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The many fears of a clown

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Glenn Beck was the winner of the 2009 fear-monger-in-chief award as designated by the Anti-Defamation League. That year he went "so far as to make comparisons between Hitler and Obama and to promote the idea that the president is dangerous.Beck has used fear routinely over the years to explain how various current events are signs that some historical moment is being played out again. Many examples as documented by the liberal media watchdogs, Media Matters for America, will be offered below as evidence that a) Glenn Beck uses fear-mongering on a variety of unrelated issues as an instrument of his manipulative propaganda and b) he has no serious, personally held beliefs or consistent theories about the actual dangers that confront the United States. With these widely varied scenarios of disaster, Beck is actually serving as a distraction.

Beck has discussed Media Matters for America on his show to claim that they are dishonest even though he has not convincingly showed where they had their facts wrong with one exception when Media Matters then updated their web content and expressed regret for taking quotations out of context. The willingness to make corrections when they get the facts wrong is what gives a news or fact-finding organization credibility. Where Beck has made many false claims as documented here and elsewhere, he rarely corrects himself. The challenge to Beck's supporters still stands: show where any facts, whether derived from Media Matters, PolitiFact, guest bloggers or this Review, are wrong.

Another strategy Beck uses to undermine Media Matters for America is to point out how they have been funded by liberal billionaire, philanthropist, investor and philosopher George Soros. Beck has falsely smeared Soros as a puppeteer controlling "puppets" in the media, and he falsely claimed that he helped send other Jews to death camps during World War II. Soros' great "crime" is to fund liberal organizations, spent over $23 million to defeat President Bush in 2004 and to generally help level the playing field between the routinely underfunded American left and the corporate and billionaire funded American right. For Beck, that makes Soros "evil." Facts are many wealthy liberals help fund Media Matters, and they do not "smear" conservatives; Media Matter exposes them when they get their facts wrong. (Beck keeps them quite busy.)

So why does Beck routinely employ fear in his propaganda? No doubt the attacks of 9-11 terrified Glenn Beck along with many other Americans, but Beck does little (until the recent uprisings in the Middle East) to tie the terrorist group Al Qaeda or their leader, Bin Laden, to his fear inspiring theories. It turns out that the conservatives in his audience respond well to fear. Recent studies indicate that conservatives have a larger "fear centers" in their brains. Despite Beck's clamor over the last year about "faith, hope and charity," he has been feeding his viewers a steady diet of fear-mongering and has been for years as will be shown below. Beck's brain, specifically the fear center (amygdala) in Beck's brain seems to motivate his commentary more than logic or serious analysis derived from any sort of expertise or advanced education which Beck lacks.
          fear monger                with              massive     amygdala

In addition to the examples of frightening disasters that Media Matters has documented Beck warning his listeners about, was a stock market collapse that was indicated by technical factors last August. Beck described the "Hindenburg Oman" and showed the original footage of the Hindenburg exploding and collapsing over and over. This "oman" indicated that the market would lose significant value in the next six months. That was seven months ago. Beck likes to brag about how often his predictions have come true. As you read the press release from Media Matters below, ask yourself if any of Beck's predicted fears have come to pass or if, like the Hindenburg Oman he used to scare his viewers last August, they were just the rantings of a manipulative propagandist striving for greater fame, stardom and wealth. Given the wide range of unrelated disasters that Beck has warned his listeners about over the years, it is a good understanding to have that Beck's self-description as a rodeo clown is spot on. That begs the question, what is this clown distracting his readers (the "bull") from? Who is the bull fighter in Beck's entertaining and unenlightening fear-mongering?

Which Disaster Are We Facing, Glenn?

Glenn Beck regularly predicts that disaster is looming, but seems unable to decide whether we are facing the "Archduke Ferdinand moment" that occurred in the 1910s, the German hyperinflation of the 1920s, the Reichstag fire of the 1930s, or the "perfect storm" that was first used to describe a storm that occurred in 1991. Perhaps it is all moot, because Beck also thinks we may be facing the coming of the Antichrist.

