Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beckerheads twist logic and facts to defend their hero and his lies

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On his website, The Regressive Antidote, David Micheal Green addressed the saps, suckers and "troopers" who listen to, believe and follow the reactionaries Rush Limbaugh and of course Glenn Beck. Quoted at length below, it will be used to consider two particular troopers who defend Beck by attacking this blogger and recently this blog, the sock-puppet, racist, cheap-shot artist and coward, "Benny_Hill" and the ardent reactionary warrior and rationalizer for the lies and hypocrisies of Glenn Beck, Todd Scheller.

From the post "Cowards and Crack Dealers: The Shame of Regressivism:"
Damn, I’m embarrassed for regressives.

And it’s a good thing I am, too. Somebody’s gotta do it, and it sure as hell ain’t gonna be them.

There are basically two kinds of regressives, and they are both paragons of shameful behavior, though of rather different kinds.

The first type is the trooper. He watches Beck, listens to Limbaugh, and not only takes his cues as to what to think, he also unknowingly receives his marching orders as to what to even think about. Do you imagine, for instance, that tens of millions of fat, white, male, Southern, old farts all of a sudden individually came to the simultaneous conclusion that Obama’s White House has too many czars in it? Yeah, me neither.

These people are all over the place. They’re your neighbor, your uncle, your barber, your nightmare. They are astonishingly lazy and dumb, politically, but it’s important to note that that is absolutely by choice. Because what they really are, at their core, is deathly frightened. So much so that they cling onto the mythologies fed to them, and cannot be moved from belief in those rusty shibboleths, no matter what....

I can’t tell you how many encounters I’ve had with these regressive shock troops over the years which have brought this home to me.... Entering into discourse with them was like stepping into an evidence-free zone, a place with all the logical integrity of a Dali painting. Upside down. After a while, though, I realized that there must be something deeper going on which causes people to cling so militantly to what is manifestly sheer bullshit. [Emphasis added]

That something is fear. This is what the Founders and their fellow Enlightenment school travelers (myself included) missed. Only some people some of the time are capable of thoughtful policy decisions based on rational analysis of carefully sifted evidence. Anyone who’s deeply frightened, for whatever reason, doesn’t fall into that category. Religious conservatives love to remind us that there are no atheists in foxholes, and they’re mostly correct. What they don’t get is that this observation doesn’t prove the inevitability of god, but rather the opposite. What it shows is that if you’re scared enough, you’ll believe anything, including that doing deals-with-deities, like “I swear I won’t drink or smoke or use bad words anymore, God, if you’ll just get me out of this tight spot”, would actually work. Exactly how much we really believe in the power of said divinities is reflected in the drunken, cursing and smoking soldiers out on leave the very next night, having survived the firefight.

Well, nobody is shooting at regressives in America right now, but by golly it sure must feel like it to them. You gotta be powerful askeered to act as stupid as these folk do....
Writing of being "askeered," "Benny_Hill" was first encountered writing anonymous comments about the post here that described two lies Glenn Beck told during his 8-28 sermon on the Washington Mall. "Hill" pretended not to have an interest in defending Beck. In fact he referred to Mr. Beck as "such a wretched individual." (See comment from September 5th, at 10:31 a.m.) He falsely claimed that he was only demonstrating the weakness of my claims.

Since then, this anonymous character has taken to ad hominem attacks which he fraudulently claims are not personal attacks. Examples of this coward's attacks are bountiful Glenn Beck dot com, and this is just a few of dozens and dozens of them:
  • But, you're an idiot Vicky66!
  • And this is debate Vicky66? You're an idiot! By the way, in case you need help, the question posed at the beginning of this comment is rhetorical in nature. Thus, it does not solicit or require a response. You're an idiot! [There was no question.]
  • You're an idiot Vicky88!
  • Credibility is in the argument, not the arguer, remember?
  • Vicky, you're an idiot... Everyone knows that you have to be white to be a racist today.
The last comment was in response to my assertion that he is a racist after he referred to the President as "your boy." "Boy" is what white racists call black men. "Vicky" is his way of demonstrating that he is the toughest bully on the elementary school playground where he apparently stopped maturing. He has indicated that "88" and "66" are my IQ's which at 66 would not allow me to wash myself, much less own and operate a blog. No ad hominem attacks there; at least that is what this racist vulgarian and deceitful, regressive, childish coward claims.

