Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Liberal Maddow reacts to Beck's plans to hold event in Jerusalem

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After taking an unexpected trip last week to Israel,  Glenn Beck announced this Monday that he is going to be putting on another publicity stunt in Jerusalem, this time called "Restoring Courage." Below, Beck explains that he is waking people up, and a clip of liberal commentator, Rachel Maddow, commenting on Beck's plans follows.

date still being determined

On his website, Beck offered the following rationale for the name and location of his upcoming rally:
I will tell you this: The world is headed for Nazi like evil again. The same players are involved. Fascists, socialists, communists, and radical Islam. Well, that’s the making of a fine, fine soup. No thank you. Just talk to those who get it. Don’t worry about the others. You prepare yourself and you know what you believe. And you talk to those that get it and unite. Get your church to wake up. There will be some things that we’re going to be doing. We’ll explain later on this week. But get them to wake up.
Beck is telling his flock not to "worry" about those who do not accept or buy into his absurd fear-mongering. People aware of Beck's manipulative propaganda will do well to pay attention to those addressing Beck's newest publicity stunt. On her show on MSNBC offered the following perspective on Beck's desire to wade into the discourse of the volatile Middle East:

No one can predict what effect the reckless and deceitful Beck will cause this coming August, but one thing is clear. Beck will stop at nothing to have his ego and brand-name inflated to ever higher levels of publicity and fame.

expanding horizons of publicity

Beck, a proven and documented liar and hypocrite, had tremendous gall to call his event on the Washington Mall last year "Restoring Honor." In the aftermath, he still demonstrated hypocrisy about twice a month; and he still told pants-on-fire lies as documented here and here. It's also a safe bet that Beck will not return to the United States after this event and lay off his security detail or actually accept any of the many challenges to debate that he has, to date, avoided. He is, in other words, unlikely to come home demonstrating any more courage than he has to date. On the other hand, people sufficiently gullible and ignorant will be awoken to threats that essentially exists only in Glenn Beck's mind.

Update: Reinforcing the claim above that this "Reclaiming Courage" event is primarily publicity seeking on Beck's part is the following video via Mediaite from highly critical commentator Ed Schultz:

For a summary about Glenn Beck, see "Becoming Paul Revere"

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BennySoCrazy said...

I love your blog....and I fucking hate Glenn "the prophet " Beck.He's a crazy dangerous lunatic.The kind of lunatic who doesn't want peace or understanding because it's not good for business.
"The gates of hell will open"?
What a fucking fear-mongering retard.
Keep on the good work.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

We don't think that Beck is crazy. It's a persona that he projects, but it's an act.

We also don't think that he's a "retard." He's dangerous because he is smart and an effective, manipulative propagandist.

BennySoCrazy said...

Are you telling me that you think Beck doesn't believe what he's saying at all?
Maybe the insult "retard" wasn't accurate but isn't he aiming at ignorant people to make his millions?
My opinion is you can be a crazy lunatic and smart enough to know your audience and manipulate people for your profit.
Doesn't mean you don't believe what you're preaching.
Now maybe you can say that makes him "effective" but to be fair Hitler was also very smart and very effective at manipulating masses and you really can't tell me that Hitler wasn't one crazy motherfucker.
One doesn't cancel the other.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

We think that "crazy" is part of his act.