Beck: "I Fear An Archduke Ferdinand Moment"

Beck Often Predicts An "Archduke Ferdinand Moment," A Reference To The Assassination That Touched Off World War I. Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist during a visit to Sarajevo. This event touched off World War I. Beck has regarded many events in recent history as another such "Archduke Ferdinand moment." [, accessed 3/4/11]
January 31, 2011: Beck Says Tunisia Is The "Archduke Ferdinand Moment I've Been Telling You About." From Beck's Fox News show:
BECK: I think there is a chance that Tunisia is our Archduke Ferdinand moment that I've been telling you about, warning that it would start in some place that wouldn't look like anything, and most of us wouldn't understand it.
He was the guy assassinated in Sarajevo, June 1914. A month later, Austria and Hungary declared war against Serbia and the rest is called World War I. I believe a snowball is being formed, and it is starting to roll.
There are too many people that want to have their dream world -- not going to be able to catch it. But you can at least prepare to not get caught in the snowball. I'm going to show you in a minute how this isn't Berlin. This is Iran, 1979. [Fox News,Glenn Beck1/31/11]
January 31, 2011: Beck Sees A Possible "Archduke Ferdinand Moment" In Egypt Unrest. From Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:
O'REILLY: In the "At Your Beck and Call Segment" tonight, the G-man spent his entire program this afternoon analyzing the situation in Egypt. Here he is to bring us up to date.
So, you are not happy about any of this, right?
BECK: No, I think we're actually possibly the witnessing Archduke Ferdinand moment. Archduke Ferdinand was the guy who was killed -- shot, a few months later started the First World War. I think we're in real danger. [Fox News, The O'Reilly Factor, 1/31/11, via Nexis]
June 17, 2010: Beck Wonders If BP Oil Spill Was The "Archduke Ferdinand Moment."In June 2010, Beck claimed on his Fox News show that "according to Communist Party USA," the BP oil spill was the "Archduke Ferdinand moment":
BECK: I want to end the show where we started today. I told you we could be heading towards an Archduke Ferdinand moment. Could this oil spill be part of that moment? Could it be that even the revolutionaries are waiting for this particular moment?
Well, according to the Communist Party USA, it is. In a talk, given by Raymond Lotta - he's a Marxist writer and communist scholar - communist scholar - that's redundant, "The capitalist oil spill is a system not fit to be the caretaker of the planet and the revolution that we need."
BECK: OK. The revolution is real. And our children are ill-equipped because they've never been taught in school the horrors that we know. We'll continue to fill in those blanks all summer wrong. Make sure you and your family DVR this show every night.
This battle is real. And if we don't take up this battle and our books and learn, learn history and learn who some of the monsters were, well, the planet will find itself with some new caretakers. And then our children will have to learn the hard way. Back in a minute. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 6/17/10, via Nexis]
June 1, 2010: Beck: "We Are Looking For An Archduke Ferdinand Moment. That Is What The World Is Headed Towards." From Beck's radio show:
BECK: I want to talk to you about what happened over with the flotilla just off the coast of Israel. This is so incredibly disturbing, because the world is on edge. And I've told you for a while, we are looking for a Archduke Ferdinand moment. That's what the world is headed towards. And I don't know if anybody else feels this, I don't think there's a single journalist that has a clue as to what they're doing and what they're talking about now. They don't know what is coming our way. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Glenn Beck Program6/1/10]
May 25, 2010: Beck Suggests European Debt Problems Could Be The "Archduke Ferdinand Moment." From Beck's Fox News show:
BECK: OK. Now, I showed you this yesterday. This is from "The Washington Post." "One false move in Europe could set off global chain reaction." They said, "If -- and it remains an if -- trouble starts the trigger may well be obscure to the concerns of most Americans, a missed budget prediction by the Spanish government, the failure of Greece to hit a deficit reduction target, a drop in Ireland's economic output."
