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Glenn Beck is the fire

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On his show, Hardball, last night, Chris Matthews discussed Vice-President Al Gore's upcoming piece in the Rolling Stone where he writes about climate change and what the President needs to do about it. One of the first lies pointed out in this Review was Glenn Beck claiming that temperatures have declined during the last decade. The graph below tells the truth about that false claim, and the clip from Hardball elaborates on this.

Beck is the fire. Beck is using his stage on Fox and his radio show to help perpetuate a lie about climate change and make dealing with this huge, difficult problem even more difficult. People need to support a radical transformation from a fossil fuel based economy to a sustainable, green economy, and Glenn Beck is the fire that is making that unlikely. Gore is correct, the President needs to use the bully pulpit to get the country on the road to sustainable growth because otherwise the future is going to see a collapse, a complete crash of, not just the economy, but the entire Western civilization. Beck loves to fear-monger, but he is fear-mongering about fictions while real crises are ignored by him. The world is undergoing a slow-motion train wreck, and Beck is on the PA telling the engineer "full steam ahead."
firing up fear of solutions to climate change

For more read "Climate of denial" by Al Gore. Help counter Beck's lies about climate change. Get the word out. Share this post. Share that Rolling Stone piece. The antidote to bad speech (Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh) is more speech (Al Gore). Help change the climate of denial into a climate for solutions. Become Paul(ette) Revere. The carbon is coming ... the disaster is coming, and we're running out of time to deal with it.

Update: There have been two noteworthy responses to Matthews' fact that Beck and Limbaugh are lying about global warming as well as to his assertion that they are evil for doing so and helping divide Americans when we desperately need action now. Not surprising Beck talked about this on his radio show this morning. From his website, Beck and the other two stooges of Morning Zoo commentary said on a story board entitled "Is Chris Matthews Insane:?"

What’s weird about that? Glenn laid out his position very clearly in An Inconvenient Book, which was a bestseller.
“When you said the climate has warmed in the past 100 years but it’s done that in fact, climate change is something that happens all the time,” Stu explained.
“ It’s constant. So I’m not a climate change denier,” Glenn said. “I’m just one that doesn’t deny that it happens only in one direction.”
“You deny that man right now understands the entire system of the climate perfectly enough to make decisions with trillions of dollars that could otherwise be feeding people,” Stu added.
Matthews continued to say that Glenn and the other people in the media on the right were “evil”.

“Chris, you’re on a national news network in which the guy who owned it up until recently was an advisor to the president. You don’t see any possibility for corruption there, but it’s the rightwing media with all the corruption,” Stu said.
“How does this guy believe that, you know, MSNBC is apparently completely free of any sort of bias or any sort of wrongdoing or any sort of scientific denial?” Pat added.
But Glenn? “We’re not going to change them. I don’t really care where they think. It’s funny to look at it and it’s sad and it’s tragic.”
What is tragic is the profound ignorance of Beck's notion that the climate will come bouncing back on its own. Evil is a strong word, but Beck's willing ignorance and deceit on this matter will end up destroying the country, the world and our civilization if something radical is not done soon. It is people like Beck and Limbaugh are dancing with insanity if they think that pumping tons of carbon into the atmosphere every day will turn out well in the long run. As Gore puts it in the Rolling Stone piece:
The truth is this: What we are doing is functionally insane. If we do not change this pattern, we will condemn our children and all future generations to struggle with ecological curses for several millennia to come. Twenty percent of the global-warming pollution we spew into the sky each day will still be there 20,000 years from now!
The other response worth noting comes from the right-wing media watchdogs, Media Research Center. In their e-mail/newsletter today, they noted:
A frothing Chris Matthews on Wednesday excoriated Rush Limbaugh as "evil" for spreading "lies" about global warming. 

Matthews, however, chose to attack Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh: "These people are evil in what they're doing. I'm not saying their souls are evil, but what they're doing is really, really wrong and it's not the President."

The MSNBC host declared no room for debate on global warming, announcing, "But here is a fact on the table. Global warming, climate change, Rush Limbaugh says stuff just not true. I never use the word lie, but it's appropriate here."

Piling on, Matthews accused Limbaugh of being disingenuous: "Rush Limbaugh is not a stupid person. Glenn Beck is not stupid. They're saying it on purpose."

After calling Limbaugh "evil," Matthews compared him to a raging inferno: "Churchill, my hero, said this once, 'I refuse to be impartial between the fire brigade and the fire.' The President is the fire brigade on this. He may not be the greatest fire brigade, but damn it, he's not the fire. Glenn Beck is. Rush Limbaugh is the fire."
Frothing? They are so concerned about "liberal bias" that they ignore their own reactionary bias by claiming that Matthews was "frothing." What they don't seem to grasp is that MSNBC is the place for politics, where commentators can have a point of view and a bias, so long as they are honest. The right, such as commentators on Fox, particularly Beck, are also extremely biased. MRC does not concern itself with bias that it agrees with, and they turn utterly blind eyes toward the lies and profound ignorance coming from Mr. Beck and others on Fox. We Earthlings are in serious trouble here, and we desperately need to ignore those who express lies and ignorance on this subject and take what the Earth scientists are telling us seriously, very seriously.

For a summary about Glenn Beck, see "Becoming Paul Revere"

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