Sunday, March 11, 2012

Benny, the racist, Hill escalates his silly flame war and demonstrates Beck's danger to America

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The flame war against this blogger, who has the audacity to post comments on Glenn Beck's website, has escalated recently.  Benny___Hill's sleazy tactics have been documented here and here. Recently, he attempted extortion to stop me from posting comments that convey Beck's deceptions and hypocrisy on Beck's site. For that, he claimed, he's stop his flame war against me.   (What about the other flame warriors angry at my attempts to get through to his stubborn and epistemically closed followers?)  He refused to admit that Beck was a liar and a hypocrite, so there was no deal.

Benny___Hill's current avatar 

Apparently Benny, the racist, Hill decided to escalate his war of hateful words toward me with a campaign of systematic smear.  First, I accuse him, an anonymous sock puppet, of being a racist because he referred to the President of the United States as "your boy." If Obama were white, "boy" is not the word this closet racist would have used. The following is a list of lies that Benny has been pasting into comments in response to every comment of mine that he can find since I didn't bow to his attempted extortion.  His false claims are in black, and the truth of the matter are in blue. This sleazy tactic has been used in that past by Todd, the stalker, Scheller as documented in the first link above.  Having to defend myself against these reactionaries is getting old.  So, Benny, the racist, wrote on Alternet and elsewhere:

How about these many lies from you Victor:

1). You never coined the term "Yellow Propaganda," yet you defended that claim for three days.

This is a smear that has been addressed many times, but Benny is disinterested in facts. His objective is to assassinate my character and smear me.  I did claim to have coined the phrase "yellow propaganda," and when it was pointed out to me that it has been used previously, I looked it up, found that to be true and admitted the error.  1) Mistakes, once admitted, are not "lies." 2) There is never any denial that Beck is a yellow propagandist which is most telling.

2). There were 24 SEALs on the Bin Laden raid, not 39 Seals.

This was an error as well. I've read reports of differing number of Navy SEALs on that mission, so again Benny is calling a mistake about an uncertainty a "lie."

3). There is not limit on the number of post one individual can place in a
thread on this website.

This is an interesting accusation. I've had my comments disappear from both Beck's website and from Alternet.  I'm not sure about the reason or logic behind these disappearing comments, but I am certain that they are gone after a reload of the page.  What makes this assertion particularly sleazy is that Benny cannot possibly know the facts of my claim.  His ignorance does not add up to a "lie" on my part.

4). Your posts are not disappearing.

See #3, above.

5). Taxing the rich will solve the budget problem.

Benny, like Todd before him, is claiming that an opinion about budget strategies is a "lie."  Opinions about the way forward are not lies, and I may well be correct in my opinion as indicated by the Laffer curve.  We could radically raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans to reduce, and eventually eliminate our deficits. That's an opinion.

6). Glenn Beck was fired from Fox News.

Beck was released from Fox before his contract expired.  Why, exactly, is unknown.  I have offered conjecture about why Beck was fired from Fox before his contract expired, but there is not doubt that they wanted him off that channel of propaganda before the presidential campaign heated up.

7). Fox News lost money on Glenn Beck.

This is a claim I made, and it is easily proven for anyone who knows how to use Google.

8). You never made a joke about Jesus and sheep, and then had to later edit because you really did.

In an attempt to convey how disgusting Beck's "jokes" are to progressives, I wrote a regrettable joke on Beck's site about what Jesus did with sheep.  Since the Jesus story is essentially a myth anyway, what's a little extra speculation about Jesus' sex life?  It was a one-off that was forgotten, and when someone accused me of it, initially denied it.  Once someone linked to it, then I did remember adding to the mythology of Jesus in a manner that was as much of an affront to his gullible religunuts as Beck's sleazy and deceitful propaganda against the history of progressivism is to many progressives.  I consequently admitted that I wrote that, but Benny wants to make a forgotten comment (out of over 1,000 there) a "lie."  Expressions of bad memory are not "lies." 

9). I nor anyone else has threatened you on this or any other website.

This is a lie that he's telling, and I have that documented here.

10)You lie about Benny__Hill and say he is a racist. It's not true. How quickly can I find a post where you have said as much?

He's referring to himself in third person.  OK. No one refers to a black man as a "boy" without implying a denigration of some sort, not unlike when Benny calls me "Vicky" and insults my intelligence by calling me retarded. 

11) You claim Sandie has violated the cyber stalking law. It's not true. That's one you'll need to prove. If it were true, and you had filed a complaint, she would already be being prosecuted.