OK. You wouldn't even notice that stuff. It's like the Archduke Ferdinand started World War I. They shot him. Who knew this guy? Most people in the world didn't. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 5/25/10, accessed via Nexis]
May 25, 2010: Beck Says North Korea Is "The Archduke Ferdinand Moment." From Beck's radio show:
BECK: Now we have North Korea. North Korea is the Archduke Ferdinand moment -- it could be. It might be something that none of us have ever heard. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Glenn Beck Program5/25/10]
February 3, 2009: Beck: I Am "Looking For That Archduke Ferdinand Moment" And "I Think The Final Straw That Could Break Our Camel's Back Could Be The Collapse Of Mexico." From Beck's Fox News show:
BECK: We are a country that is in real trouble. I've been talking about this perfect storm for a while. I've- looking for that Archduke Ferdinand moment. That Archduke Ferdinand was the guy who was assassinated in some country over in Europe that started World War I and if I would have told you know, back then hey, we're going to go to war over Archduke Ferdinand being assassinated, everybody would have said you're crazy. Yes, yes, maybe I am.
I think the final straw that could break our camel's back could be the collapse of Mexico. And I want to explain some of the factors on why I say that, and nobody is putting this together. Mexico is the 12th largest economy in the world. They are our third largest oil supplier. They are the second largest trade partner with us. OK, that's pretty heavy if they start to collapse. Drug-related crime is causing general unrest there in Mexico. There were 438 reported kidnappings last year. Many are Americans. More likely unreported and then there are beheadings, particularly those beheadings of police officers. They are starting to stir things up. You add to these factors the three-sided civil war that would happen if they would collapse. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 2/03/09, via Nexis]
January 29, 2009: Beck: Mexico "Could Be The Linchpin" In The "Archduke Ferdinand Moment." From Beck's Fox News show:
BECK: And -- something else that nobody else is talking about: Mexico, spinning out of control. I believe it could, could be the linchpin in this whole mess, which I'll explain in just a minute, but what does this all add up to? What does it look like? Have you stopped looking at the trees and look at the forest? Collapse -- it looks like this for the United States when the Soviet Union collapsed and everybody said, "Oh, that can't happen."
Now, why is Mexico in this? Why could they possibly be the key? Well, I've been looking for an Archduke Ferdinand moment, you know, that started World War I, something that doesn't seem like big enough to cause anything huge but it ends up doing it.
The biggest economic factor in Mexico is oil and Mexico needs it at $70 a barrel to balance its budget. Last I checked, oil was about $40 a barrel. They are luckily locked into a $70 a barrel rate until the end of the year. But if oil has to be sold at today's prices, almost 20 percent of all of the money for the government would disappear. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 1/29/09, via Nexis]
January 30, 2007: Beck "Fear[s] An Archduke Ferdinand Moment, That We're Close To One With Iran." From Beck's CNN Headline News show:
SEN. RON WYDEN (D-OR) : What we're going to have to do is show Europe, Russia, a number of these other countries why they, too, will be at risk with these kinds of policies. They don't seem to be getting the message, because they somehow think that making money today is what is really going to be in their interests.
We're trying to make the case that the whole world is at risk when you have people like the Iranians in a position to secure these very dangerous nuclear weapons.
BECK: You know, real quick, we've only got a couple seconds left. I fear an Archduke Ferdinand moment, that we're close to one with Iran, that somehow or another something is going to happen and set the whole thing on fire. Do you think we're close to that?
WYDEN: Well, frankly, there's a tiny, tiny bit of positive news. You look, for example, at those elections in Iran in the middle of December. I get the sense that the person on the street in Iran is getting pretty dissatisfied with their government. Let's keep the economic pressure on, Glenn.
BECK: I'm with you on that. Thank you very much. [CNN Headline News, Glenn Beck, 1/30/07, via Nexis]

