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Glenn Beck television?

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This week Glenn Beck introduced his new post-Fox project, GBTV. TV, of course, stands for television; but the subscription service is available online only, not on television at all. This continues Beck's tendency to call activities by names that do not actually apply. For example, the slogan of his new venture is "The truth lives here." Given Beck's very loose and well-documented relationship with reality and the facts, that slogan can be understood for what it is: more propaganda (repeating the lie) to reinforce the false idea that Beck is an honest commentator.

from his newsletter announcing this new, money making scheme

GBTV is not television in any sense of the word.  A more accurate description might be Glenn Beck Me Tube: it's virtually all Glenn Beck, some of the time. As Beck writes on this website, "GBTV is a next generation network and a mix of news, information and entertainment programs that you can't get anywhere else." Good thing for that.

This is, not surprisingly, a money making effort. Glenn Beck may be concerned about "his" country, but he's going to make as much as he can disseminating that "concern." The cost for subscribers is $49.95/yr and double that for those who want "GBTV Plus." The extra programming includes a video feed of his morning zoo radio show featuring the three stooges, Glenn, Stu and Pat, exclusive documentaries and "more great features." If only 100,000 of his ardent fans subscribe to the basic package, that just under $5 million for Mr. Beck's company and a lot fewer people getting misinformed by Beck's yellow propaganda. If only 10% of his Fox show audience subscribes to the Plus programming, that would bring in nearly $20 million for Mercury Radio Arts. No wonder his current but soon to be ex-colleague, Bill O'Reilly, considers Beck a genius of marketing.

Beck's extended stint on Fox has created a sizable following for him to exploit, and the slogan of the new effort makes it clear that he will be continuing his deceptions. Just a basic example, if it is not already obvious to the casual reader, can suffice for now: Beck is calling this enterprise "TV" but it's not. The slogan for that project is "The truth lives here," but he is not even honest with the label (GBTV) of the venture!

On the 8th of June this week, Beck launched a special on GB"TV" which Mediaite's Jon Bershad described as "Glenn Beck ragging on George Soros for an hour." This included a cartoon of Soros done in a crude, Flash animation style. 

propaganda is truth?

The 52 minute special also included Beck comparing himself to Orson Wells and Walt Disney. At least he is not comparing himself to Paul Revere again or for that matter Jesus Christ...yet. How Wells has played into Beck's ambitions and dreams over the years has been previously documented here

Roger Ailes

If one can believe what comes out of Fox president, Roger Ailes' mouth, it is this venture that led to Beck being fired/transitioned from Fox. According to a story on Mediaite:
In the story, Ailes explains why Glenn Beck will soon be an ex-Fox News host, saying it wasn’t just Beck’s rhetoric that ran him afoul of his bosses. It was his wide-ranging business priorities. “His goals were different from our goals… I need people focused on a daily television show.
Glenn Beck's rally on the Washington Mall last summer was not "wide-ranging" enough apparently. Beck's obsession with it on Fox before and after the event did not matter to Ailes. Beck's three hour morning radio show was not "wide-ranging" enough to concern Ailes. Beck's many book-writing projects over the last 2 & 1/2 years and his many public appearances were not "wide ranging" enough to have Beck dismissed from Fox earlier. Glenn Beck's morning zoo crew coverage of the election results last November in competition with Fox News was not excessively "wide-ranging" enough. Something does not seem completely honest about Ailes' claim, but do not forget that he is in charge of a political operation and propaganda channel.  Deception is just one of the tools employed at Fox on a routine basis. That Beck's lies, vitriol, hypocrisies, "crazy" conspiracy theories, false narratives or even the widespread and effective sponsor boycott of his show were not what got Beck fired says a lot about the corrupt, deceitful and rabble-rousing nature of Fox

genius of propaganda

Whether Beck's new enterprise with be successful for Mr. Beck or not is moot. Having Beck off the actual television and forced into the domain of his own making, where he charges for this entertaining misinformation, propaganda and self-aggrandizement, is what many of Beck's critics on the left were hoping for. Beck is transitioning to the margins of the media where people are forced to part with their money to hear his lies and his ignorant genius for reactionary propaganda. If you, reader, know someone prepared to part with their money because they actually believe that the truth lives at GBTV, then you can do that person a favor and share this URL about Glenn Beck with them. Beck's many false claims, both lies and ignorant statements, are amply documented in the contents of this blog under the section Beck's false claims. Glenn Beck and the truth are separated by more than six degrees, no matter how deluded Beck's gullible followers are to the contrary. Do not let your family and friends become the fools that Beck separates from their money. Become, for their sake, Paul(ette) Revere and warn them that the liar is coming to take their money to distort their understanding of our world.
For a summary about Glenn Beck, see "Becoming Paul Revere"

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