Wednesday, May 25, 2011

UCLA "psychiatrist" and Beck follower avoids addressing accusations that Beck lies

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On Glenn Beck's website, under a story entitled "Beck event bad for US foreign policy?," was a comment from a psychiatrist, James Ketchum. Ketchem is an assistant professor of psychiatry at UCLA according to his Linked-In bio. If critics of Beck believe that his followers are seriously stupid people, this exchange should disillusion those critics.

To which The Glenn Beck Review replied:

FYI: If those links are not active, the first is to The Daily Caller, the second is to a clip of video during a debate when candidate Obama was describing how he'd go after bin Laden and the third is to a post here that describes how Beck manipulates his viewers using Maslow's hierarchy of needs.






This is a link to a post here documenting the 22nd hypocrisy exhibited by Glenn Beck in the last 12 months.

This example of just one exchange on Beck's website is a case study in biased assimilation and denial. Ketchum does not seem to hear what people who are not in Beck's flock hear: lies, false claims, smears, distortions, exaggerations and reactionary spin of the facts. Ketchum, like any other supporter and fan of Glenn Beck, hears what he wants to hear. Ketchum's degree should make him less prone to demonstrate denial, but clearly he did not even consider the proof of Beck's deceptions laid out in front of him. This begs the question: if Dr. Ketchum is beyond reach, if someone as educated as he is cannot or will not face even the possibility that Beck is a liar, how can anyone hope to reach anyone in Glenn Beck's flock with the truth about Beck's deceitful and manipulative propaganda?

This exchange and Ketchum's unwillingness to even consider that Beck is fundamentally dishonest means that this Review and all of the research done at liberal media watchdog sites like News Hounds and Media Matters for America is not likely going to change many right-wing minds. This Review, therefore, is for those who have not plugged into Beck's manipulative and convincing propaganda. If you have not yet shared this blog with your friends, family, neighbors and acquaintances, then consider becoming a 21st Century Paul(ette) Revere. Warn those you know and care about that Glenn Beck is bad for America.

For a summary about Glenn Beck, see "Becoming Paul Revere"

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