Sandie posted my home address on Beck's website multiple times in an attempt to intimidate me and drive me away.  She also once asked in a comment if I had seen the "car parked up the street." I'm not sure how the police would prosecute a sock-puppet, but this is stalking according to the US Dept. of Justice: 
Stalking generally involves harassing or threatening behavior that an individual engages in repeatedly, such as following a person, appearing at a person's home or place of business, making harassing phone calls, leaving written messages or objects, or vandalizing a person's property. Most stalking laws require that the perpetrator make a credible threat of violence against the victim; others include threats against the victim's immediate family; and still others require only that the alleged stalker's course of conduct constitute an implied threat.
12)You claimed you you are an educated man that acts like a 56 y/o, yet your posts prove otherwise.

This is his opinion, but to claim that I'm not what I am just makes Benny the liar here.

13)And you lie about not hating Beck.

Benny knows what's in my heart?  This is an absurd accusation.  I have no reason to hate Beck as stated previously.  Unlike Benny, he's done nothing to me. Benny lacks the intellectual refinement necessary to distinguish between honest, dispassionate criticism and hatred. This is his problem and amounts to a blatant smear.

14)You lie when you use phonetic spellings of profanity.

The only response I can offer to this bizarre charge is phuck you Benny!

15)You lie when you say Todd has no credibility.

After many attempts to get Todd Scheller to admit that Beck lied about having written his slogan on truth (he bought it as documented by The Daily Caller), Todd wrote that he didn't "give a shit" that Beck lied.  That is why Todd has no credibility, not when it comes to facts, truth, lies and fiction.

16)You lie when you say you are a media critic.

Beck is in the media and I am critical of his lies, hypocrisy, yellow, reactionary propaganda and his ignorance on the topics he addresses. Once again, it's Benny who's lying here.

17)You lie when you try to redefine things like spam.

I quote from Wikipedia usually, so he just doesn't like the definitions that don't comport with his misunderstand of "things like spam."

18)You lie when you claim ad hominem.

Benny's ad hominem attacks on me are based upon a absurd insult, that I'm "dumber than a post" for example.  An ad hominem attack, according to Wikipedia, is "an attempt to negate the truth of a claim by pointing out a negative characteristic or belief of the person supporting it." This is what Benny does.

19)You lie about Beck all the time.

This may be a case of denialism.  I point out only what my research has led me to: Beck is a liar, a hypocrite, a yellow, reactionary propagandist and an ignorant, uneducated charlatan.  Benny's inability to understand these characteristics is his problem, not mine.

20)You lie about conservatives who align with Beck.

I don't know what Benny is referring so since none of these accusations are documented.  First of all, anyone who "aligns with Beck" are not conservative; they are reactionary.  Conservatives were becoming almost as critical of Beck on Fox as progressive were by the time Beck was fired.

21)You lie about Becks audience.

No; if they accept what he says as the "truth," they're ignorant and gullible. They're not all stupid.

22)You lie about Beck being fired.

See #6 above.

23)You lie about Beck's support of gay marriage.

Beck supports gay civil unions which is strange for a Mormon.  We can only speculate about why.

24)You lie about Van Jones.

No, Beck lies about Van Jones, and that's well documented.  Benny cannot deal with the cognitive dissonance that would accompany his realization that Glenn Beck is a liar.

25)You lie about Beck's intent on 8/28.

Beck told a whopper during his speech on the Washington Mall.  That, too, is well documented.

26)You lie about Beck's record of correction.

Not sure what Benny is suggesting here, but Beck does not correct very many of his false claims.  Media Matters agrees with me about that.  They documented far more of Beck's many false claims that I have had time to uncover.

27)You lie about how Benny "changed" the settings of Disqus to prevent you from receiving notices in your email that she had replied to one of your messages.

Benny is writing about Benny in third person again, or he's copied and pasted someone else's smears.  Again, he's trying to make my experiences online "false" even though he is not experiencing what I am. In other words, see  #3 above.

28)And mostly, you lie about how smart and well educated you are.

I don't ever write about how "smart" I am.  After having my intelligence insulted my Beck's psychotic army, I have mentioned that I'm on a board of directors and have previously been on another board as well as it's executive committee.  I will not document these claims, because I don't want this scumbag army of Beckerheads contacting organizations with which I'm involved.  I have a MASS, and that makes Benny the liar here (again).

29) Lied that Sandie claimed she was a "good Christian"

I never wrote that she was.  Just the opposite is the case. Sandie calls The Glenn Beck Review a "buggy" site because she doesn't want her fellow Beckerheads to see Beck debunked and exposed as a hypocrite here. Since that is a lie, she very clearly is not a good Christian, but none of Beck's flame warriors are abiding by the Golden Rule for that matter. They are all bad people, especially Benny who seems more like a Satanist than a Christian.  I've written that before, and you don't see it on his list here.  Think about that.

