Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stop Beck activist explains that opposition to Beck is apolitical

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Activist Angelo Carusone, author of the blog and leader in the effort to get companies to not advertise on The Glenn Beck Show on Fox "News" gave an interview with Stephanie Miller on her nationally syndicated radio showStephanie and Angelo discussed Glenn Beck’s Egypt theory, the importance of attaching consequences to Glenn Beck’s deceit, Fox News’ corruption and more important, the motivation of Carusone's activism. 

Carefully listen to the interview:

This Review has covered many of Beck's false claims, examples of how hypocritical he is, understanding and analysis of Beck's ignorance about civics, history and political theory. We have also provided an analysis of Beck's politics, and an occasional dialogical review of some of Beck's monologues, but for the most part Beck's political positions are beyond debate. He will not accept challenges to debate, and debating someone who lies and demonstrates an utter lack of principles and sincerity is a waste of time. More important for the purpose of understanding Beck and the ill effects his systematic and deceptive propaganda have on his viewers, is the analysis of his methods of manipulation

Below, Rachel Maddow explains how deception coming from Fox and Beck specifically leads to a profoundly misinformed citizenry. Just as she is trying to inoculate her viewers from the nonsense that comes from Beck, this Review has been working to reach the many citizens that Beck is trying to reach as he uses his viewers to market his program for him. Then he can misinform more people for his personal gain in ratings and income in general. Beck certainly knows full well that conservatives have a larger fear center in their brains than other people, and he's been exploiting that ever since the revolution in Egypt began. Want proof?

Watch this clip: 

What Maddow is reporting on and inoculating her audience from is not Beck's political views, his libertarianism or conservative views. She is trying, as Carusone and this Review has been trying, to warn Americans about the deceptions and purposeful misleading of Fox viewers that comes from Glenn Beck. That is why Beck must be stopped.

That Beck can find individuals like Joel Richardson, who has bizarre ideas about the president, to reinforce his nonsense does not make his nonsense any more rational. Remember, Glenn Beck has associated President Obama with Lucifer.

You can dismiss Beck's deceitful propaganda as silly noise that gives the comedians at Comedy Central material to use. Indeed, Beck's ideas are easy to mock. However, that will not stop Glenn Beck from poisoning more minds as he encourages his millions of viewers to have other people start watching him, so he can employ his effective propaganda and manipulation on other people who might be easily frightened, not well informed and/or particularly gullible to Beck's particular version of entertaining, deceitful propaganda.

Remember the U.S. Forest Service's slogan to get people to be careful about not setting a forest on fire? Remember "Only you can prevent forest fires?" Well, only you can prevent Beck's influence and purposeful and frightening misinformation from reaching and impressing your friends, your family, your fellow parishioners, your neighbors and their family, friends, fellow parishioners and neighbors. Use this amazing communication technology you have at your disposal, use the Internet to convey a warning about Beck's lies, false claims, irrational fear-mongering and effective manipulation. Only you can get involved today, this hour, this minute, right now. Take ten-fifteen minutes to pass this along and help stop the growth of Beck's systematic attempt to misinform our fellow citizens in an era that may well become known as the post-truth political order. Forewarned IS forearmed.
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 deceitful fear-mongering, 
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