Friday, April 29, 2011

Beck's version of the President's birth certificate conveys more about Beck than Obama

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On the day this week that President Obama released his "long form" birth certificate, the title of Glenn Beck's newsletter that day was "Obama releases birth certificate -- VIEW IT." The picture of Obama's birth certificate on Glenn Beck dot com conveyed much more about Glenn Beck than it does about the President.

Inside the newsletter and next to an advertisement for birther, Donald Trump, the author wrote:
President Obama held a brief press conference this morning to address the ongoing (and completely ridiculous) birther issue. The White House released his original birth certificate and Obama followed that up by stating what most Americans already knew - that he was born in Hawaii. Obama said the nation has bigger, more important issues to talk about, saying he was 'puzzled and amused' that 'sideshows and carnival barkers' keep getting dragged on and on and on. He said America doesn't have time for this 'silliness' and it's time to move on. But will the hardcore birther crowd be satisfied? In a word: NO. Glenn, Stu and Pat reveal how the birther claims will be taken to the next level on radio today. PLUS: The birth certificate the President doesn't want Americans to seeLOOK
Under the SCREAMING headline "BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!! (Media won't show this one!!)" and without any further comment Glenn Beck published this on his website:

Why would Beck publish this? That image certainly is taking birther claims to another level, but it's not the next level so much as it is the most base and despicable level of media propaganda. Aside from the Islamophobic  addition of "666 Muslim St" to an empty space on the document, what is Beck, a supposedly anti-birther, someone who claims that birtherism is dumb and for flat-Earthers, trying to accomplish by posting this on his website with this modified version of the President's birth certificate?

Is Beck pandering to the racists in his flock? Is this a joke from a rodeo clown? It is linked to under the line "The birth certificate the President doesn't want Americans to see," which means what?

leader of men?

On the day that the President wants to divert attention from the "carnival barkers" and get the focus back upon the serious problem faced by the U.S., this carnival barker chooses to push the envelope of absurdity and controversy. It's been argued that Beck creates controversy as a marketing mechanism. Controversy gets media coverage which leads to more attention being paid to Glenn Beck, which leads the most reactionary elements (racists, anti-government zealots, Obama haters, etc.) to start listening to his yellow propaganda and then become followers, members of his flock, and that leads to greater ratings for his shows, greater book sales and greater  income. Beck creates controversy which he sells like snake oil, and this is just another example. Beck is a rabble rouser, and in this case he is appealing to the least-adult-like Americans.

More followers has a political, as well as a marketing, implication. More followers means more people in Beck's "army" of "psychotics." Beck is not just a master of marketing for the hateful and fearful nonsense he spouts; he is also an ignorant genius of reactionary, yellow propaganda. Beck's "freedom" agenda is to get the government out of the way of the large corporations so they can molest the public interests of clean water, livable temperatures, un-posioned land and clear air to breath. He gets people to think along the lines that he wants them to think, no matter how far removed from reality his thinking is.

By publishing this childishly modified image under screaming headlines, Beck is showing the world that he is not a leader of men, that Beck is not a serious commentator, not a "thinker," and that Beck appeals to the most immature Americans who already hate this President as well as racists who don't believe that Obama is the legitimate President of the United States. Beck is an entertainer, a gifted carnival barker, a rodeo clown and not a leader of adults. He should be ignored by the media and serious adults of all political orientations, even serious libertarians. Beck is a bad joke, a stain upon the American political discourse and gifted salesman of false narratives. That his flock cannot see through their hero's foolishness, many hypocrisies and deceptions is a sad statement about the dearth of critical thinking that is developed in the secondary schools in this country. Beck's followers are not serious adults, but they are people who stopped maturing at an early age.
For a summary about Glenn Beck, see "Becoming Paul Revere"

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halvy said...

Wow, I have been a usual listener of Glenn for 4 years now but I have always gone to the left media outlets to make sure my opinion is checked and confirmed. Thanks for confirming it! My gosh it is a joke about how psychotic the birthers are. I am 16 years old and I know that. Glenn has spoken AGAINST the birther movement from the very beginning. I will stick to other outlets from now on, because this is whole blogging thing is clearly not for you if you take something that is meant to be joke and making it into Beck inciting racism and hate. Again, I am 16 years old and I am already 100 years ahead of you.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Halvy, you re-enforce my point. Beck is for children.

I know that Beck has spoken against birtherism, and that's why adding "666 Muslim St" to Obama's BC is gratuitous Islamophobia and not funny.