Beck: "We Are Officially In Weimar Republic Territory"

Beck Often Claims That We Are Recreating Hyperinflation And Other Problems That  Helped Cause The Demise Of The German Weimar Republic. In 1922, following Germany's loss in World War I, the German Mark quickly lost its value with the German central bank, and a trillion dollar note was eventually printed. This was due in part to the imposition of reparations to be paid in gold-backed currency and instability in the Weimar Republic. Soon after the hyperinflation crisis, the Nazi Party won 32 seats in the German parliament. Beck repeatedly sees hyperinflation and other problems of the Weimar Republic on the horizon. [, accessed 3/4/11]
March 1, 2011: Beck Says "We Have Become The Weimar Republic. The Warning Signs Are Here And The Enemies Are Within The Gates." From Beck's radio show:
BECK: The world is moving at such a rapid pace and most people are paying attention to Charlie Sheen and God help us all, the Oscars. We have become the Weimar Republic. The warning signs are here and the enemies are within the gates. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Glenn Beck Program, 3/01/11]
November 2, 2010: Beck Predicts "Weimar Moment"; "Come Next Year, You Are Going To See Prices Skyrocket." From Beck's Fox News show:
BECK: According to experts whatever you have in your bank account will be worth 20 percent less than it is right now in just a couple of years. So in other words, you have $10,000 in the bank. A couple of years, that will be worth $8,000.
If you are on a fixed income, what does it mean to you? I've warned you from the beginning on this, the Weimar moment. We'd be buying our own debt and printing more dollars. Here we are. It happens tomorrow. Tomorrow.
All of this is in place. This is what you have to do. You have to realize what is happening. You have to realize that they are printing all of that extra money. More debt. More debt. So now, what does that mean to you in the grocery store?
Well, come next year, things are going to be so band -- come next year, you are going to see prices skyrocket. Prices skyrocket. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 11/2/10, via Nexis]
October 29, 2010: Beck Warns That America's "Weimar Moment" Is Coming The Day After Election Day. From Beck's Fox News show:
BECK: My fear is is that the Republicans get in and all they can do is stand and say, "You shall not pass." They're Gandalf. "You shall not pass." But in '46 this happened and the Republicans ran the slogan, "Had enough yet?" And they did this, "You shall not pass," because they didn't have anything to be able to really move forward. They had no ability to move anything forward.
And so they became the do-nothing Congress and they lost for 30 years. On the day after the election, the Fed has their Weimar moment. This is something I've been warning about for two years when Bush was in office. Weimar moment is coming, and that is when the politicians and the Fed -- in Weimar was the German central bank -- when they get together and the politicians say, "You've got to print money."
And the Fed, Weimar, the central bank, said we can't print money, because if we do, eventually, we'll go into hyperinflation and people will use wheelbarrows full of money to buy a loaf of bread.
The politicians then said, "Then you will be responsible for the chaos, because if you don't make the debt, if you don't pay this, then everything is going to shut down because we have to service the debt. We have to pay that money. So no one will have any money."
So companies will shut down. Banks will shut down. Everything will shut down. People will lose their job and there will be violence in the streets. The Fed central bank then said, well, but that is going to happen in the end anyway. [Fox News,Glenn Beck10/29/10]
October 26, 2010: Beck: "Inflation Is Coming. On The Third Of November, The Treasury Hits Our Weimar Moment." From Beck's radio show:
BECK: I am telling you inflation is coming. On the third of November, the Treasury hits our Weimar moment. The moment, I think, is the point of no return. When they say a trillion dollars, print it, and we'll buy it back. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Glenn Beck Program10/26/10]
October 25, 2010: Beck: "On November 3rd, The Fed Hits The Weimar Moment." From Beck's Fox News show:
BECK: [O]n November 3rd, the Fed hits the Weimar moment. They call it quantitative easing. I call it Weimar, because just like the Washington Monument ploy, they're covering up. They're hiding their tracks in hopes that you don't notice the crime of the century. [Fox News, Glenn Beck10/25/10]
October 22, 2010: Beck Says "We Are Hitting The Weimar Moment November 3rd."From Beck's radio show:
BECK: I believe in gold, I believe in corn, I believe in paper towels more than the dollar. I'll explain next week why. We are hitting the Weimar point, I think it's November 4th. You guys know the date of the Fed --
PAT GRAY (co-host): Uh, November 3rd.
BECK: November 3rd. We are hitting the Weimar moment November 3rd. We will decide whether our dollar lives or dies November 3rd.
BECK: I recommend Goldine. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Glenn Beck Program,10/22/10]
October 7, 2010: Beck: "We Are Officially In Weimar Republic Territory." From Beck's radio show:
BECK: The Fed is mulling inflation as a fix. Can I, may I ask, can somebody help me out on that, because they tried that before. They tried it Zimbabwe and they tried that in the Weimar Republic. That's not a fix. To inflate your money to be able to pay down your debt. That's not a fix.
