Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beck's dissent against the President is profoundly obnoxious

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On his radio program, Glenn Beck has called President Obama's decision to attend an event at ground zero in New York City "disgusting," "obscene," and "grotesque."(1) Once again, Lawrence O'Donnell responded to Beck on his show, The Last Word.

This is via MSNBC dot com:

At a time when the country is celebrating the capture and killing of the mass murderer of over 3,000 Americans, the head of al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, Glenn Beck cannot take a few days off his vitriolic, hateful, poisonous and obnoxious rhetoric against the President of the United States to appreciate this victory. Once again, Beck demonstrates that he is not a sincere commentator offering loyal opposition to the Democrat's policies, but rather he channels and articulates the visceral hatred that many people have for the President. It is beyond disgusting. This self-described "rodeo clown," proven liar, proven hypocrite and ignorant, yellow propagandist is to political discourse as the blown oil well in the Gulf last year was to the ocean: a disgusting and toxic mess.
For a summary about Glenn Beck, see "Becoming Paul Revere"

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Todd said...

Wow Victor, for a blog that has over 100,000 views this is the fourth blog post that I have been the first person to comment on the post. I wonder why that could be? How many of those viewers have followed your advice to get involved. As only 8 have given your four most recent blog posts thumbs up compared to 35 thumbs down I am thinking not many.
Now to refute this posting. Like Beck said, why is Obama taking a trip to Ground Zero other than the killing of Usama (The way the FBI correctly spells the name) Bin Laden. Beck was right that the displays of the day that President Obama were disgusting, the Marching Band was used to illustrate the absurdity of the gatherings in Times Square, outside the White House and later that Week at Ground Zero. You and Socialist LAwrence O'Donnell just happen to be too dense to understand that. Here is a little light reading for you on the subject:
Again Victor, I remind you that it is impossible to "capture and kill" anyone the words are mututally exclusive. Thus they must be forms of your own yellow propaganda.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

For reactionary toady, Todd, O'Donnell's socialism renders his views moot or "too dense."

Todd is a Beckerhead, who works overtime to defend Beck's lies and deceptions, but Todd has announced elsewhere that he does not "give a shit" that Beck is a liar. This means that Todd is defending a man who Todd knows is a liar, but he doesn't care. Todd has NO CREDIBILITY. For more on Todd, see:

Todd said...

Nice try to twist my words. I said no such thing about Lawrence's views, only that he was a socialist, and like you was to dense to understand the Presdient Obama was indeed spiking the ball with his trip to Ground Zero.
Keep those ad hominem attacks about my credibility. As idid not twist logic with facts, Victor. I simplily said that a lie that has no direct effect on me I do not give a shit about. I will get to that blog post soon never fear.

Unknown said...

You lost me when you put Ed Schultz on here. There is not a more hateful, vicious, hate-spewing individual on earth, with the possible exception of Chris Matthews.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

txmacartist, this post features Lawrence O'Donnell. You must have your blogs mixed up.