Friday, August 5, 2011

Minion "with 5 kids" terrorizes blogger's wife

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Previously on the Review, the Beckerheads, i.e., Beck's ardent supporters, acting in concert to smear this critic of Glenn Beck were exposed here. This brief update highlights the sheer ignorance, nastiness, incredible self-unawareness and blatant psychological projection of the worst of the character assassins attacking this blogger. The anonymous "momwith5kids," who could be a man with no kids for what is known of this individual, conveys as well as anyone why Beck's ardent supporters have a nick-name that rhymes with "peckerheads."

First on the Mediaite blog story board about Beck's hypocritical comparison of the Norwegian youth camp where the mass murder of children took place to "Nazi youth camps," this minion of Mr. Beck wrote the following comment.

She obviously does not understand the freedom and leeway we all have to criticize a public figure. She also has Tori's name wrong, but my wife was terrorized by this nonetheless. The response to this disturbing attack on this blogger was:

Then, on a comment which proved to be one of her last, if not here last comment on Mediaite before being banned by the site for the implicit threat, she added the following comment that simply demonstrates profound self-unawareness, blatant projection (of her character flaws onto this critic) and irony so thick that it drips off the monitor of computers:

I crossed the line! She accuses me of having "narcissistic temper tantrums" in one comment and then calls me names and claims that I am the one libeling and slandering her! (It is impossible for someone to slander a person writing comments on a blog, but she never demonstrated a solid grasp on reality, as is the case with most of Glenn Beck's army of psychotics.)

If the reader of this should click on the Mediaite link provided at the beginning of this exchange, you will not find her comments; they have been deleted. The three provided are Jing photocopied meaning that the content cannot be copied and pasted without getting the whole, unchanged quotation. She actually wrote what is read here.

This person along with others that follow this blogger's comments using the history feature of the Disqus commenting system help solidify the claim previously made here that Glenn Beck has become a cult of personality. If someone has a better explanation for this person's blind and ignorant rage, psychological projection and uncritical support for the liar, hypocrite and ignorant genius of reactionary propaganda, Glenn Beck, by all means, make the case in a comment below.

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1 comment:

Chris said...

This is trully amazing. There is no doubt in my mind that the people who feverishly defend Beck, are also the same ones crying out (or b****ing) about how the federal government (interestingly enough only when a Dem. is in the whitehouse) has taken away our rights. However, it would seem that free speech is a right this particular "mom" does not hold dear.

It is inconsiderate to attack the views of some on else that has a different perspective. It is cowardly and dishonorable to issue (veiled) threats to someone. And what merits such threats? Was it nothing more than a differing idea than what the propaganda on Becks website stated? Trully a disgracefull behavior.

Victor, I am pleased to see that these acts of cowardice have not stopped you from doing what you feel you ought to. I hope that these petty attempts at bullying cause no concern for you or your family, nobody has the right to take away that feeling of security, and it is trully disgusting that people have attempted to try and take it.