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Beck distorts, lies and demonstrates yet another example of hypocrisy

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Thursday's episode of the Glenn Beck show on Fox contained the usual elements of propaganda, lies and distortions, as well as the 23rd example of blatant hypocrisy from Beck. The segment of interest in the clip below is from his show's opening when he addressed the successful raid that killed Osama bin Laden and the President's visit to Ground Zero for a solemn remembrance of the victims of 9-11. Beck's narrative about President Obama will be contrasted with an interview with a family member of a 9-11 victim and with a list of accomplishments by the President as cited the same evening by Rachel Maddow. The final analysis of Beck's rhetoric will be offered as a conclusion in another video clip featuring MSNBC's Ed Schultz.

Listen to Beck's anti-Obama propaganda up through the first break of his show and follow along with the commentary below. Via The Daily Beck:

Whines and Lies of Omission

In this segment Beck makes a number of significant distortions, but mostly he is telling his audience that the President, who just gave the order to capture and kill the world's most dangerous terrorist, cannot be trusted and that "we" don't really know who Obama is. Beck starts off whining about the President tying up traffic with his motorcade. That's useful.

The President made it a point to not have his visit to Ground Zero be a celebration or a "ball spiking." He gave no speech, but Beck is hell-bent to make the President's visit what he wants it to be.  Beck frequently employs lies of omission, and he omitted to mention that the President was accompanied by former NYC Mayor Giuliani.

Honor and Hearthstones 

Then Beck tells his flock that he's going to talk about principle. This is where Beck believes that he's on solid ground which doesn't take long to slip out from beneath him. He wants people to defends "beliefs," not facts. Then he proceeds to quote Coolidge. If the greatness of America lies around the hearthstone, then we're screwed as a nation since most people have central heating from a furnace these days. "... the building of fortune is subordinate to the building of character." Does Beck even listen to what he says? Many lies from Beck and 22 different examples of hypocrisy on his part have been documented here, and Beck, the multimillionaire, yellow propagandist is quoting Coolidge about putting character before building of fortunes! "Honor." Beck is still lying through his teeth on the air, and he stresses honor. It's amazing what he gets away with for an audience apparently willing to believe whatever Beck states. It seems that his followers believe him because they want him to be telling the truth, no matter what the actual facts are.


Who is that, Usama bin Laden?


Maybe the President would have gotten a higher boost in his approval ratings if he didn't have an entire propaganda channel, Fox, out to undermine every success he has earned. "It's going to fall apart" because the right-wing echo chamber is constantly lying about the President, especially Mr. Beck! Something is wrong: Fox propaganda!


Beck claims that he doesn't know the President's principles, but that must be because he hasn't been paying attention. They're not getting "harder and harder to tell;" Beck is working harder and harder to smear Obama. This, for example, is not the first fight that the President has engaged in as Beck falsely claimed. The President was involved in the health care insurance reform fight; just not on the front pages for Beck to see. The left doesn't believe that Obama fought enough for the public option (see reference to the "Do-Nothing President below), but Beck hated the outcome anyway. Why would Beck want Obama to have satisfied the left wing of his party? He would not have. Beck is just smearing the president to smear him, not out of any principled stand.

Beck suggests that the President was not engaged in the effort to stop Gaddafi's slaughter of his own people, but it was the President who got the alliance together and the UN to pass the resolution for the no-fly zone. Beck seems unaware that Air Force One is a flying "oval office." Beck probably knows this, but he doesn't let facts interfere with his propaganda.

Criticizing the President's Decision Making

This is not the first time Beck has criticized the amount of time it took the President to decide on military action. Beck whined about how long it took Obama to decide what to do in Afghanistan too. For Beck, the decision to kill people cannot be made fast enough. Maybe a few more wars of choice would make Glenn Beck happy. Of course, nothing this President does satisfies Glenn Beck. It's Beck's job to express and channel the hatred felt by his reactionary viewers, and he does an outstanding job it that. Beck acts like the 9-11 attackers had not spent months planning and preparing for their attack which is of course another distortion of the facts.

Pants on Fire!

One big lie of this segment is when Beck declared that this operation  "contradicted every bit of foreign policy, everything he's ever advocated." That's just not true. Candidate Obama said that he'd go after bin Laden in Pakistan without Pakistani permission if he thought that we could get him.(1) This is yet another example of a bald-faced lie on Beck's part.

Water boarding is torture. Because it may have led to this assault on bin Laden's compound does not mean that the President paused in his decision because of that. Beck pretends that he knew exactly what was going through the President's mind and for how long. That is just absurd but so typical of this manipulative propagandist.

