Saturday, February 18, 2012

Former Beck ally, Breitbart gets his smear debunked

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Former Beck ally, Andrew Breitbart, far-right blogger behind the Big Government website, put on a display of drunken, loud, obnoxious and false accusations about the Occupy Movement outside of the C-PAC conference on Feb. 12th.  Keith Olbermann took the time to scrutinize Breitbarts supporting "proof" of his accusation that the Occupiers are "rapists" during his Feb. 15th program on Current TV.  Glenn Beck, too, refers to the people involved in the Occupy Movement as being involved in sexual assaults; so this debunking of Breitbart's charges apply to Mr. Beck and his deceitful New York Post source.  Breitbart and Beck have parted ways because, Breitbart believes, Mr. Beck threw him under the bus during the Shirley Sherrod scandal. Breitbart caused this scandal by heavily editing a tape of her speaking to the NAACP and thereby completely distorting its intent and meaning. Of course, this is exactly what Breitbard and Beck do for a living, but that time Beck did not take Breitbart's side in the smear effort.

This is Olbermann debunking the lies and false claims that the Occupy movement is "raping people."  There was one sexual assault on Liberty Square that was not ignored in this effort to expose Breitbart, once again, as a liar.

Now, the Army has many, many more sexual assaults committed in a month than the Occupy Movement has had in its entire existence, but you will not hear Breitbart nor Glenn Beck go up to a general or any soldier and start screaming "you're animals.  Stop raping people."  This is because they have double standards, and their aim is to undermine a movement with lies, much as what Glenn Beck has been doing whenever he addresses the Occupy Movement.

Reactionary propagandist smears opponents

Breitbart used to be introduced on Beck's Fox show as an ally. Indeed, they both use lies, out of context quotes, purposeful misinterpretation, etc. to smear opponents. As mentioned above, they parted ways over the tapes by Breitbart which, because they were taken out of context, conveyed that she was a racist who refused to help a white farmer. Beck began his show on the next evening, astonishingly with the notion (perhaps for the first time in his career) that "context matters."  Breitbart felt betrayed by Beck for this, and they have been at odds with each other ever since.  Breitbart is currently taking Beck to task for inferring that the Tea Party is racist. That's interesting since Glenn Beck, a race-baiter by habit, comes across as racist to some. (See Update from 9/25 near bottom.) Racists or not, Beck and Breitbart are liars.  Occupy activists are not "raping people."

Update, 2/27/2012: Filling in for Keith Olbermann, David Shuster calls out Breitbart for his hypocrisy with respect to the behavior of his partner in crime, James O'Keefe.  This is from 2/24 via Current TV:

Update, 3/1/2012: Andrew Breitbart passed away this morning from "natural causes" according to his fake-news website, Big GovernmentShirley Sherrod, the federal government employee, who was fired from her job after Breitbart released an incomplete video of her appearing to say she intentionally discriminated against white farmers, when she was in fact describing how she overcame such prejudices, sent her condolences. 

For another summary about Glenn Beck, see "Becoming Paul Revere"

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