BECK: The Fed has announced now that inflation is part of their new policy. Perfect. Perfect. We are officially in Weimar Republic territory. It's all out in the open now. We've been telling you they were doing it for a while but now it's all out in the open. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Glenn Beck Program10/7/10]
August 12, 2010: Beck Warns That "We Are Mirroring Almost Every Mistake" Made By The Weimar Republic. From Beck's Fox News show:
BECK: I told you, what was it, three years ago I think, on radio, I said you've got to read up on the Weimar Republic. Read up on the Weimar Republic.
Now, I had a guy who I referred to on radio as "Deep Throat," a guy who was in all of the meetings. And when he saw the debt and the wall that was coming our way, and he told me about this time is when it was coming.
He said, "Everybody is reading, Glenn, everybody I know is reading on the Weimar Republic. Read up on it." Well, I did. But I didn't just read up on hyperinflation. I read up on the whole thing. And we are mirroring almost every mistake that they made that eventually led to hyperinflation, a breakdown of society, and eventually, totalitarianism. [Fox News, Glenn Beck8/12/10]
August 10, 2010: Beck: "I Told You A Few Years Ago, Study Weimar." From Beck's radio show:
BECK: We are printing, and printing, and printing. Eventually somebody wants their money. Now, what are the assets? And who holds onto the assets? I told you a few years ago, study Weimar, study the Weimar Republic. How did the Weimar Republic get out of the situation that they were in? How did they do it? Their money was worthless and so the federal government took all the property. Well, this federal government doesn't have to take it. They'll already own it. They will already have it. The Weimar Republic had to go in and take it. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Glenn Beck Program, 8/10/10]
May 12, 2010: Beck Says We Are "Devaluing The Currency," Which Leads To The "Weimar Republic" And "Collapse." From Beck's radio show:
BECKWe're digitizing money. It doesn't matter if it is printed or digitized. We're digitizing money. Well, what happens when you digitize money? Weimar Republic. Collapse. You are devaluing the currency, devaluing the currency. What's being done to the United States right now was what happened in 1995 to Mexico. They've never recovered, and it's quite honestly, it's what happened in 1929 to the Weimar Republic. It doesn't end well. It doesn't end well. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Glenn Beck Program, 5/12/10]
January 5, 2010: Beck Forecasts "The Great Depression Times 100" Or Hyperinflation Like The Weimar Republic. From Beck's Fox News show:
BECK: So what happens when we get to that point? China and other investors stop financing our debt growth, which is unstoppable. Well, there are three options.
The third is they can stop printing money. Well, if you print money, then your money is worthless, OK? Hyperinflation. But this one, if you stop printing money, well then you get what is behind door number two and that is another depression.
Everything comes to a grinding halt. Programs lose funding. Social Security checks go unpaid. Employers can't meet payrolls. It's not just another Great Depression. It is the Great Depression times 100.
This is the reason why I told you two years ago, please, study the Weimer Republic because the German politicians were faced with exactly the same situation that we're entering into now. [Fox News, Glenn Beck1/5/10]
August 12, 2009: Beck: We Are Closing In On "Our Zimbabwe Moment" And The Hyperinflation Of the Weimar Republic. In August 2009, Beck again suggested parallels between the United States, the Weimar Republic, and Zimbabwe. He stated on his Fox News show:
BECK: So we're not monetizing our debt or anything like that? No, no. No, of course not, because I'm sure the media would have reported on it, if the government were creating new money to buy government debt. That is, unfortunately, what the Fed is doing. They're on its way, buying up over half a trillion dollars in government debt.
And that -- we're closing now, in on our -- what did call it today? Oh, I remember, our "Zimbabwe Moment." We could never suffer Zimbabwe's fate of hyperinflation and collapse -- oh, no, no.
What was it that turned those Nazis into Nazis? Oh, I remember, they were the Weimar Republic, and then, debt, hyperinflation and Nazis. Oh, I remember, but this is America. We're immune to hyperinflation or any kind of problems -- Jimmy Carter -- that never happens here. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 8/12/09, via Nexis]
April 10, 2009: Beck Sees "A Lot Of Similarities" Between The Weimar Republic And Current Monetary Policy. From Beck's Fox News show:
BECK: Let's talk a little bit about -- I'm very concerned about the money supply, hyperinflation, and I had a guy who is -- I call him my deep throat. He has been a guy who is very high up in this whole situation with the banks and the Treasury and the Fed and everything else, and he said to me about a year ago, he said, "Glenn, read about the Weimar Republic," because that's what's coming.
Whether or not that's true or not, I don't know. But I have read about the Weimar Republic, and there are a lot of similarities on what they did and what we did to the money, and that was one of the real breeding grounds. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 4/10/09, via Nexis]