The guy who was captured in Iraq was in Iraq because President Bush made the state a host for terrorists by taking down the dictator who the terrorists of al Qaeda disdained! This is another distortion of the facts. Beck then claims that the Pentagon asked the President, "are you crazy?" Shouldn't someone responsible at Fox be asking that question of Glenn Beck?

Another flat out lie is when Beck asserts that Obama claims that Muslims "cannot be terrorists." President Obama has never articulated such an absurd idea. That renders Beck's question to the President just more nonsense stated to induce his gullible audience to doubt the President's leadership. Propaganda writ large because Fox did not stop the lies and propaganda long ago. Beck's continued presence on Fox amply demonstrates that Fox is more about a right-wing agenda than it is about honest commentary and news.

Flag Draped Coffins

Earth calling Beck. The policy of allowing Americans to see the consequences of war has been in place for quite a while. Did Beck consider the photos of flag draped coffins to be "trophies" for al Queda in 2005?(2)

Who Are You Mr. Beck?

Just about the last person in the world to ask who someone is would be Glenn Beck. Beck called for air-support for the Libyan rebels and then accused the Administration of being "simpatico" with al Queda for implementing the no-fly zone. Glenn Beck relented to his studio audience of unionized teachers this week telling them how good unions are, but he has railed against unions in the past.(3) Beck claims that he is a libertarian one time and a conservative another as if they mean the same thing. "Change was never defined," Beck falsely claimed. This statement is so blatantly false that it is mind-boggling. It is either sheer ignorance, a result of Beck never listening to any of Obama's campaign speeches or reading the platform of the Democratic Party in 2008; or Glenn Beck is just lying (again). Either way, the purpose of this false claim is more propaganda aimed at undermining the President in the aftermath of a great success in the war on terror. Shameful does not begin to describe such a sleazy suggestion.

The Manufactured Commentator

Beck has claimed to be a "principles and values guy," but we've documented 22 examples of Beck undermining his principles and values (including when he implored his flock last year to tell the truth leading up to his 8-28 rally on the Washington Mall). His flip-flopping on issues is evident. If anyone seems "manufactured," it is the persona of Glenn Beck. Beck is both the manufacturer and the end product, but the upshot of Beck's claim that Obama is the manufactured candidate is another double standard on Beck's part. Who is Glenn Beck? It is impossible to answer than because it seems that he is inclined to say whatever he thinks his audience wants to hear.

Smearing the President on Israel

Beck makes it sound like Obama stood with the revolutionaries in Egypt, when in fact the President was a johnny-come-lately unlike Beck who hypocritically stood with the dictator there to the very end. Beck's theory about the President's approach toward Israel is "riddled with falsehoods."(4)

Beck distorts the President's willingness to meet and "sit down" with Netanyahu. From May 7th of this year:(5)
This week's White House summit meeting between President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was more positive than what has been portrayed by the news media, Israel's top diplomat said on Thursday.
Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Thursday that Israel and the United States see eye-to-eye on a final resolution to the Palestinian issue, and that "the argument is about how to get there."
Distorting Obama on Iran

Beck fails to mention that between the two clips he played of the President discussing Iran, an election had been stolen and the protests against that fraudulent outcome were brutally repressed.(6) This is another example of a lie of omission, one of Beck's many tactics of deception used in his propaganda. When Beck states that he doesn't know why there has been a change in tone from Obama regarding Iran, he is either lying or way too ignorant of very recent history to be commenting on television.

Who is Really Offensive Mr. Beck?

Beck finds the President's visit to Ground Zero to be "really offensive." Someone clearly lying and smearing the President for propaganda purposes has no standing to take a moral high ground. Beck claims that whether this is offensive or not is NOT for the families to decide. Really? An interview with a family member is offered below, but the last person, who can state what is offensive or not, is a deceitful and hypocritical propagandist. Beck, who uses rhetoric like "Spread your legs; you're going to enjoy this one," is in no position to define what is "offensive." This is most likely "offensive" to Mr. Beck for one and only one reason: President Obama is a Democrat. It is Beck's double standards, deceitful propaganda and many hypocrisies that are "despicable." "I think the American people will see through this." Most people do see though Beck's propaganda; only the gullible fools, who remain in his audience, cannot see the despicable propaganda that Beck spews day after day. Jefferson was right; the majority of Americans have figured out what Beck is about.

