Friday, March 25, 2011

Beck's staff and some followers do not follow Beck when he is actually correct about something

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Although Glenn Beck is a race-baiter and, because of that, in the bed in the area near the KKK, he actually does come out dead-set against racism. Beck is also against the idea that President Obama was not born in the United States, i.e., birtherism; and he has called the idea "dumb." This is pointed out not only because it is important to occasionally stress that Beck is occasionally correct, but because of the puzzling report on his "news" site, The Blaze, where one of his "reporters" called Donald Trump's new found birtherism "logic is hard to argue with." Not so puzzling is the fact that some of Beck's followers have not gotten the anti-racism message.

race-baiting opponent of racism

The cancer of birtherism

Earlier this week, an analysis of the conservative The Blaze expose of reactionary political trickster, James O'Keefe,  from The Glenn Beck Report was republished here. Today on The Blaze, which was founded by Mr. Beck, a story written by Meredith Jessup expressed support for billionaire and possible presidential candidate, Donald Trump's, expressed ideas questioning whether the President was born in Hawaii. This is, of course, the so-called birtherism idea. Addressing Trump's explanation, Meredith wrote, "The Left loves to paint so-called “birthers” as crazy right-wing wackos." The left? Actually, her boss has been very specific about what kind of idea "birtherism" is. She went on to claim that Trump's "logic is hard to argue with… unless you‘re like [Whoopie] Goldberg and quickly dismiss the enforcement of the Constitution’s residency requirement as “BS” aimed at attacking America’s first black president." That would be Goldberg's and Beck's quick dismissal of the idea that the President wasn't born in Hawaii, one of the United States.

Beck has addressed birtherism several times:(1)
  • "The vast majority of people are in the middle. Conservatives over here, progressives are over here and the fringe elements -- the birthers and the 9/11 truthers...."
  • "One of the reasons why [Obama] doesn't just come out is because it is so great for him because it immediately marginalizes anybody who says that kind of stuff. It makes them immediately look like they're flat earthers."
  • "Out of the thousands of protestors, you notice the birther idiot is the only one the media continues to show over and over and over again?"
  • "Let's look at the crazies. This is what I showed you last night. Here's the guy who filed the first birther lawsuit in Pennsylvania. He's a Democrat."
  • "Today there is a concerted effort on all radio stations to get birthers on the air. I have to tell you, are you working for the Barack Obama administration? I mean, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
  • The birther issue. It's the biggest waste of time I have ever, ever seen." 
  • "And these people, no matter who they are, it could be a Republican, it could be George Bush. It doesn't matter. Lindsey Graham, I don't care who it is. These people must not excuse birthers."
Beck, it seems, is going to let his online publication support the fringe, flat-earther, idiot, crazy, dumb, waste of time on Donald Trump's part, or there is no editorial control being exercised. So long as a "story" harms the President, then it will be covered by Beck's so-called news site. Ms. Jessup responded on Facebook to the query about this:
First, just because I work for Glenn doesn't mean it's my job to regurgitate everything he says. In fact, he encourages us to be independent thinkers. Second, I was not commenting on the merits of so-called "birtherism," simply saying that Trump's logic of applying the birth certificate standard to ALL presidential contenders is hard to argue with. U.S. residency is after all a constitutional requirement. I don't believe that Trump is a "birther" -- someone who doesn't believe Obama was born in the United States. Trump's comments, it seemed to me, was simply pointing out that to avoid the whole issue altogether, Obama -- and any other presidential hopeful -- should turn over the paperwork. 
The evidence of Obama's Hawaiian birth, including the Certificate of Live Birth released by candidate Obama, and the word of two Hawaiian governors, one R and one D, is not enough? 

The cancer of racism

While it's surprising to see an employee supporting what the boss opposes, but it should not be surprising that a racist decided to articulate opposition to comments left at Glenn Beck dot com by The Glenn Beck Review. A person, initially identified as "chinarabbit" made a number of accusations about the dissent against Beck's claims and integrity being articulated there. These comments come mostly from Beck's story, "MSNBC: Bible a 'work of fiction.' "  The facts behind that deceptive headline were that one commentator, Lawrence O'Donnell, and not the network, had addressed Beck's recent Biblical fear-mongering about the tragedy in Japan by calling the last book of The Bible, "Revelations," not the Bible, a "work of fiction." The story was covered here and here. The stand taken by this Review has been indifference about whether Beck's Mormonism is legitimate, a cult, or whatever. Beck has his Truth, and that is his right. The issue that was raised here addressed Beck's ongoing, misleading use of a misquotation of Thomas Jefferson if Beck was going to exercise Biblical reasoning in his commentary. That contradiction raised a series of questions during Beck's 8-28 speech, and this back-and-forth between O'Donnell and Beck seemed like an appropriate issue to apply Beck's fraudulent misuse of Thomas Jefferson's words.

