Saturday, June 2, 2012

Alternative narratives to the propaganda from Beck

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Previously here, a lecture on the history of corporate Constitutional rights was offered as a history lesson that you'll never hear from Glenn Beck. It seems important to offer at least one example of a counter narrative on at least one important issue before wrapping this Review up. Below are several segments from The Dylan Ratigan Show, presented to provide people with useful accurate information about the need to develop sustainable energy sources and food supplies in the United States.

For Beck, sustainable development is about zero population growth, which at some point will need to be considered, but it's not what sustainability is exclusively about. Ratigan and his guests offer details, discussion and explanation of this important matter. Because of the perpetual, systematic ideological programming on the right and specifically by Mr. Beck, MSNBC is not trustworthy; so clearly this post will not even be taken seriously by any of those who support Glenn Beck. However, this is what intelligent and conscientious conversations about the important matters of energy and food looks and sound like. Via MSNBC:

For Americans sustainability is about national security. Glenn Beck is not helpful with his purposeful intention to misinform his gullible and ignorant (of the facts) followers. Luckily we, the people of conscience, surround them. Beck foments fear at a time when we need hope more than ever.

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