Friday, February 11, 2011

Christopher Hayes watches Glenn Beck's hypocrisy with grim fascination

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On The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell last night, a discussion ensued with Christopher Hayes, Washington bureau chief for The Nation magazine, about the factions within the Obama Administration that are pushing in different directions with regard to the now successful revolution in Egypt. The different views on the right, including Glenn Beck's recent fear-mongering on the subject, were also discussed. Hayes described how he's been watching the Glenn Beck show on Fox with "grim fascination" and offered his analysis of the factions on the right with regard to democracy in the Middle East. Listen to the clip.

This Review has long held that Beck is not crazy and still is not with his recently expressed fears of a new world order based in large part on a Caliphate. He is, instead, ignorant and aiming to be discussed. Beck has been using "crazy," controversial ideas for years to get attention, and it is serving him very well again. His audience has been shrinking, so what better way to rev up attention than to offer a "unique" perspective that positions him far out of the mainstream of the discussions about the uprisings in the Middle East?

Glenn Beck is not crazy; he is an extraordinary actor. He will become whatever it takes to get attention, to get people to start watching his show. Why? Because Glenn Beck is an ambitious and masterful propagandist. If he can get others to watch his show, which he encourages his minions to market for him, then he can use his extensive techniques to manipulate the new viewers and hook them for more misinformation about the President, progressives and perhaps now Beck will start taking on conservatives as well. Glenn Beck is not crazy; he a reactionary, often absurd, yellow propagandist. His ability to stroke the egos and otherwise manipulate his audiences' emotions are uncanny and sophisticated.

David Corn

David Corn of Mother Jones magazine has called out Beck for his suggestion that there is no "democratic model in the Islamic world:"(1)

[Beck] proceeded on a flight of hypocrisy, suggesting that the demonstrations in Egypt cannot lead to democracy, because democracy cannot work in the Middle East (outside Israel) or in the entire Islamic world. With these words, Beck was erasing Turkey and Malaysia from the map.  But he also was forgetting his past support of the Iraq war as an endeavor to bring democracy to that country.
A few examples: In March 2004, Beck hailed the "great deal of good news" about the "transition to democracy in Iraq." Two years later, on his television show, Beck maintained that the point of the Iraq war was not to disarm Saddam Hussein but to promote democracy: "Searching for weapons of mass destruction was a side benefit of going into Iraq. The real reason was to plant the seeds of democracy and change the face of the Middle East." He added, "We have to succeed there." Months later, Beck celebrated "the positive side of the war in Iraq"--which, he said, included freedom of speech in Iraq (marked by the widespread display of political campaign posters) and the election of female legislators.
So when Beck was selling the Iraq war, he enthusiastically claimed that democracy was taking root and blossoming there. But now, as he tries to tie pro-democracy protests in Egypt to a sinister Islamic extremist plot to subordinate much of the planet, he's not so hot on democracy in the Middle East or the Islamic world, essentially arguing that democracy cannot work in an Islamic nation. For Beck, it seems, promoting democracy only matters when it serves his larger purpose.
Consider Beck's stand against democracy and fear mongering about the non-violent revolution in Egypt as just one more hypocrisy among many other examples of Glenn Beck turning against his own stated principles. (A list of examples is in the Contents.) No, Glenn Beck is not crazy; but there are times, many times, when he doesn't seem to remember that he holds a principled position that is against what he's saying now, in this case about democratic order in the Middle East. Glenn Beck is not crazy, but the significant number of times this Review has documented Beck taking a principled stand against the principled (earlier) stands of Glenn Beck suggest some kind of mental defect. In May, the reversal of principles took place during the course of a radio program! Perhaps Beck has a stunted super-ego or conscience. Perhaps Beck's long list of hypocrisies is related to his former drug addiction, alcoholism or something in his upbringing. From afar, one can only guess about the why behind Glenn Beck's many hypocrisies; but modern media bring Beck's ethical challenge right into our living rooms for anyone to bear witness to with "grim fascination." 

has problem with his own principles

If you follow Glenn Beck, but you can't see or understand that he is an ethically challenged hypocrite, then he probably has you under his "spell," emotionally involved his world of make believe where he pulls "facts" out of thin air and explains that he's the only one making sense, that he's telling you the "truth." If you have gotten this far and still cannot understand that Glenn Beck is a hypocrite, then you've been captured by Beck's masterly manipulation of your basic and higher needs. For help understanding how Beck manages to do this to you, or someone you love raving about Beck's show, read, for your or their own protection, "Why Glenn Beck is not crazy and millions believe him." Do not underestimate the hold he has over people who should know better perhaps.