The semi-literate "chinarabbit" attacked:
  • "you keep throwing words around like "lies" and "propaganda", but it seems you
    attempting to simply use those words up so that they wont be applied to you...i know you probably heard a well respected drag queen say something like that on a gay /lib forum,, but try and remember that your desire to be his next warm catcher and your belief that he's  the man's purr, does not equate to him being right about anything, regardless if  it causes your buttplug to      squirm are silly..arent you"
  • "you are a slimy cretin oozing through the underbelly of society, and your   sin, though it be the same action, is anti-Christ, anti-God, anti-Truth,     anti-light,   and anti-culture"
  • [addressing visage of this Reviewer] "do you make a picture of a white guy to throw everyone off your scent? The election over, your negro won.."
  • "I am like the Masons Jefferson, Franklin, Washington   and other religious    Elite, believing in Freedom and  the banner of Liberty, and in the pure religion,   doing the right thing before God"
  • "1st, you arent Christian, you simply make up doctrine  or use what little you know in order to attempt to      subdue, enslave, oppress, and destroy     Christians and Christianity from out of the Nation"
  • "2nd, unfortunately for you, my particular brand of     Religion allows for the  beheading of those seeking to   destroy truth, destroy free knowledge, and     enslave people to the yoke of darkness found by my same religion through the Dark Ages, back to the Time of Christ, and thousands of years before that
    do what you like, but Christianity will always be the    Banner of America, and the very day that it is not,     America will surely be destroyed, or you,perhaps, and   your ilk, first"
  • "I am a Mayflower Mason, and Descendant of a Long line   of Immigrant Masons, Educators, Scholars, and          Scientific and Engineering & Industrious Minds
    I Am the America you Loathe, Fear, hate, and will try to your last whit [sic] to   destroy"
  • "you, my homo friend, should be locked up, or assassinated, cold war style.. which
  • "how could we really, morally and ethically speaking,    NOT assassinate you, i beg to ask"
Silly rabbit, politics are for adults. It's not every day that someone suggests that beheading and fear are in order, so it was noticed  that "chinarabbit" switched over to become "David Griffen" as his attacks continued.  His comment profile indicates "People's Republic of China" and an online radio station for the Latter Day Saints, in English. Latter Day Saints are Mormons, Beck's chosen faith. That David was an ardent follower of Beck and a Mormon is not particularly interesting,  but the expressed racism is something  loathed and hated about certain segments of America, including David Griffen's segment. If Beck's views about birtherism do not prevail as policy at Beck's company, it should not surprise anyone that his supposed "anti-racism" is not fully grasped by some on the extreme, far right which is, according to Beck himself,  morally wrong about racism.  Reactionary perspectives Beck calls dumb, fringe or "flat-earther" about the fact of President Obama's place of birth are factually wrong, and any legitimate reporter could point that out.

Desperate times require desperate measures

Glenn Beck and  his friend, Reverend Al Sharpton, need to have an extended, adult conversation about race and perhaps the President's place of birth. They disagree about other issues, but Sharpton is one of the few opponents of Mr. Beck who gets invited on the Glenn Beck show on Fox. They do agree that racism is bad and that Obama was born in Hawaii, and it would be helpful to the country to convey that to the country. The alternative is more ignorance, more racism, more division when the many crisis this country faces both domestically and internationally, challenges confronting this nation in the extreme. It seems that Beck has forgotten, if he ever knew, a basic concept of national security: united we stand, divided we fall. Given the dearth of opposition to Beck's ideas heard on Beck's Fox show, one could make a strong argument that Rev. Sharpton may be the only American who knows Mr. Beck well enough to initiate the desperately needed conversation about race and President Obama's Constitutional legitimacy.

For a summary about Glenn Beck, see "Becoming Paul Revere"

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Linda said...

Just watched GB's show on the Fed. He went the whole hour, with two guests, and didn't mention that the Fed pays its profits to the US Treasury. Maybe I nodded off and missed it, it could happen, a few z's notwithstanding, seems like a HUGE oversight.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Linda, Beck deceives by omission quite often. It's called cherry picking, and it's a technique used by propagandists.