Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Know any undecided voters?

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In a WaPo piece on Sept. 25th, columnist Matt Miller writes in "A Modest Proposal for Obama" that the Democratic Party ought to pay undecided voters in swing states to watch to video presentations. He suggested that people watch Gov. Romney's Q & A session with his donors from back in May and President Clinton's speech at the Democratic Convention. This Review has already posted those videos because Glenn Beck was addressing the secret video of Governor Romney on his website, while pushing his minions to get and stay busy helping Romney, and because Clinton's words indirectly addressed Beck and others hateful of the President and more important put Beck's assertions that President Obama is a "radical" far removed from the policies of President Clinton.

Picking up on Miller's suggestion, the following are reposts of those two videos. This time, they are posted without commentary for the undecided voters to make of as they can. If anyone has questions, they will be answered in comments if possible. The first will be Governor Romney's comments to the wealthy donors from last May in a Q and A session at the Boca Raton, FL home of Marc Leder.

According to the source of these recordings, the recording device was accidentally turned off here. He noticed this after 1-2 minutes and turned the device back on to capture the rest of Romney's remarks at this fund-raiser.

The following is President Clinton's speech at the Democratic Convention this year:

Know any undecided voters?
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