Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tale of two pages

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Glenn Beck, reactionary propagandist, conveys that President Obama is a communist, Marxist, socialist and fascist as if fascism and communism were not mutually exclusive. Of course this is nonsense, but you cannot get that through to the minds of Beck's followers, no matter how many people, even conservatives and Republicans try to tell them. Two Facebook pages debunk the deceitful nature of Beck's false narratives about the President: Republicans for Obama and Progressives Against Obama.

The most interesting Facebook page is called Republicans for Obama.

Apparently have not gotten Beck's message.
Note the number of likes. Either 20,119 Republicans are communist dupes, or Glenn Beck is full of shit.

The next Facebook page that dubunks Beck's fear-mongering about our "progressive" president is the Progressives Against Obama page. They do not have a fancy graphic, or any graphic for that matter; but they do have a whopping 112 members at this point. Their statement reads as follows:

Disappointed people
Of course, Beck's followers will consider the Republicans for Obama to be so-called "RINOs." Apparently, that includes Wick Allison, current publisher of The American Conservativewho says he's likely to vote for Obama. There are other conservatives supporting Obama for re-election.

the blind leading the blind

It's a testament to Glenn Beck's salesmanship that he has millions of people conned into believing something that is just not true, that Obama is trying to destroy the economy, that he's a sympathizer with the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. etc. Beck and his followers are living proof that you can fool some of the people all of the time.  Thank goodness that they are far from a majority of Americans and not even a majority of Republicans.

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