Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jon Stewart exposes the context that allows Beck's propaganda to flourish

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Glenn Beck, along with much of the right-wing echo chamber, attacked the President this week for inviting progressive hip hop artist, Common, to the White House for a poetry reading. Beck's view about this rapper will be quoted below from his website along with a poignant response to this trumped up nonsense from Beck and others at Fox "News." On The Daily Show from May 11th, 2011, Jon Stewart offered a comical rebuttal on the false assertions about Common being made by Sean Hannity and proves that Glenn Beck is not the only hypocrite that propagandizes at Fox.

From Beck's website, is the following:
Glenn’s been pretty vocal about his issues with cop-hating rapper Common being invited to a White House poetry jam. Is Glenn just an out of touch old fogey, or is the invite the latest example of the administrations direspect and disregard for police officers.
Common has performed at the White House for poetry night. It is an outrage and Jay Carney has defended the decision by saying that the reports are deliberately being distorted,” Glenn said.
Do you know who he’s praising in his cop‑killing rap? You know who he’s praising?” Glenn asked. “
In one of his songs, Common praises Assata Shakur, who killed a police officer in 1973. She was convicted for first degree murder but escaped from prison and is in exile.
This is who the White House invited for poetry night, the guy saying, hey, these guys are great, and they don’t have a problem with it. Nothing can be done about it except this should be on the radar of every police officer you know,” Glenn said.
Jon Stewart's response to Hannity's coverage of this subject is shown below via The Daily Show dot com. As much as Jon defends the presence at the White House by Common, it also conveys a larger story about Fox.

And part II:

Glenn Beck, with his violent rhetoric, his frequent and absurd fear-mongering, his nasty vitriol, his "jokes" about assassinating government officials, his baseless conspiracy theories, his race-baiting, his flat-out, bald-faced lies, his many hypocrisies and his endless self-promotion of extra-network activities would not be allowed to function as he has for the last 28 months in a genuine news context. This context, Fox, is what has made Beck, a yellow propagandist, the leading personality of the backlash against Obama.

leading the backlash with smears

Fox is the most trusted name in "news" by people who want to have their conservative, reactionary and/or racist views reinforced. That Fox personalities lie, smear, distort and misinform these people does not register with them. They want to believe what Fox personalities are telling them about the President, so they do. It is that simple. Because of Beck, people call President Obama a racist. Because of Fox, misinformed people believe that Obama is a socialist. Because of Beck, gullible and ignorant, Bible-thumping bumpkins falsely believe that the President of United States is associated with Lucifer. These are but a few of the examples of how "conservative" media has produced a bifurcation of people's understanding of reality, of how Glenn Beck has created an alternative world view based upon his false claims and bogus conspiracy theories.

Unfortunately, there is no resolution to this systematic onslaught of misinformation and propaganda that transcends the mere fact of conservative bias. If bias were the worst characteristic of Fox and the right-wing echo chamber, there would be an interesting battle of ideas and perspectives to enjoy. However, Fox fights this battle without decency, without honesty and without the rules that govern credible journalism; and right-wing media watchdogs such as Media Research Center and News Busters turn ideologically blinded eyes toward the deceptions emanating from Fox. Who, then, can be the widely trusted personality or organization that exposes Fox for what it is? Government is not trusted. The liberal media watchdogs, Media Matters for America, have been funded by liberal financier, George Soros. That discredits them in the minds of the programmed conservatives and reactionaries who watch Beck and Fox. Jon Stewart is fairly perceived at "liberal" and biased by many on the right even if his analysis is spot on.

One possible source of trustworthy information about Fox "News" are the media watchdogs, News Hounds. They watch Fox, so you don't have to. They do an impressive job exposing Fox, but they lack the exposure to the broad swath of America who needs to find out about what Fox is up to. Readers of all political stripes are encouraged to check them out. People concerned about truth, justice and the American Way have been encouraged to share this URL about Glenn Beck, but he is leaving Fox after he spends more time trashing liberals, i.e., progressives, in general and the President in particular. Going forward, concerned patriots are encouraged to let other people know about News Hounds. Share their URL with people you know who watch Fox or who believe that Fox is a reliable news source. Little is further from the truth, and News Hounds makes that clear day in and day out. Not for the left, not for Obama, not or the Democrats, but for truth, honesty and journalism with credibility, check out News Hounds and share their URL with people you know.
News Hounds' coverage of this story about Common is entitled "Bill O'Reilly wants to debate Jon Stewart over Common." Jon Stewart has accepted the challenge. This will certainly be interesting to watch. It is unfortunate that Glenn Beck does not have the stones to accept the various challenges to debate that he has been given. That is one of the paradoxes of Beck; he is a brave coward. Another paradox of his is that Beck is also an ignorant genius of propaganda. Beck's convincing lies are a danger to the American Republic.

For a summary about Glenn Beck, see "Becoming Paul Revere"

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Todd said...

You are so right Common does not have any songs that advocate mysogonism, violence, cop killing, drugs, or gangs except:
1 2 Many...
8 minutes to sunrise
A Dream
A Film Called (Pimp)
A Penny for My Thoughts
A Song for Assata
All Night Long
Another Wasted Nite With...

That is jsut the ones that start with numbers or the letter A, that is a few more than the ONE poem tht Stewart was trying to make it out to be. Not only that but the WH itslef condemed some of his lyrics.
So is Beck lying about it if the WH agrees that Common (Senese) lyrics are condemnable?

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Tonight, Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly will be debating this and the widespread hypocrisy at Fox. I'm going to watch it. I suggest that you do too.

Todd said...

Stewart claimed that Bono wrote a song about Leonard Peltier, who shot two FBI Agents. Not exactly, true. The song was originally named Full Metal Jacket, was changed to a version INSPIRED by Peltier called Native Son that was written by Steven Lillywhite, not Bono. Bono even found that he could not sing the song in front of an audience. Therefore, it was again changed to drop the parts that were inspired by Peltier, called Vertigo. The Native Son song was later released on the albums Unreleased and Rare, Part of The Complete U2 box set, and Medium, Rare, and Remastered. Therefore, even though Bono, as part of U2 recorded the song he did not write the song Native Son. So therefore Stewart is lying. Bono visited the White House in 2005 and May 2010.
Rubin "Hurricane" Carter was convicted twice of murder (not of police, both of which were over turned. Bob Dylan did record a song about him, co-written by Jacques Levy. Dylan did visit the White House in February 2010.
In his video, he plays Johnny Cash receiving an award from President Bush, done at the NEA, not the White House. Cash did play at the White House, for Richard Nixon. I am pretty sure that he did not record any cop killer songs.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Todd's role in Beck's parallel universe where up is down and in is out is explained in a post dedicated to him and his racist partner in deception, Benny_Hill in the post,

Todd said...

Nice ad homenim there, why not address the facts presented in my post? Or are you too scared of a real debate there Mr. MASS?

Todd said...

" Beck's parallel universe where up is down and in is out..."
Since you want to demonstrate your massive misunderstanding of Quantum Physics, you would not be aware of any parallel universe. Not only that it is Van Jones, not Beck that advocates for an upside-down, inside-out transformation of this country through radical means.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Todd, my statement has nothing to do with "Quantum Physics" and everything to do with Beck deceiving his viewers to believe, for example, that Obama is a radical and Van Jones is still a communist. What you're writing about Van Jones is ignorant as hell. Van Jones talks about change that is bottom up, top down and inside out, meaning, as I understand it grassroots, from Washington and from a change within ourselves.

We need a radical change in the fossil fuel sources of our energy, and Van Jones was the right man for that job.