Friday, July 13, 2012

Glenn Beck supports the Party he hates

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The following video clip, extracted from Crooks and Liars blog, was previously used here to emphasize that Glenn Beck's version of Mormon "Christianity" includes a lot of hatred for others. It is still unclear where in the Bible Jesus commanded hatred of those you disagree with. Listen to Beck's repeated expression of hatred for Republicans and bear in mind that he's now organizing a "Restoring Love" rally in Texas scheduled for July 28th.

Via Crooks and Liars:

Beck hates Republicans, but now that they have all but nominated Mitt Romney, Beck is doing his level best to defend him against the charges that Romney outsourced jobs when he was with Bain Capital. Beck, master of deception and distortion has the gall to claim that the information about Romney's time at Bain being promoted by the President's campaign is "just doing nothing but repeating lies over and over and over again.” It's hard to imagine how a propagandist and smear artist like Beck can say something like that without breaking out in laughter. This story was covered on The Last Word on July 12th. (This video seems to be having difficulty playing, but the information about Romney's relationship to the outsourcing of American jobs can be found here and here.)   Hateful Beck is going to restore love, just like dishonest Beck restored "honor" two years ago. And now, Beck, who months ago hated the Republican Party, is defending Gov. Romney and rally his army of psychotic followers to get involved in the elect Republicans. Of course, Beck's gullible and reactionary audience will believe him and do anything he says. They must have very short memories, or just a lot of hatred for President Obama.
For a summary about Glenn Beck, see "Becoming Paul Revere"
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