Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Santorum is a deceiver...like Glenn Beck

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Previously, candidates for President, who were guests on Glenn Beck's show, were covered here and here. On her show of April 2nd, Rachel Maddow covered the dishonesty of occasional Beck guest and presidential hopeful, Rick Santorum.

This clip is presented via MSNBC:

That Santorum says things that are made up of whole cloth to get his base aroused in some way is very much in line with what Glenn Beck does.  Of course, Santorum's supporters do not watch The Rachel Maddow Show and, even if they did, they would find some way to rationalize Santorum's deceitfulness.  People believe what they have been programmed to believe based upon the repetition of times that they have heard it in the echo chamber of their choosing. In the self-created world-views of Glenn Beck and his ilk, facts do not matter so much as what is in their heart or gut.

feels the "truth"

Santorum will lose this nomination because Gov. Romney's superPACs can throw so much money at the television networks to repeat the criticisms of Senator Santorum until minds are changed, but he should lose it because, like Mr. Beck, Santorum is dishonest and outdated in his pre-Enlightenment understanding of faith and its role in policy making. Both would like to see the wall of separation between church and state torn down or at least made permeable.
Before more people are taken in by Beck's deceitfulness, 
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