The last comment is clearly bogus as demonstrated by the New Black Panther Party. If fact, it is absurd, false and idiotic. The penultimate comment is also false. An argument is credible if it is true. An arguer has credibility if the person is honest, willing to admit and correct mistakes and has an overriding concern for the truth and more important, the facts.

defended by scared, stupid folks

This leads to Todd Scheller. Todd does amazing flips of logic and meanings to claim that I am a "liar" after I post comments on Glenn Beck dot com. However, Todd has a problem with credibility. After pressing Todd over and over to explain the lie Beck told about having written the slogan "Truth has no agenda" for his fake news site, TheBlaze, Todd finally admitted that he does not "give a shit" about that lie. Ever since then, to Todd's dismay and frustration, most of his replies to my comments are met with a reminder that he has no credibility since he refuses to care that Beck is a bald-faced liar.

Todd likes to play silly games with words and meaning. He accused me of "lying" when I inaccurately claimed that there were 39 Navy Seals on the raid to get bin Laden. The mistake was corrected of course. For Todd, mistakes are "lies." Anything that he can manage to twist becomes a lie according to the person who does not care that Beck lies. Today, in response to posting the quotation from Michael Green above on Glenn Beck dot com, Todd fired this gem at me: "Victor, Again you are a liar. Troopers are the ones in State Police Cars." You can't make this kind of twisted and absurd nonsense from Beck's best defender up. I immediately pointed out to Toad, the toady, what the idiomatic meaning of the word trooper is:
  • like a trooper, with great energyenthusiasm, or display: He swears like a trooper.
Todd expressed no embarrassment, no shame. He never does. He never acknowledges that Beck is a hypocrite, and he does not "give a shit" that Beck is a liar. And now, Todd has taken to posting comments here. Should Todd, who works tirelessly defending the indefensible, actually find errors in fact or reasoning, the corrections will be made, but anyone who does not know the idiomatic use of the word trooper, someone who does not "give a shit" that Beck lies, simply has no credibility. Not here, not there, not now, not ever;  so long as Todd refused to reverse himself about the importance of the lies that Beck tells, he is simply clinging "so militantly to what is manifestly sheer bullshit. Keep in mind that these two, "Benny," the racist, and Todd the fact-challenged toady, are the best two defenders Beck has on his website.

For a summary about Glenn Beck, see "Becoming Paul Revere"

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Todd said...

Who is making up facts now and rationalizing. There is no regressive movement, never has been. There was a progressive movement, and Hillary Clinton referred to herself as a "Modern Progressive" during the Democratic Presidential YouTube Debate of 2008. So lets us not deny any facts here on this blog shall we. [1] Remember, this is the women saying that she supports individual rights, who first put forth the idea universal health care, the version of which we are waiting to go into effect MANDATES that individuals have insurance, which violates the fundamental right to choose not to have insurance.
The term the site regressiveantidote dot net was not registered until Jan. 30, 2006, with Go Daddy dot com. On February 25, 2011, Robert S. McElvaine suggested calling conservatives regressives. Why because conservatives do not see a way to fund the healthcare reform that was passed and still meet the spending requirements that have been placed on the government in the past. So what is the Governments solution, short-term waivers that exempt compaines from the health care bill that goes fully into effect in 2014. Yet, they still have to either get a new waiver or, prove compliance with the law in 2015. There have been 1372 of these waivers granted so far, according to Julian Pecquet at The Hill. [2] Why else offer waivers unless there is something wrong with the legislation in the first place. However, why believe me just read the Quote from the Pecquet article from the Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.).
Victor, do you forget that Obama promised that his administration would be transparent? IF you do then please try to rationalize, why DHHS website still shows that as of January 26, 2011 only 733 waivers granted so far and they have not updated the numbers for at least two cycles of authorizing more waivers, as the most recent is only 204 waivers? Why are you not outraged by this lie from the President? Last time I checked the math means there are some missing waivers that the American People are not being told about, so where is the transparency? Then liberals and progressives wonder why states have sued the federal government over this very legislation. Could it possibly the that states, who cannot legally run a deficit, do not want to be saddled with the cost of this unfair, and unconstitutional legislation?
If these supposed regressives are "paragons of shameful behavior" then please explain to your readers why you joked about Jesus fornicating with his mother or a sheep. On the other hand, what about the fact that you offered me a opportunity to write a guest blog for this very blog, and when I did, you chose not to publish it because it refuted the supposed facts in your blog. Please explain to your readers how you receive your marching orders from your favorite sources Media Matters of America and Huffington Post. So does that mean that the owner of this blog is not a Lincolnian Republican and is in fact a regressive?
Mr. Green, refers to regressive troopers as "fat, white, male, Southern, old farts." Wow, Victor, you do realize that the only one in that does not fit you is Southern.