Beck's Latest Hypocrisy

Another distortion by Beck is with the proposed Islamic center he calls "Cordoba House." That was an early, proposed name that was changed to Park 51. However, Beck began this topic with yet another bald-faced lie when he claimed that it is being built "across the street" from Ground Zero. In fact it is going in across the street, around the corner, down two blocks and around another corner.  Beck could have been perfectly accurate and honest if he said that it is going into the same neighborhood as Ground Zero, but honesty and Glenn Beck are two separate realities.

across the street?

Beck claims that the President "stuck his neck out" over the proposed cultural center. How is standing up for principle listed in the 1st Amendment risky in any way? Beck began this rant by talking about "principles," but here he is hypocritically railing against the President for supporting a 1st Amendment principle, the freedom of religion.What does hypocrisy sound like? GLENN BECK IS WHAT HYPOCRISY SOUNDS LIKE! What an incredible sham. One does not have to be a supporter of President Obama to understand that Beck's lies, smears and crass hypocrisies have little to do with honest commentary and everything to do with yellow propaganda.

Alternative Narratives

Beck presents in this segment an utterly false narrative, deceitful propaganda written to undermine the President of the United States during one of the high points of his presidency. In contrast to Beck's hateful opinions about the President's visit to Ground Zero is this interview with the daughter of a 9-11 victim, Carie Lemack, interviewed by Lawrence O'Donnell. It is offered to demonstrate that there are other, more honest, more accurate narratives told about Obama's visit to Ground Zero this week.

Clearly, not everyone is a reactionary and hateful like Glenn Beck is. People did appreciate the President's visit to Ground Zero. Many Americans also appreciate President Obama's achievements as President as listed by Rachel Maddow in this clip from her show on MSNBC. Because Beck's mission is to undermine the President in every way possible, this video is offered as a counter narrative from a liberal perspective.

It should be pointed out again that the President has been and continues to be very disappointing to many on the progressive left. See, for example, "The Do-Nothing 44th President." Beck and other propagandists on Fox have tried to paint this President as "radical" and "socialist," but for David Micheal Green and the many who wanted a single-payer health care insurance system established, nothing could be further from the case.

If one listens only to the right-wing propaganda, which is mostly what Fox "News" is about, one might not think that President Obama is accomplished at all, or his accomplishments are distorted as "socialist" when they are in fact the reforms one would expect of a corporate liberal (capitalist reformer). Glenn Beck's deceitful and hypocritical propaganda goes beyond disgusting. One more short clip, this one from Ed Schultz, will conclude this post about Beck's disrespectful and disgusting abuse that he shovels in the President's direction:

Via AlterNet:

Update, 5/09/11: Regarding how much time it took Obama to decide on whether to proceed with this operation, the Washington Post is reporting that the President was getting conflicting advice on whether to proceed or not.(7)  It was not an easy decision.

Update, 5/17/11: In a comment below, Beck sycophant, Todd, is trying to make the bogus case that information gathered during torture helped lead to the capture and killing of OBL. Following is a segment from Lawrence O'Donnell's The Last Word from 5/16 which explicitly addresses this claim. O'Donnell gets the last word of this particular take-down of the deceitful propagandist, Glenn Beck.

For a summary about Glenn Beck, see "Becoming Paul Revere"

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1) During debate with Sen. McCain, Senator Obama said, "And if we have Osama bin Laden in our sights and the Pakistani government is unable or unwilling to take them out, then I think that we have to act and we will take them out. We will kill bin Laden...."  2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7)


Todd said...

If Capture means that the target is taken alive, and kill means that the target is dead, how did the President issue an order to do both? The order was clearly to capture OR kill Usama Bin Laden, as there is no way to capture AND kill him. This is just one error in you blog posting here, I will not denigrate it or you by calling it a lie.
The President even visiting the site of Ground Zero so close to the raid that resulted in the death of UBL can be nothing other than spiking the ball, followed as closely as it was by the Visit to Fort Campbell. However, there is no need for you to see it for what it really is.
Really, thrift, industry, and self-sacrifice are beliefs and not facts? Thrift leads to the fact of fortune and character. Industry does the same, name a entrepreneur that became a self-made millionaire that did it without self-sacrifice or honor?
Unfortunately, for you the FBI refers to him as Usama Bin Laden. it is not America's fault you arre not up on Anglicized Arabic. Who would know better the name of the dead man from the ten most wanted list, the publisher of that list, or the self-proclaimed expert on Glenn beck? Are you now claiming to be an expert on Usama Bin Laden?
Name one other success other than the killing of UBL that President Obama has had in the first two years, that does not add to our debt significantly.
Oh Victor, but it did contradict Obama's foreign policy. The information that lead to the raid came from the detention center that was closed during his first year in office, wait no, two years down the road now and Guantanamo Bay is still operating as a detention center for the war on Terrorism. The information was obtained in the waterboarding of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, you remember him, he is the person that is going to have to be tried at that closed detention center, instead of New York. Yet this current administration have refused to use the method on terrorist, yet it does so on our own troops. If it is such a torture then why do even the Huffington Post and their contributor Ben Sherwood know that our own troops go through the experience, as far back as April of 2009? Wait, did President Obama not take office on January 20, 2009? Therefore, it is okay to torture our men in uniform, but not those trying to kill the very same men. If waterboarding is torture, what is placing a bullet in a man's chest, and another in his eye?
As to the flag draped caskets being viewed as they arrive at Andrew Air Force Base, why don't you ask the person that filed the FOIA request and lawsuit in 2005 to force the Pentagon to release the images?
More to follow...

