Saturday, March 19, 2011

Glenn Beck crosses Rubicon into name-calling

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Previously on this Review, it was shown that Glenn Beck calls people names. He has called the people around the President "weasels," and he has accused bloggers critical of him of just "name calling." To date, this Review -- unlike glennbeckisanasshole dot com -- has refrained from name calling preferring to stick to the proven facts, i.e., that Beck is a liar, a hypocrite, a charlatan and a manipulative propagandist. On March 16th, Beck gratuitously felt the need to put up a graphic of AFL-CIO president, Richard Trumpka, that depicted as a donkey. Beck then crossed the Rubicon and called Trumpka "an ass." This video can be seen on The Daily Beck.

Beck once claimed to be appalled that President Obama used the word "ass," but for this program he had no qualms what-so-ever in calling someone he does not like a name, "an ass." Obviously Beck was not really appalled that Obama used the word "ass," Beck just pretended to be appalled for dramatic effect. That is how Beck, the stage actor, rolls. He fakes it often when it comes to having certain emotions and principles.

Richard Trumpka depicted as a donkey

For people reading this post without ever having seen Beck on his Fox stage, it is not obvious just how much Beck's house is made of extremely fragile glass. However, watch him on any of his shows on Fox, and it is clear that he is standing in front of this sugar-glassed house throwing rocks at his opponent, a labor leader. (Click on the hot link to The Daily Beck, above, for any show on any date.) This attack was completely gratuitous. This was a show segment about a new version of Three Little Pigs supposedly (verify, don't trust him) being taught in the schools now. It had absolutely nothing to do with unions or organized labor. So why did Beck bring the graphic above into the discussion?

Beck, who often comes across like a dry-drunk, @sshole, is the last person on television who should be calling people he disagrees with an ass. For reference, three of the attitudes common with dry drunks seem to fit Mr. Beck, the ass on the stage, like a glove:
  • Grandiosity – Grandiosity basically means a return to a self-centered, ‘the world revolves around’ me attitude. In 12 Step literatures this is the concept of being “self-centered in the extreme”. It does not have to necessarily mean that I believe I am the best; it can also be seeking attention through playing the victim or sitting on the pity pot. (See Beck's 8-28 rally on the National Mall)
  • Impulsivity – A common attitude or observable behavior of people with addiction problems is poor impulse control. We tend to do what we want when we want, with little regard for self harm or hurting others around us. Impulsivity can be linked with grandiosity to engage in behaviors designed to make us the center of attention. (Note how Beck goes off script)
  • Being judgmental – This is a very destructive attitude for people in recovery. When we judge a person as being better than or less than, we are setting up a situation where we inflate our egos feeling better than other people. On the other hand if we judge ourselves to be on the short end we can feel bitter and generate low self-esteem. Being judgmental is a low self-esteem generator. (Calling people he disagrees with an "ass.")
It is true (supposedly) that Glenn Beck went through the 12 step program, but that is where some dry drunks can be found. This is not an argument that Glenn Beck is a dry-drunk, no matter how much the evidence  points in that direction. It is not possible to make a definitive diagnosis from afar, but this Reviewer is just asking: why does Glenn Beck act such an @sshole? Beck seems friendly and warm in his individual and private relationships, but on the television, he comes across as an @sshole. This is not an argument that Glenn Beck is an @sshole, just that he plays one on TV. Apparently, this is appealing to his "Christian" followers.
not an @sshole, but portrays one on TV

For a summary about Glenn Beck, see "Becoming Paul Revere"

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tiohero said...

This is a great article! I love how you point out the hippocracy of Beck's use of calling people an ass while he simultaneously criticizes Obama for once using the term.

Yes, it appears that Beck has stepped over the line into, perhaps, a new chapter. A chapter where finger pointing combined with effects of name calling will soon become the norm for him. This strategy might gain him an increase in viewer-ship in the short-term. But in the long term, name calling will only serve to paint Beck as an angry man who chose to reach further and further for an increasingly extremist audience that is more focused on expression of anger rather than critical thinking.

It will be interesting to see how Beck's show evolves from this point.

Eykis said...

I absolutely, without a doubt, call Beckanoia a "dry drunk". As a member of Alcoholics Anonymous for the past 17 years, I am totally qualified to deem a "dry drunk" by that name when it fits. It fits. Beckanoia has tried to bastardize the 12 Steps of AA with his 9/12 and 8/28 bullshyte - he does this daily, hourly, whenever he opens his hatefilled mouth. Beckanoia has a COMPLETE LACK of any type of recovery and I question his "sobriety" regularly. Methinks he falls off the wagon on a regular basis.

Sure hope the final meltdown is on live teevee so we can see him hauled off to the looney bin where he belongs. Beckanoia does not get ANYTHING regarding the 12 Steps, he even tried again with Ablow calling his book 7 Winding Roads to Total Stoopidity or whatever title was given to his what, 8th book in 3 years that he DID NOT WRITE~