Friday, August 17, 2012

Like Beck, Ryan is hypocrite and liar

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Previously here it was pointed out that Paul Ryan, Governor Romney's choice for vice-president on the Republican ticket, is something of a soulmate of Glenn Beck. That post, "Beck is ecstatic over Romney's choice for V-P," stressed the extremist, reactionary (19th Century) policies that Ryan and Beck support, but it did not mention any notion that Ryan had any of Beck's worst traits, namely that he's a liar and a hypocrite. It turns out, that Ryan has lied and has demonstrated hypocrisy, so perhaps Glenn Beck and Paul Ryan are more alike than what was initially considered here.


The examples of Ryan's deceitfulness and hypocrisy were covered in a rather lengthy segment of The Rachel Maddow Show. Via MSNBC:

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Conservative supporters of Romney/Ryan/Beck will dismiss anything that comes from Rachel Maddow because she is gay, or progressive or works for MSNBC, or because she is not like them. However, the facts here are solid: Ryan was a hypocrite about the stimulus plan (the Recovery Act) and he lied about it to a reporter. In those regards then, Paul Ryan, extremist follower of Ayn Rand's glorification of selfishness, is much more akin to Glenn Beck than his extremist budget proposals suggest.

The fact that Romney selected Ryan, a liar, as a running mate should not surprise readers. Governor Romney is running the most deceitful campaign in modern times. There are many examples of his lies. This is a short, incomplete list; and there is more in the update below:
  1. Lying about the President's policy on welfare and Medicare
  2. Romney claiming that his budget will cut the deficit
  3. Romney's claims that the President went on "an apology tour"
  4. Romney's claim that the stimulus did not help private sector jobs
  5. When Romney has claimed Obama's deficits have doubled
  6. That Obama has "steered money to friends and family – to campaign contributors"
There are actually far too many lies Romney has told on the campaign trail to list here, but examples 3-5 link to a site that contains 20 pages of lists of Romney's lies! How does Romney/Ryan think that they can get away with mendacity to get elected? Are most voters as gullible as Glenn Beck's followers? It is possible that Romney's model for using lies and deceitful propaganda to win an election comes from the way Swiftboat Veterans for Truth lied about Senator Kerry's record in Vietnam and attempted to turn the election in 2004 for George Bush.

Sadly, the 3-5 million remaining undecided voters may be as open to the lies as to the truth, and end up flipping a coin about who they will vote for. Readers (YOU!) need to help share this post about Governor Romney's mendacious nature in this campaign. What they need to ask is why Romney, a supposed man of faith, is ignoring Christ's one rule to follow and, instead, is lying about his opponent. Did Jesus advise his followers to do unto others unless you're running for public office? It's also important to consider what would happen if Romney were to pass away as president and Paul Ryan, Glenn Beck's virtual soulmate, were to become president? That is a question that middle class Americans would not like the answer to.

Update, 8/23/12: Ryan's lies are, naturally, being discusses across the media. On this clip from The Last Word, Lawrence O'Donnell covers, with more than a bit of snark to wade through, Congressman Ryan's votes for massive spending and deficit causing tax cuts that he now hypocritically rails against with The Nation's Ari Melber.

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On last night's show, O'Donnell covered Governor Romney's recent lies (on the stump and in advertisements) about the President during this campaign with Professor Robert Reich and Jarad Bernstein.

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Reich is right: Romney is trying to lie his way into the White House. Republican Joe Scarborough sees this; anyone, who is not blinded by ideology, can see this. If you have a neighbor, friend, colleague or relative who believes these lies about Obama, or wants to vote for the regressive/reactionary/extremist Romney/Ryan ticket, share this blog post with them.

Before voters are taken in by Romney's many lies, 
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