Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tips for doing the "homework" that Glenn Beck suggests

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The following piece is being republished with permission of the author, creesa who runs the "creesa, endlessly bitching about everything" blog. This was originally entitled, "Glenn Beck is Giving the Wrong Kind of Homework." Warning, course language is employed in this article.

Glenn Beck has now made it very routine to urge his viewers/listeners to “do your homework” in regards to his outrageous claims.  I know in the beginning of his Fox News show, he said nothing of the kind.  It was only after everyone started realizing how absurd many of his statements were that Beck felt the need to request this validation.  When you’re preaching about how there’s people out to get you, how large groups are conspiring against you, how your privacy is in jeopardy, how Islam is going to take over America, how god is the answer to everything, how government home invasions are right around the corner, etc., the only place you cango for justification of these claims… is the fucking internet.  Does that make any of it true?  Not in a million years.

Beck fans use this “do your homework” gospel as proof of Beck’s trustworthiness.  As long as an idea is within even the slightest realm of reality, you can find “proof” of it online.  The Earth is flat, the Holocaust never happened, the first moon landing was staged, a man named John Titor visited us from the future, the world is ending next year, psychics can tell us our futures, everyone in Canada hates their healthcare, aliens are currently living amongst us, every race but yours is evil, Dubya blew up the World Trade Center, and well, need I go on?  There are supporting websites and even “documentation” on all of these absurdities, and more, on the freakin’ internet.  Anyone can create a website.  Just look at me! :)   

research his claims for truthiness

The internet is very untrustworthy when it comes to checking the positivity of outrageous claims.  I mean, my god, even Wikipedia’s information can be changed by any ol’ moron.  I say within the “slightest realm of reality” because obviously not every single freakin’ idea ever, however ridiculous, can be found on the internet, right?  I mean, no one’s dumb enough to claim fairies, gnomes, vampires, and werewolves are real, living creatures, right?  Oh wait….

I’m not just referring to outrageous claims from the Right, as they’ve become quite known for, but from anyone.  Any person or group who believes something that seems a little off can surely find support somewhere online.  This, by no means, makes it true.  If an idiot* like Beck states an opinion, then you'll find that same opinion exists elsewhere, how does that make the opinion fact? Oh I know, because when you do this bullshit "homework," nothing is prefaced with "in my opinion."

These days, it’s perfectly safe for any nutjob to say “do your homework” for proof of their claims because you will undoubtedly find the “proof” you’re looking for online.  So I say to Beck fans: screw Beck’s version of homework.  He’s requesting you to prove his claims.  Why don’t you try doing the opposite?  Read information that doesn’t mention Beck, yet unknowingly refutes him.  Steer clear of Beck-is-always-right or even Beck-is-always-wrong websites.**  The internet is not a good place to prove someone right; it’s better used to prove someone wrong… provided you go to reputable websites.  You’ll find Beck’s opinions are tarnished with extreme exaggeration.  Beck has perfected the art of lying without lying.  He takes an idea, or rather makes a prediction, for the future, then exaggerates it to the scariest degree possible.  It’s this kind of hyperbole that leads to grandiose assumptions that simply aren’t true.  It’d be like claiming all pit bulls are deadly, or all Catholic priests are pedophiles… or all Glenn Beck fans are complete fucking moronic jackasses.  Surely, we shouldn’t follow such stereotypes, should we?
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*  It is not the understanding of The Glenn Beck Review that Beck is an idiot.