Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Glenn Beck was right: the end IS near...

for his show on Fox!

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Poetic justice announced today
Glenn Beck's "news" site, TheBlaze published a story today announcing that Beck will be "transitioning out" of his daily show on Fox. After a fair use of this announcement below is a clip from Megyn Kelly's show discussing the chalkboards that will be available soon.

From TheBlaze:
Editor’s note:  After a great deal of speculation about Glenn Beck’s future on television, here is the freshly-inked news release.  There will be a couple of key headlines out of this…yes, there is a new agreement with Fox News but this is the first confirmation that Beck will “transition off of his daily TV program” later this year.
The program has obviously been a great success for Beck and for Fox News, and the relationship between the organizations seems as strong as ever.
This news release does leave some key questions unanswered for now, primarily, does Glenn have plans for a daily TV or video program down the road?
When you watch this clip of Kelly and Baier talking about budget math, watch them grim when they discuss where they could get a chalkboard. Via Mediaite:

Previously, in a GQ interview, Kelly said she believes that "some of [the] allegations against [Glenn Beck] may have foundation" but refused to go into specifics. Gee, you think!?! It is possible that she knows enough about current events to realize that Beck is either a consummate liar or he is so profoundly ignorant that he is not qualified to be a professional commentator? Beck's gullible followers do not seem to know that much about what is happening in the world! Otherwise, they too, would know when Beck is talking out his butt.

Update, 4/7/2011: As one would expect this news of Beck's "transitioning" from Fox was covered by many commentators. Lawrence O'Donnell did a knock down job covering this news, and his clip from msnbc dot com will be hated by Beck's ignorant and gullible followers but enjoyed by those readers aware of how much Glenn Beck has adversely affected the political discourse in the last two years.

For a summary about Glenn Beck, see "Becoming Paul Revere"

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Anonymous said...

That interaction between Kelly and Baier is priceless! Haha. I guess now that Beck's leaving all the Fox employees can freely express the disdain they have for him. I think he's actual friends with O'Reilly though, so I don't know if you'll ever see any rudeness like these two displayed coming from O'Reilly. Though technically "unprofessional" I'd say Beck has earned a bit of mockery from his colleagues.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

Mission accomplished. One down, many more to go. Who's next? Limbo? Hannity? O'Reilly? How about Donald Trump?

The Glenn Beck Review said...

I e-mailed Michelle Malkin months ago and informed her that if Beck goes blind, that she's next on my list. First, there is much to do. I'm continuing this until Beck is gone from Fox. I need to finish reviewing his book and finish writing "Smashing Overton's Window."