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Beck is gloating over Romney's deceitful victory

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Republicans are well practiced in the politics of fear and the logistics the big lie. The challenge for Obama and Biden and for the rest of us over the next four weeks is to counter their fearsome lies with the truth.
~~Professor Robert Reich
"The Politics of Fear"

One has to be a blind partisan to believe that President Obama won the first debate with Governor Romney on Oct. 3rd, and some people are. After speculating that maybe "Jesus punched Obama in the face" during the debates (yes, he said this) when Glenn Beck claimed that "pretty much everyone else on the left says Romney won decisively," you know he is distorting the facts...again. In fact, according to a Daily Poll, over 30% of those answering the question somehow believe the President won the debate. However, Beck ignores the fact that Romney lied his way to victory in this first round and promoted bad public policy.

The three stooges of Beck's morning zoo commentary show

Governor Romney made a number of false claims during this debate, but the closest the three stooges of Beck's morning radio show come to acknowledging that is when they noted that Obama was shaking his head (in disgust one suspects). Of the many false claims that Romney made during this debate, one in particular needs to be addressed because it goes to the crux of the difference between the two major Party candidates: tax policy.

During this debate Governor Romney claimed that if the Bush tax cuts were to expire, that would kill jobs. However, according to Forbes  (no leftist rag by any stretch):
But the GOP meme suggesting that tax cuts equals jobs while, conversely, tax increases on the so-called “job creators” mean less work for the rest of us, simply does not survive any reasonable scrutiny. Putting more money in the pockets of the wealthy may create a few jobs for the foreign bankers who get to count the extra money funneled into into the off-shore accounts of the rich, but there is nothing in the way of actual data to support the notion that putting more money into the pockets of the wealthiest Americans will inure to the benefit of those looking for work.
This is important to understand. A large portion of the money that the very wealthy have been getting in tax cuts over the last 30 years has gone offshore, just as with the case of Mitt Romney as shown in his 2010 tax returns. In fact, there is enough American money being held in offshore accounts to pay off the entire national debt. It is estimated that the richest 0.001% have somewhere "between $21 trillion and $32 trillion stashed in overseas bank accounts simply to avoid paying their fair share of taxes."

Romney has been saying for months that he's going to give everyone another 20% tax cut, and during the debate claimed that his tax cuts were going to be revenue neutral thereby not adding to the deficit. The biggest problem is math. As President Obama tried to convey during the debate, there is not enough deductions for the 1% to cover the $4.8 trillion reduction in tax revenues that his tax cut would lead to. 

The policy problem is that the wealthy people do not create jobs. That is right-wing propaganda used to get people to vote against people who want the 1% to pay their fair share in taxes. Jobs are created by people in the middle class having more money than they need to live on and therefore can buy stuff, i.e., cars, appliances, furniture, clothing, etc. What Romney condescendingly refers to as "trickle down government" actually works. "Trickle down government" gets highways built, dams build, infrastructure built, teachers hired and the rest of the activities that governments legitimately undertake for the public and national good.

History shows that lower tax rates do NOT lead to more job creation. If fact, just the opposite. This chart shows what Obama was trying to convey about job creation and top tax rates.

Higher taxes leads to faster job growth
Raising taxes on those with high incomes (from labor or investments) is not about resentment; it is sound policy. Plutocrat Romney is running for office to protect his class and hope that the failed tax policies of the past will help, i.e., trickle down to, the middle class. They won't. He won the first debate because the President was not forceful throughout the evening, and certainly not on this point. Beck and his other two morning stooges were gloating over Obama's poor performance, but the choice still stands before American voters. Taxes will have to go up to avoid making the national debt even worse than it is. With Romney out to protect his class, including Mr. Beck, which major party candidate do you think will work harder to keep the tax rates for the middle class low?

For a complete list of lies that Governor Romney told during this debate, click here.

Update, 10/10/2012: The Daily KOS has republished a cartoon by Tom Tomorrow entitled "The plutocrat attacks" which captures the emptiness of the debate and the deceitfulness of the plutocrat.
Update, 10/11/2012: Former President Clinton had a different perspective on the Romney--Obama debate. Watch this short clip and ask yourself who is more connected to reality: President Clinton or Glenn "Jesus punched Obama in the face" Beck.

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