Todd said...

Beck does not like any form of forced medical insurance (what some call Socialized Medicine, including myself). Therefore, Beck would not have liked any form of medical reform that required everyone to have health insurance.

The Arab League was the pushing force behind the no-fly zone in Libya not Obama. France's U.N. Ambassador, not the U.S.'s put the draft of the resolution of before the UN security council. Under U.S. law Obama did not even need a U.N. resolution to send U.S. Troops to create a no-fly zone, you might want to read the War Powers Resolution of 1973. Seems you do not let the facts get in the way of your own propaganda.

Do you forget Obama's reaction to the Fort Hood shooting? "Don't rush to judgment." I believe that the FBI knew that Maj. Hassan was a radical Muslim in the midst's of our Army, as did his colleges, or at least Ralph Peters knows it.
The article that you reference about the Obama-Netanyahu meeting was published on May 21, 2009, not May 7, 2011. However, during the March 2010, meeting of the two things were not so cordial. Obama did not take a photograph with Netanyahu; he left him in the White House to go to a private dinner that Binyamin was not invited too. Seems like you are not keeping up with the most recent events there Victor. The 2010 meeting took place after the announcement of the expansion of the settlements into occupied territory, which Israel has held since 1967.
"Across the street" is a colloquialism to mean near Victor. Therefore, you are once again stretching credulity to try to turn this into hypocrisy as the Cordoba House is within two blocks of the site of the Twin Towers original location.
One of the highpoints of Obama's Presidency, try the ONLY high point of his presidency to date.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Todd is a Beckerhead and toady who tries to rationalize the lies that Beck tells. He is exposed for what he is here:

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Toady ignores facts that don't fit into his perverted twisting of reality upside down.

I've been meaning to add Senator McCain's speech on the Senate floor which indicated that no, the information that led to the location of OBL did not come from the torture of suspects. If fact, torture slowed down the hunt for bin Laden.

Todd said...

Well get with the posting of the videos then why be so lazy as to not post that video, and actually refute the facts in my psot, as in the name is Usama Bin Laden (UBL) according to none other than the Fedral Bureau of Investigation. apparently yuou are to lazy to actually research that fact with the link I provided to you.
How about you are refussing to accept the fact that none other than Leon Penetta, Director of the CIA said that the information came from water boarding? Who is ignoring facts now Victor?
Remember, Panetta not the military was incharge of the overall operation, meaning he would know first hand where the infromation came from.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Toady, listen to the video of Beck. He did not call him Usama bin Laden. It's a trivial point which is your expertise.

You read Penetta's words the way you want to. Red state blog does the same. Watch the video I added, but it won't do any good.

Todd wants Beck to be honest, and he'll twist the facts in any way possible, reinterpreting Obama's own words(!) to make it seem that Beck is not the bald-faced liar that any rational person can see he is.

Todd said...

I was referencing to your argument in the post:
UBL? Usama in the correct Anglicized spelling of the dead mans name. It is not my fault you do not follow the FBI linguistics. The issue ions you have no link to the DCIA Leon Penetta Interview. I am not reading his spoken words, I am hearing them come from his mouth.
Why is it that you refuse to except expert evidence that refutes you?

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Todd, you love to make a big deal out of trivial matters and ignore the glaring faults of your cult master, Glenn Beck.

Todd, the pronunciation is oʊˈsɑːmə, the common spelling is Osama. Again, trivial matter. That you somehow rationalize (above) Beck's "pants on fire" lie about the killing of OBL is proof of your ability to spin reality upside down. I have the quotation of the President saying that "if we have Osama bin Laden in our sights and the Pakistani government is unable or unwilling to take them out, then I think that we have to act and we will take them out. We will kill bin Laden...." It is on video! Beck lied! You are a fool for rationalizing Beck's lie. Also, torture delayed obtaining that information as the last update above demonstrates.