If you don't think that Beck helps incite racism, then you haven't read many comments on Glenn Beck dot com or on The Blaze dot com.

Beck's "joke" was not funny. Neither was his "joke" about killing Micheal Moore with a shovel or his "joke" about assassinating the Speaker of the House with poison. Beck's "joke" may appeal to adolescents, but genuine adults do not find Glenn Beck funny.

halvy said...

"Halvy, you re-enforce my point. Beck is for children."

If that's true, MSNBC must be for babies.

"I know that Beck has spoken against birtherism, and that's why adding "666 Muslim St" to Obama's BC is gratuitous Islamophobia and not funny."

Its not "islamphobia", its making fun of the people who actually believe that Obama is a Muslim, along with the birthers. Your reasoning is terrible.

"If you don't think that Beck helps incite racism, then you haven't read many comments on Glenn Beck dot com or on The Blaze dot com."

I have read the comments and I understand there are a FEW losers on there who say crazy things. The exact same thing happens on the Huffington Post. I read both The Blaze and the Huffington Post and they both are very similar, except The Blaze is WAY more respectful and the Huffington Post is WAY more hateful.

"Beck's "joke" was not funny. Neither was his "joke" about killing Micheal Moore with a shovel or his "joke" about assassinating the Speaker of the House with poison. Beck's "joke" may appeal to adolescents, but genuine adults do not find Glenn Beck funny."

The Michael Moore comment way back in '05 was not tasteful, your right and neither was the Pelosi joke. However, like Glenn said in his apology for calling the President racist, "I have a big mouth sometimes". Oh wait, need I remind you that Keith Olbermann wished a conservative commentator's parents had aborted her? He backed up a little bit and tried to explain that he meant her parents should have counseled with Planned Parenthood before conceiving but that doesn't make it much better. To wish someone never existed is just as bad as what Glenn Beck has said. Back to the website comments, I have seen multiple Glenn Beck should die comments on the Huffington Post. Just so you know.

Finally, just because Glenn has a different opinion than yours does not mean anything he says and anyone who listens to him are ignorant. He has other jokes besides the 3 you pointed out that appeal to "genuine" adults as well as everybody else. One example is "I have just gotten word from the media that there is over a thousand people here today." which he said at his Restoring Honor rally where he brought hundreds of thousands of "genuine" adults to Washington D.C..

The Glenn Beck Review said...

You want to write a blog about Olbermann, knock yourself out halvy.

I don't care about Beck's opinions. They are moot. Beck is a liar. That is the number one concern here. I prove it over and over. The next major point of this Review is that Beck is a hypocrite. YOU SUPPORT A HYPOCRITE. Look around this blog for a while. I have documented 22 examples of Beck stomping on his own stated beliefs and principles. His rally about "Honor" was for the reactionary blind folks, blind to the utter lack of honor from Beck.

I covered that rally. Beck lied during his speech after first saying: "Our sacred honor. It means that you tell the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth."

That, then, is another example of Beck's hypocrisy. See

You need to get off your high horse child. You've been sold snake-oil by America's liar, hypocrite, fear-monger, hate-monger and yellow propagandist-in-chief.

No one that Beck appeals to is a genuine adult, and certainly not you. If you believe anything Beck says, then you need to spend some time going through the table of contents.

RE: this BC (above), it's not funny adding 666 Muslin St. to the address box. It's profounding Islamophobic and a gratuitous insult to one of the world's major religions. Beck is a self-proclaimed clown who should be on Comedy Central where people would better recognize that he's not to be taken seriously be anyone, adult or children.

Debbie Kirkendall said...

Please don't think all upstate New Yorkers are as irrational as the blogger above. Most are conservative(outside the urban wastelands of correuption and crime). We fit the REAL AMERICAN ideal. Come and see for your self. Those who believe in the ideals of Marxism/socialism/communism are totally against the "freedom" of mankind thing. Be aware of the wolves in sheeps clothing that take nicely about bad ideas and beliefs.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

advocateforme, I am more conservative than Glenn Beck who wants to see the United States reverse policy for 150 years. Beck is the propagandist who embraces and uses truthiness, which is a form of irrationality, when he claims "that doesn't feel right."

Beck has his flock believing that people who want the government to solve problems are "Marxists/socialists/communists because he is such and effective propagandists to the people ignorant of what Marx wrote, history, government and most other subjects. If you don't understand something, then you'll believe anything. Beck is a master at making people like advocateforme, who seems unaware that Obama won NY State in 2008 by a two to one margin. That's a lot of "Marxists."