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Rick Perry: Beckerhead and extremist

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Governor Rick Perry, candidate for the president of the United States, was a guest on Glenn Beck's show on Fox twice. The following documents one of those appearances, offers brief mentions of Beck's other presidency-seeking guests, reviews some extended commentary of Governor Perry from four video segments covering various concerns about him and offers a concluding idea of the type of pol he is.

Governor Perry

First, in addition to Perry, Beck was visited on his show by presidential aspirants Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Senator Rick Santorum and pizza CEO Herman Cain. All of these four are extremist, social and pro-corporate conservatives, as will be shown of Perry below. Bachmann has a critical blog dedicated to her. Santorum is so extreme and close to Beck that he expressed a desire to kiss Santorum "in the mouth." Herman Cain does not have a chance to be the next president, and his extremist views are outlined on the Think Progress website.

Second, it is worth noting that neither Governor Mitt Romney nor Governor John Huntsman ever appeared on Beck's show on Fox. Given that both are Mormon, like Beck, that would seem strange, but they are also smart enough and moderate enough to not want to have any association with the liar, reactionary extremist and proven hypocrite, Glenn Beck. For Rick Perry, not so much.

Perry is currently the front runner in the pre-season polling as seen in the recent NBC/Wall St. Journal Poll:

Perry is preferred by Republican extremists

Next, because Governor Perry does have a good chance of being the next President, and he stopped by during Beck's show and made a cameo appearance; he deserves close scrutiny. Via Beck's "news" website, The Blaze:

More about Perry's claim about how many jobs he created as governor of TX in a moment, but first it is important to grasp what Perry and Glenn Beck have in common besides a preference for the political economy of 19th Century America. Perry and Beck are both right wing religious reactionaries. Via MSNBC:

Like President George Bush, Perry is on the far right side of religious belief, even, actually further than George Bush. This was covered in part by Melisa Harris Perry when she was a guest host on The Rachel Maddow Show. Via the media blog, Mediaite:

Perry was discussed on The Last Word on September 6th in a conversation with a former opponent of his, Jim Hightower, who understands Governor Perry up close and personal. Watch this and then some fact-checking of economic statistics regarding Perry's TX jobs claims will be reviewed. Via MSNBC:

It is noteworthy to point out that Perry's massive prayer service, called The Response and held in Houston's Reliant stadium just before he announced that he is running for president, featured one of Glenn Beck's guests, the extremist, John Hagee. According to a story in The Gaurdian (UK):

The Cornerstone Church – whose leader, John Hagee, gained notoriety for declaring that Hurricane Katrina was God's vengeance on a sinful New Orleans and suggesting that Jews had brought the Holocaust on themselves – sent about 700 members, travelling from San Antonio by car and bus. 

John McCain, the previous Republican presidential candidate, had an uneasy relationship with Christian evangelicals, initially ignoring them and then seeking out their support. But he drew the line at Hagee and refused to accept his endorsement.
Until a last-minute change of running-order, Hagee was scheduled to speak directly after Perry. Hagee steered away from controversial subjects and offered prayers for the nation's leaders, before comparing Perry to Abraham Lincoln. [Emphasis added]
In April, Perry issued a proclamation for Texans to pray for rain. This month the state bursts into flames. For people, who believe that God answers prayers, that should have meaning. 

If you're not convinced by Hightower's comments that Perry would be good for American corporations but bad for American workers, women and the health of the people, these fact-checks from a claim made by Perry during the first Republican debate that he participated in by the Associate Press may persuade. Via Beck's "news" site, The Blaze:

PERRY: “Ninety-five percent of all the jobs that we’ve created have been above minimum wage.” 

THE FACTS: To support the claim, the Perry campaign provided federal statistics for December 2010 showing only 5.3 percent of all jobs in Texas pay the minimum wage.
But those figures represent all workers, not just the new jobs, for which data are unavailable. And that does not account for low-wage jobs that may be barely above the minimum wage. According to the Texas Workforce Commission, 51 percent of all Texas workers make less than $33,000 a year. Only 30 percent make more than $50,000 a year. Nationally, Texas ranked 34th in median household income from 2007 to 2009.

About 9.5 percent of Texas hourly workers, excluding those who are paid salaries, earn the minimum wage or less, tying Mississippi for the highest percentage in the nation. [Emphasis added]
If this is a jobs record to strive for nationally, then support Governor Perry for the next president of the United States. If you want the state to be interfering in personal choices over child bearing, then Christian evangelical, Rick Perry is right for you. If you want a candidate, who may well yank social security from beneath senior citizens, cast your vote to Gov. Perry. And if you want someone who puts belief before science and faith before reason and planning (for fire season as one example), then you should vote for Perry and expect the nation to "burst into flames" sometime during his faith-based presidency.

For more on Perry, see "How Rick Perry has been on the public dole his whole life," "Rick Perry: Gaffe-Prone Hick or Crafty Pol?" and "Rick Perry: It would be 'almost treasonous' for Ben Bernanke to print more money before the election" where the following video is offered:

One more point needs to be made about Perry here. Al Hunt did not address the idea that treason is spelled out in the Constitution. Unless Bernanke prints money and hands it over to an anti-American terrorist organization, quantitative easing (using the money supply to stimulate the economy) does not in any way resemble treason. For a pol, who complains that the federal government is passing un-Constitution laws, he does not seem to know the Constitution very well.

What Perry was conveying to Bernanke seemed to be that if the Federal Reserve does another round of quantitative easing to stimulate the economy, which would aid the re-election chances of the sitting president, then Bernanke might face bodily harm if he goes to TX.  That is the threatening language of a thug. So far, it has worked; the Federal Reserve has not unleashed another round of quantitative easing (QE III). That's one small step for thuggery in politics and one small leap backwards for the American people. If Perry, a tea party reactionary and Glenn Beck supporter, gets the Republican nomination and manages to get elected next year, that would be on giant leap backwards for America, just as Beck desires. Can you say Secretary of State, Glenn Beck?

Update, 10/1/2011: On The Last Word on September 30th, Lawrence O'Donnell had Alec MacGillis, author of The New Republic Piece, "What's Driving Rick Perry?"  As if the above information about Governor Perry is not damning enough to all but the social reactionaries on the far right, this interview is even more damning.  Although Perry has basically self-destructed in the debates and ranks fourth in polling at this point, this interview is still well worth viewing.

For a summary about Glenn Beck, see "Becoming Paul Revere"

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