Todd said...

As to Benny_Hill and his ad hominem attacks, please explain to your readers why you have used nothing but the very same in response to me on your very own blog, you have yet to refute one fact that I have posted. Oh, and Victor there was a rhetorical question asked, because I asked it:
Todd Scheller 1 day ago in reply to The Glenn Beck Review
Once again Master Grammarian,
It is "dysfunctionality". What an idiot, if you cannot spell a woerd TWICE, what gives you the right to correct the errors of others? [3] Rhetorical means I did not expect a response for you. So Victor, are you lying this time, or do you just not remember the question you responded to, kind of like you did not remember making the sheep joke, that you edited after it was show to you?
Victor, I hate to tell you this but "boy" is what everyone that speaks English uses to refer to the male gender. I think you are stretching a little to try to make this a racist comment. As a Correctional Officer, I can tell you that African-American inmates do not like to be called boy, not because it is racist, but discriminatory as to their maturation (it represents the youth of the gender).
As to the 66 IQ, it will only keep you from getting the needle if convicted of a capital crime. According to Lewis Terman and David Wechsler, and IQ of 66 would only place you in the Borderline category, not the defective category. Terman is the investor of the Stanford-Binet IQ test. Wechsler developed the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) and the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children. It would also make you a moron according to the metal deficiency scale that is obsolete, and mildly retarded by the scale that replaced it, meaning that you could be educated as well as trained. So not only could you clean yourself, you could function in society with minimal help, but we all understand that is why you married. [4] I would have thought you would have learned all of this in your classes for that Master of Arts in Social Sciences degree that you earned?

Todd said...

Victor, I did not finally admit that I did not give a shit, I contended from the day you first started using this limited lie that I did not care about it. You just chose to pay attention when I changed it to "I do not give a shit" about a lie that "Neither pick my pocket, nor breaks my leg" ( Thomas Jefferson) All of your readers are more than welcome to find all of the hundreds of post that I made to this argument on my DisQus Profile [5]. Be forewarned there are 2759 postings as of the time of this writing and they go back to the day the daily caller article was published.
You cannot make up that the officers in the State police cars are Troopers , because it is true in most state Victor [6-13]. All of those links have the word TROOPER on the website.
Uh, Victor, the name is TODD, not TOAD. Why the continued ad hominem attacks on your own blog, in a post that you claim someone else used ad hominems against you? Also, the correct phrase is He swears like a Sailor, not trooper. I expressed no embarrassment or shame as I made that post, and went to work, here I do not have internet access, and this blog post was on your blog before I returned from work eight hours later.
I am still waiting for you to provide ONE comment that I have made on Glenn Beck dot com or your blog that has defeded Beck, rather that addressed the errors in you comments with facts.

So far on this blog I have seen 303 posts that are "so militantly to what is manifestly sheer bullshit." Your readers can guess who made them.
Just so you know Victor, you get the next three days off from my responses, after that the game is on again.

[1] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2oOoCdFblc
[2] http://thehill.com/blogs/healthwatch/health-reform-implementation/161203-hhs-approves-200-more-new-healthcare-reform-waivers-
[3] http://www.glennbeck.com/2011/05/11/meghan-mccain-gets-naked-glenn-vomits/#comment-2045576
[4] http://www.iqcomparisonsite.com/IQBasics.aspx
[5] http://disqus.com/facebook-100000832449863/
[6] http://troopers.ny.gov/
[7] http://www.njsp.org/
[8] http://www.nh.gov/safety/divisions/nhsp/
[9] http://www.dps.state.ak.us/ast/
[10] http://www.dps.state.al.us/Home/
[11] http://www.asp.state.ar.us/
[12] http://www.dps.state.ok.us/ohp/tngrct/ohpweb/index.html
[13] http://www.wvstatepolice.com/

Todd said...