Beck: "I Fear A Reichstag Moment"

Beck Has Also Worried That We May Have Another Moment Like The Reichstag Fire, Which Hitler Exploited To Gain Near Absolute Power In Germany. Soon after Adolf Hitler became German chancellor, the German parliament's building, the Reichstag, burned. The act was named a communist conspiracy. Soon thereafter, the German president Paul von Hindenburg issued a decree suspending many civil liberties. Hitler subsequently persuaded the German parliament to pass the Enabling Act, which allowed Hitler to rule extra-constitutionally and without the need for further Reichstag legislation. Beck has said that he fears "a Reichstag moment." [University of Pittsburgh School of Law, accessed 3/4/11]
October 7, 2009: Beck: "I Fear A Reichstag Moment, A -- God Forbid -- Another 9-11, Something That Will Turn This Machine On." From an interview with Newsmax.TV:
BECK: I fear an event. I fear a Reichstag moment, a -- God forbid -- another 9-11, something that will turn this machine on, and power will be seized and voices will be silenced. God help us all. [Newsmax.TV interview, 10/7/09]

Beck: "We're In The Perfect Storm"

Beck Often Claims That The "Perfect Storm" Is Here, A Reference To A Term Coined To Describe A Storm That Occurred In 1991. The National Weather Service labeled a storm that created "havoc along the entire Eastern Atlantic Seaboard" in October 1991 the "perfect storm." The name was then popularized by a best-selling novel, which became the basis for a blockbuster movie. Beck sees this storm recurring again and again. [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, accessed 3/4/11]
November 30, 2010: Beck: "The Storm Is Here." From Beck's Fox News show:
BECK: I have told you for the last probably five years that a perfect storm was brewing. And then we started having the meltdown on Wall Street and TARP started to happen. I told you that the storm was getting stronger and coming closer. When the stimulus happened and Obama was elected, I told you that the perfect storm was forming and it was now on shore.
I have news for you. I have to update our weather conditions. The storm is here. The weather conditions are changing. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 11/30/10]
November 15, 2010: Beck: "This Is The Perfect Storm I Told You About Five Years Ago. This Is It." From Beck's radio show:
BECK: I have to tell you, if you look at the communists, at the anarchists in Phoenix, Arizona, at the national socialist -- the Nazis that were in the streets. You're not dealing with -- this is the perfect storm I told you about five years ago. This is it. All of the enemies of the republic are uniting. Not in working together, but in cause: destroy the United States of America, cause a massive disruption because anarchy allows people to then have their leaders rise up and say, "I will solve your problem." And it's a strongman that rises up on that. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Glenn Beck Program, 11/15/10]
August 12, 2010: Beck: "It's Here." From Beck's website,
BECK: Your economic picture is not good. Do you remember, if you've been a long time listener of this program, I told you five years ago, perfect storm. And when it comes on shore, we've never fought anything like it. We fought the Civil War and everything else. We've never fought anything like the perfect storm that is coming to shore.
I told you two years ago the tip of it is now starting to enter our space. It's here. And it is about to rock our world. The first part is financial. [, 8/12/10]
March 25, 2010: Beck: I Said "A Perfect Storm Would Come. It's Here." From Beck's Fox News show:
BECK: It is more important than ever now to get in touch with our core principles that we have in each of us. I'm telling you the way to solve this is with faith, hope and charity.
We're under attack unlike anything ever before from multiple fronts. I've talked about almost -- gosh, probably eight years now. A perfect storm would come. It's here. The left is trying to paint people as crazy, dangerous and violent. [Fox News,Glenn Beck, 3/25/10, via Nexis]
April 28, 2009: Beck Says The "Perfect Storm ... Just Came Onshore." From Beck's Fox News show:
BECK: Now, let me go back to the story that, you know, the one that everybody is forgetting about and that one is -- Specter, you know, broke some political news today -- swine flu. It is spreading and not stopping. There are now more than 60 confirmed cases here in the U.S. Carnival Cruise Lines says it has cancelled three Mexico stops for its cruise ships due to the swine flu.
BECK: I have been describing this for several years: a perfect storm. I said back in September, there is a perfect storm that has come onshore. I've been talking about it for years, and it just came onshore. This is part of it. It is -- while it's not connected, it is all connected on how much can we weather as a nation, as an economy, as a planet -- the way we have set it up. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 4/28/09, via Nexis]
July 15, 2008: Beck Claims "We're In The Perfect Storm." From Beck's Fox News show:
BECK: Here's what you need to know tonight, America. Our weak dollar is getting weaker, and it is driving up commodity prices, like corn, natural gas, electricity, oil, food. Have you bought cornflakes lately? I've been saying this for months: when oil goes up, so does the price of everything else that you buy. And, as importantly, as the dollar goes down, oil goes up even more.
To sum it all up, we're in the perfect storm. There are a lot of steps along the way, but America's credit rating with China or whoever else we`re borrowing money from, and the value of our dollar in Bangladesh has a direct effect on what you pay for a hamburger and gasoline and how long you keep your job. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 7/15/08, via Nexis]
June 30, 2008: Beck: "The Storm Is Finally Coming Ashore." From Beck's Fox News show:
BECK: Tonight, I'm back. And I`ve been predicting the perfect storm for months. But now with oil prices soaring and stocks plummeting, the storm is finally coming ashore. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 6/30/ 08, via Nexis]

