’s side did from the moment the debate ended.
From Beck's website is the discussion he held the next morning with the other two stooges on the Morning Zoo Radio show.

That's not the Oval Office in the background, but Beck seems to think that he belongs in it. Let's hope that Romney, should he become the President, doesn't make Beck, whom Romney considers "a statesman," the Secretary of State. Of course, there's a simple way of avoiding that possibility.

Romney thinks Beck is a "statesman"

At any rate, this debate was discussed on all news media networks, so for a counter narrative to the predictable nonsense that Beck and the other two stooges spewed on the Morning Zoo program, the following is from The Cycle on the day after the debates.

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Update, 10/18/2012: Jon Stewart covered this debate on The Daily Show. He offered a very funny take on Fox's coverage of this debate. Via Comedy Central:

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