Still waiting for Proof of your claim that I am fact challenged. Either prove it or remove the statement. I have 13 external links in my response compared to your NONE.

Todd said...

It appears that your DisQus account is having issues. Like it is GONE. It was nice knowing you. I wonder who you might have made mad to get your whole account deleted. The funniest part is it appears you are gone BEFORE Glenn Beck.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Todd, did you not claim that my error on Glenn Beck dot com, after I claimed to have coined the phrase "yellow propaganda," which I acknowledged was an error and agreed that other's have used that phrase before, did not not claim over and over that the acknowledged and corrected mistake was a "lie?" Over and over again you kept insisting that it was a "lie," right Todd. That makes you fact challenged.

That you don't acknowledge Beck is a liar makes you fact challenged.

Anyone supporting a propagandist who lies as much as Beck is documented lying here and elsewhere is fact challenged. I point out how fact-challenged you are about the Churchill bust. You wrote, "You continue to bring up the Churchill Bust lie." No, I don't, not on the post you made that false claim.


Just the claim that the posts here, written by many other authors besides myself, are "so militantly to what is manifestly sheer bullshit." Really? Which example of hypocrisy is not hypocrisy Todd. You are an embarrassment to yourself as well as Professor Schell and others who have contributed to this Review. It is you, Todd, a loyal follower of a liar, hypocrite, self-claimed "rodeo clown" and "recovering dirbag," Glenn Beck, who is full of shit. You twist logic and facts to suit your misunderstanding of reality.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Todd, your ignorance about the Disques commenting account is making you look foolish, and I disagree that it was "nice knowing you." You're a deceitful character assassin.

You can't stand it that someone is exposing Beck as a liar, hypocrite, fraud and propagandist, that he's an ignorant fool getting millions of ignorant fools to believe the dumb ideas that he spouts. I haven't gone anywhere; I'm just not using Disques now.

I didn't make anyone "mad" Todd. I did not make anyone at Disques angry either. I have some of your lies about me set aside Todd. You're just a Beckerhead and sleazy, character assassin out to smear my good name, and I hope to never see your name again.

Todd said...

Hey Victor, Find one thing that I have ever written where I have stated the Beck NEVER lies? I have admitted that he has stated some things that are not true and therefore lies. When are you going to grow a set and admit the same about yourself?

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Todd, it is not that you don't agree that Beck lies; it is your indifference toward his lies that is of note. You know he's a liar, but you attack his critic on his website with smears anyway. Implicit in your attacks is support for a man you know lies and an utter lack of moral character on your part.

You need to examine why you have an indifference to Beck's dishonesty when he claims to tell the truth, when he said, on 8/28 last summer "Our sacred honor. It means that you tell the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth." Why do you not join Beck's critics instead of smearing them?

You kept repeating that I "lied" about having claimed that I coined the phrase "yellow propaganda." That was a false claim Todd, a mistake, a mistake that I acknowledged. I wrote repeatedly that I was wrong with that claim, but you kept insisting that I was telling a "lie" about that. That is a smear Todd, something that you and the other minions, who continuously attacked me on Glenn Beck dot com, were relentless about, even going so far as to follow my comments on other sites (a feature of the Disques commenting system) to smear me with your false accusations that I "lied."

I have had enough of your sleazy, underhanded and deceitful attacks Todd. Henceforth, you are prohibited from further comment here. Since Beck has banned me from commenting on his site for pointing out what a coward he is for not debating Van Jones, I am banning you for your sleazy and deceitful character assassination attempts.

This is the last comment of yours that will be posted here. Beck is off the air Todd: mission accomplished. You can go subscribe to his propaganda-for-fee like the rest of the suckers and fools who follow the man you recognize as a liar. I'm embarrassed for you since you apparently lack the conscience to have any shame on your own!