Sunday, June 3, 2012

Another example of a Beckerhead demonstrating ignorance on hypocrisy

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Previously here on The Glenn Beck Review, it was demonstrated that one follower of Glenn Beck did not seem to understand what hypocrisy is since he conveyed blatant hypocrisy in a personal attack on this blogger using the Disqus(ting) comment system. Disqus provides a history of comments and "Likes" which several, hateful so-called Beckerheads use to track comments and wage their silly, childish flame war against this blogger for the effort here to expose Mr. Beck for what he truly is.

Last time the hypocrisy was demonstrated by Todd Scheller, but this time it was the more typical anonymous Disqus user, SergeantRock. Check out his Jing "photo" copied comment used to attack me on the Alternet website:

Got that? "You are a total whack job! You abuse the right of free speech when your free speech becomes a weapon you use to attack others." This anonymous Beckerhead uses his free speech to attack me in the first sentence and complains about me doing just that. Additionally, The Glenn Beck Review has been banned from Beck's site for pointing Beck's cowardice by not debating Van Jones who was asking to come on his show before Beck left Fox in the run up to Beck's "Restoring Courage" rally in Israel in 2011. Ignorance does not stop Beck or his followers from making false claims.

This is hypocrisy, plain and simple for anyone with a hint of ethical reasoning to perceive and comprehend. Unfortunately for America, but luckily for Mr. Beck, his followers don't have the ability to detect hypocrisy when they hear it. The keys to Beck's triumphant ignorance are his follower's ignorance of facts and political reality, gullibility to believe the nonsense Beck spouts and their low ethical standards as indicated by this comment.

Here are snapshots of some of what shows up on SergeantRock's Disqus comment history:

So this anonymous troll is calling me a troll for posting comments critical of the racists, who post comments on Beck's website when he discusses President Obama; and this person calling Victor Tiffany "Victoria Tinfanny" (can we say "grade school antics" boys and girls?) has the gall to call me a liar. These comments add up to at least three examples of hypocrisy by this deceitful character assassin and childish flame warrior.

Keep this in mind whenever one or more of Beck's supporters spout nonsense in conversations. Beck is a deceitful tool for corporations and the Koch brothers; and Beckerheads are tools for Mr. Beck, America's very own 21st Century Joseph Goebbels

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