Beck: If Certain Scenarios Come True, "We Are Going To Be Experiencing The Joys Of Vaporization"

Beck Has Repeatedly Fearmongered About the Coming Of The Antichrist Or Armageddon. Through various theories, including how Islamists are trying to bring about the apocalypse, Beck has warned about the possible coming of the Antichrist.
March 1, 2011: Beck Says The Twelfth Imam And Antichrist "Are Almost Hand In Glove." From Beck's radio show:
BECK: They both believe in the same story, that he returns at a time of great chaos and he makes everyone submit. If you compare the Mahdi or the Twelfth Imam and the Antichrist from the Book of Revelation, they are almost hand in glove. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Glenn Beck Program, 3/1/11]
February 1, 2011: Beck: The Twelfth Imam "Has All Of The Earmarks ... Of An Antichrist" And Islamists Are Working To Bring Him To Earth. From Beck's radio show:
BECK: I want to talk to you about what's happening in Egypt, and I want to give you information that you're just not getting, I don't think, any place else, and I don't know why. Tonight at 5 o'clock, we're spending an hour on the Muslim Brotherhood and their connections. Who are they and what are their connections?
You have to understand that a caliphate is being built and global unrest is being sown. Those are two separate things. One: the caliphate. The caliphate is an idea that there will be one global regime.
BECK: One, a caliphate is a global government, and you know that's where we're headed. Everybody is headed now towards a global government. Well, so are the Islamic extremists, except theirs is Sharia law and infidels will be beheaded. The Shiite Muslims, the ones in Iran, believe in -- and not all of them, not the people necessarily on the street -- but the real radicals, the revolutionaries and the people at the very top are called Twelvers. They believe in the Twelfth Imam. And that will -- that Twelfth Imam, when he returns, he will set up a global caliphate in ancient Babylon.
This one should gravely concern you because he has all of the earmarks -- in their own writings -- of an Antichrist, or the Antichrist. I don't know if he is or not. But there are those who will just claim, you know, he's the Twelfth Imam, et cetera, et cetera. And the way to get there is global chaos.
"O Allah, give me the strength to hasten the return of the promised one." That is the Twelfth Imam, and that is the way that everyone in Iran, in the leadership, signs off on all of their speeches. They want a caliphate. [Premiere Radio Networks,The Glenn Beck Program2/1/11]
February 17, 2011: Beck Declares: "You Must Consider The Unthinkable," While Guest Talks About The Return Of "The Islamic Messiah." From Beck's Fox News show:
BECK: You know, I wouldn't recommend that you ignore the crazy statements of Timothy McVeigh, or Jim Jones, or Charlie Manson, or Osama bin Laden. They all had crazy statements and then they followed through with it. Usually people who say they are going to kill you, they usually mean it. We don't, in the West, understand people that are like that.
Tonight, you must consider the unthinkable.
JOEL C. ROSENBERG: They believe that they 12th imam, the Islamic Messiah, will come at a time of chaos, a time of great confusion in the Middle East. The Iranian leaders are rapidly pursuing the missiles and the nuclear weapons capability that will create the initial chaos and carnage into which the 12th imam will come. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 2/17/11]
August 9, 2009: Beck Says "Iran's Islamic End-Of-Times-Prophesies Could Be Fulfilled On August 22nd." From Beck's CNN Headline News show:
BECK: Look, everybody is talking about politics today, and we will, too, later on in the program. But first, I want to talk about something much more important. August 22nd -- it is the day that Israel might be wiped off the map, leading to all-out Armageddon.
August 22nd could be the day that makes people who are the most skeptical about my World War III theory say, "Holy mother of God, what's happening?" August 22nd could be the day that agnostics get down on one knee and start to pray, "Sweet Jesus, are you coming today?"
What I'm about to tell you nobody else is going to tell you. Honestly, it gave me great pause today, because it's verging on the edge of insanity. It really is. With that being said, the source is so good there's no way I can't tell you this news.
Let me make this clear. This is not my theory, and I hope that it's wrong. Princeton University's Professor Bernard Lewis, this guy, look him up. He has been called the most influential post-war historian of Islam and the Middle East. He is suggesting that Iran's Islamic end-of-times prophecies could be fulfilled on August 22nd. This August 22nd, 13 days from now. [CNN Headline News, Glenn Beck8/9/09]
August 22, 2006: Beck: If Certain Scenarios Come True, "We Are Going To Be Experiencing The Joys Of Vaporization." From Beck's CNN Headline News show:
BECK: Let me just tell you that I have been throwing a lot of scarier scenarios your way lately, and some of them may or may not come to fruition. But if they do, we are in for just -- we are going to be experiencing the joys of vaporization.
BECK: As I mentioned earlier today, the world just might end, you know, but if you had the right attitude, you could make it fun. We produced a little jingle for the day.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE (singing): It's the end of the world and we all know why. It's August 22nd and we're all gonna die. It's the end of the world and we all know why. It's August 22nd, and we're all gonna die. We're all gonna die. We're all gonna die. It's August 22nd, and we're all gonna die. [CNN Headline News, Glenn Beck,8/22/06]