30) Lied that TEA Party are mostly racists.

What I wrote was that some of them are racists, and the Tea Party, to their credit, purged one of the more obvious ones.  

31) You claimed Beck is gay, with no proof to support it, other than your assertion. If a former roommate made this accusation on record, where is the record?

The record is a recording in possession of a collaborator who looked into Beck's past. The question of Beck's sexuality was covered here.

32) You provided a quote from Mussolini that Mussolini never said nor wrote.

See #1 and #2 above.  The quote in question is indeed suspect, and I've stopped using that quote ever since finding out that Mussolini probably did not write it.  Once again, this was acknowledged online, and Benny ignores that (cherry picks his "information" which is a form of deception).

33) You lie when you complain that posters remove reply buttons.

This is nonsense.  Posters cannot "remove reply buttons."  

34) You lie when you claim your posts disappear.

See # 4 above. Did I suggest that Benny is desperate?

35) You lied about Todd Scheller neglecting his children.

Scheller is reportedly stalking other people he disagrees with, and many of his comments are posted in the evening hours.  How does Benny know what Scheller's children are doing while Todd is on his computer waging his silly flame wars?  Maybe Todd told Benny that he's a good father?  See # 15 above.

This attempt to smear me is not just character assassination but also psychological warfare.   He could easily change his embarrassing avatar and accuse me of "lying."  This is the type of shit that he pulls, obviously. Benny is desperate to get me to stop pointing out Beck's flaws, and since his attempt at extortion failed, he's decided to escalate his silly, immature and reactionary flame war against me.  Benny, the racist, Hill is another example of the argument made by Sarah Jones (a pseudonym, smart lady) in here piece "Glenn Beck is Deliberately Breeding an Army of Psychotics."  Because of my efforts here and around the Internet, this psychotic army has declared war on me. Benny wonders why I hate him:

Least the casual reader consider this debunking of Benny's false accusations a bit paranoid, someone, who is tracking Beckerhead Todd Scheller's comments wrote this on a Mother Jones post:

Before more people are rendered "psychotic" by Beck's manipulative propaganda, 
get involved
Post a comment or call the police.
All non-spam comments approved
Free speech is practiced here
Please get involved for 10 minutes
Share this URL with your friends
Thank you


Rain said...

... I had no idea how deeply involved the Beck Wars were till I came back to the Lorax article. Good lord, these ppl are scary. Thanks for the clue-in, but I'm still staying out of it. I'll leave the front lines for those equipped to do so.


Irv said...

[Hi, GBR. Found this goodie on the web and just had to share it!]

Glenn Beck's Mormonism Promotes Porn !

by Jared Young

It isn't shocking that Glenn Beck can easily pin the "racist" label on others. His own Mormon Church has a history of tolerating racism - as well as X-rated pornography - in its own approved scriptures!
Both Mormon and non-Mormon scholars are aware of a hard-core pornographic drawing in the "Book of Abraham" which is Mormon-approved scripture.
The same Book is part of the "Pearl of Great Price" which, along with the "Book of Mormon" and the "Doctrine and Covenants," make up the LDS church's "triple combination" in one volume.
The porn is found in Fig. 7 of Facsimile 2 in the "Book of Abraham" which shows two beings facing each other, which were described by Joseph Smith as representing the Holy Ghost and God the Father, the latter clearly showing an aroused male sex organ.
After Smith published this sketch in his newspaper in 1842, which offended Mormon sensibilities, the phallic portion was whited out for more than a century until the "restored" LDS church decided in 1981 to restore what had long been censored!
Equally shocking was the discovery that the "Book of Abraham" had nothing to do with Abraham or his God but was actually based on ancient Egyptian funeral documents depicting occultic obscene practices - and the original sketches showed an erotic phallus on both beings including the one Smith blasphemously claimed was the Holy Ghost!
Now a word about the LDS racism. The basis of its long-held anti-black doctrine was Abraham 1:21-27, especially verse 26 which states that Noah "cursed him [his son Ham] as pertaining to the Priesthood." After LDS leadership had a convenient "revelation" in 1978, the same "curse" was abandoned.
For further information see "Book of Abraham" (Wikipedia). Also see Jerald and Sandra Tanner's "Mormonism - Shadow or Reality?" which on 76 pages reproduces the original Egyptian X-rated drawings and shows how Smith altered them and created one of his many frauds. Highlights in the classic Tanner work can be seen by typing "Facts From Mormons (By a Utah Resident)" and "What LDS Leaders Say" on Yahoo.