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Beck's 24th hypocrisy concerns a media figure spinning the facts

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On Glenn Beck's website is a story from his radio show that was critical of NBC's Andrea Mitchell's spin of how the President discussed his proposal for negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. The clip will be shown below, but the hypocrisy on Beck's part derives from his nearly constant spin on the facts. This spin is not documented here. Spin is -- at least -- a version of the truth, and Beck strays from that often enough to render his spin of the facts insignificant from a critical perspective. However, examples of spin are evident in his book, Broke: The Plan to Restore Our Trust, Truth and Treasure; and one of them along with a spin of the facts about Obama's Middle East speech on Beck's website story will suffice to prove that Beck's criticism of Mitchell is another demonstration of blatant hypocrisy on his part. Commentary about the meaning of Beck's routine hypocrisies will be followed by a rewrite from Lawrence O'Donnell on the supposed controversy, the hysteria, coming from Beck about what President Obama is proposing regarding the 1967 borders of Israel as a negotiating position with the Palestinians.

From "Andrea Mitchell woozy after incredible spin," is this clip. That headline, incidentally, is an example of yellow propaganda.

Got it? Beck and the other two stooges of his morning zoo commentary are critical of Mitchell for spinning or reframing the President's words even though that is essentially what he said. Compared to what Beck has done, purposely editing video of the President on multiple occasions to completely distort what he meant, Mitchell is merely offering a liberal bias or spin on the President's words. Examples of Beck purposely distorting video of the President are here, here and here; and that deliberate distortion is far worse than spinning facts around to support Beck's reactionary perspective.

Of course, Beck spins the facts routinely.  In fact, right in the story on the website describing Mitchell's liberal "hackery" (his word), it stated that "Obama had just dissed Israel." The President did not express disrespect for Israel! That comes closer to deceit than spin, but one could argue that Beck himself probably did not write what was written on his site under the video clip above. Fair enough.

Master of spin

In Broke, Beck wrote that President "Wilson didn't usher in progressivism alone: He had lots of help. His secretary of state William Jennings Bryan took the attitude that the wealthy must be punished for their affluence: 'If New York and Massachusetts pay more tax under this law than other states, it will be because they have more taxable income within their borders. And why should not those sections pay most that enjoy most.' "(1) Calling a fair tax policy punishment is a reactionary spin on this approach to differential taxation. Calling it justice is another spin on differential taxation on states. Spin: it is how Beck describes history and current events.

Beck is not criticized here for offering his spin on the facts because spin, Beck's version of the truth, is the least of his problems. However, when Beck gets critical of another media figure for offering spin, then he is again standing in front of his glass house throwing rocks. Glenn Beck is demonstrating hypocrisy with this criticism of Andrea Mitchell's spin. This is the 24th example of hypocrisy documented here in the course of the year this Review has been active. For a man, who described himself to the New York Times Magazine as a "principles and values guy," one example of hypocrisy matters. However, 24 documented examples of hypocrisy translates into a deeper meaning. No one is this hypocritical unless they are mentally ill or a complete fraud. Beck is certainly not a "principles and values guy." This list of hypocrisies paint Beck as a fake, a charlatan, a sham.

An alternative narrative to Beck's false, reactionary and hypocritical discussion of Mitchell and the last word on the business of whether she spun the facts of Obama's position on the 1967 borders too far or not is offered by Lawrence O'Donnell. He used the rewrite segment of his show on May 25th to address the hysterical reaction coming from Beck and others on the right over how Obama framed his speech about peace between Israel and Palestine.

For a summary about Glenn Beck, see "Becoming Paul Revere"

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1)  Broke: The Plan to Restore Our Trust, Truth and Treasure, Glenn Beck and Kevin Balfe, Mercury Radio Arts, New York, 2010, p.52