For a summary of Glenn Beck, see "Becoming Paul Revere"

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(O)CT(O)PUS said...

There is a curious relationship between earthquake news from Japan yesterday and Glenn Beck. What, you ask?

Fox News preempted The Glenn Beck Show to broadcast extended coverage of the disaster in Japan. Implication: It may mean more preemptions of Beck in the future as a graceful way for Fox News to divest itself of a liability while saving face. In other words, Beck may fade into obscurity -unnoticed - with no fanfare and little or no negative impact on Fox. Plausible?

Of course, what will Victor do after Beck is gone? Pas de problème! There will always be misfits and sycophants from which to chose, and you will never be out of business. All it takes is a little re-branding.

For my part, I have been spreading the message. Here is a New Petition Letter Addressed to Fox News CEO Roger Ailes that made the rounds a few weeks ago.

For a background on the history and traits of ‘yellow journalism,’ you might want to check this out: A CONTEST OF MADMEN FOR THE PRIMACY OF THE SEWER.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

One problem with your Fox/Beck theory is that Beck is off this week.

You're right about what to do after -- if that day comes -- Beck is gone. I've already notified M. Malkin that she's next if Beck goes blind or whatever.

Thanks for the tip on contest of madmen; I'll check it out.

Unknown said...

Any credibility to this story?

"The Socialist Roots Of The Egyptian Protests" - Brooks Bayne

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Stopinstigating, I looked that the right wing "Graph" who believe "the most important principle is that our rights are derived from our Creator."

First of all, that is simply not historically true. Jefferson claimed it, but rights, modern rights as we understand them, derive from the divine right of kings. Monarchs used the idea of their rights to rule as coming from God.

Now, one could make a Hegelian case that if that's true, then we're still working out rights in a dialectic that involves human rights campaigns (including material, social rights as well as civil, "negative" rights) on one end and Glenn Beck and his ilk on the other end in a tension that is working out in a constant struggle (for the right to health care for example).

To address you question, the author wrote, "Kafya/Kefaya – “The Egyptian Movement for Change” – Translated to English it means “enough”. It’s made up of socialists, Marxists, (seems ‘Change’ means the same to them as it did to Barack)"

No, if the right-wing author is making the assertion that Obama is "socialist" or "Marxist," then there is questionable credibility in the objectivity of the author. His blog,, shows that he's an ideologue.

Let's conclude that there are questions about the credibility.