If you don't follow Beck, but you have sought out information about him to arrive here, then go to the contents of this Review and spend some time discovering the larger story that is Glenn Beck. There's never a dull moment. If you do follow Glenn Beck at all, and you have concern about an ethically challenged man leading millions of manipulated citizens, then by all means, get involved.
Before more people start tuning into Beck's
CONvincing propaganda, 

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SteevK said...

I think the reasons Beck makes statements that contradict his earlier statements are so he can pull up a clip to bolster his later lies - i.e. if Egypt's new democracy works out OK, he can pull up his Iraq clip, but if it goes bad, he can pull up any clip from the last 2 weeks - as proof of his prescience on the issue. And his hardcore followers will not even notice that he's been on both sides of the issue.

I've watched his every show for the past 2 years - along with several other Fox shows, as a contrast to my daily MSNBC watching - but he'll never get me under his spell. I agree with the "grim fascination" appraisal, as I watch it for its near-perfect model for propaganda.

I noticed the evolution of his show - in the beginning, he'd start with a rundown of the day's headlines, ending with "The One Thing" that would become his theme of the day. He soon adopted Rock Santelli's TEA party concept, coinciding with his daily showing of "Road to Socialism/Fascism/Communism" animations. Now, his shows each have their own theme, which usually - unless overtaken by current events - merge into his weekly/monthly/overall theme. Each show has its arc, and fits with the week's arc, and so on. And the REPETITION! The endless repetition - the memes he creates, the mere mention of Soros, Piven, Van Jones, et al, gets his fans salivating for their blood.

He uses every agit-prop trick in the book - my favorite is when he tells his audience "THEY think you're stupid!" or "THEY want to take away your bibles - or your faith in JESUS!" and, of course "THEY don't think you should have GUNS!" He must have read Thomas Frank's book "What's the Matter With Kansas?"

Good site, I've bookmarked it and will return...

Anonymous said...

Part 1-1
I watch Glenn Beck often. He has interesting topics and its really a tune in rather than a tune out of other news worthy shows and I may even give up a movie just to see what good old Glenn is talking about, but if it is dinner time I hit the record button and come back and replay.

There is a un-called for petition circulating about Beck & Murdock regarding malicious lies by The Jewish Justice Web Site that is covering up the Zionist Fraud and Deceit in the USA and in the Middle East. It is so selfish to whom has had no knowledge of the past to think that lies were circulating pertaining to truths of which need to be defined, this is not a history lesson or a class in linguistics for whom it may concern, even President Jimmy Carter recognized how the truth is taken out of context and formed into a outrageous statement which was not within the concern of the matter. Mr. Glenn Beck & Guest are as learned as those that possess the Learned Books and have not created out of context matters to discredit or dishonor anyone while some Jews whom support Zionist for profit have and are and continue to plaque the earth. I would like the Jews & Muslim's to leave America, else shut the hell up. If the religious activity is to much for you then stay within that topic and stop lingering on politics for you three have no political stance to take against Glenn Beck or America. One thing is clear, your anti-slavery stance has done nothing to protect the well beings of humans in Bahrain or Saudi Arabia from the illegal extortion they experience each day. You cowards have never took a stance against those whom believe in injustice & majority control via prejudice in laws that merely hide behind religion. There is no reason why you would stand there with a Petition in your hand and a female being beheaded because she kissed her boyfriend and then her boyfriend gets beheaded. There is no reason for you to stand there holding a Petition when a claim of 50/50 exists per business in Bahrain & Saudi Arabia and other smaller countries like Dubai, Qatar, Yemen, and United Arab Emirates.

Anonymous said...

Part 2-2
Your efforts to discredit Mr. Glenn Beck is unworthy of any and all religious criteria, your Gold is worthless, your silver is worthless, your copper is worthless, your brass is worthless and your Platinum is worthless, but you have nothing to show to honor and respect Diamonds & other minerals or even the Qur'an is the religious text of Islam and shouldn't be used as a guide regarding any news media opinion or documentation, you have a chance to do your own instead of complaining about some other one and when you do your own you do not need mention the one your complaining about because that is the way of Democracy. The way your proceeding with whatever argument you present is literally founding your own documentation which is not how the other documentation that your arguing against was founded. Consider Past, Present, and Future when you make your own documentation and do not lead-in where some other documentation your against to present yours, start fresh without recognizing what others have stated and voice your own definition and description not being bias to support what someone else stated. Simple composition of your documentation is more important than repeating over and over something someone else stated, it consumes you time and wastes others time in their own understanding of what it is you have of concern. Glenn Beck means absolutely nothing to you, what Glenn Beck says means absolutely nothing to you, he has made his own opinion and you don't have to ever think about what Glenn Beck stated, it is more important to what you are stating. This Review means nothing to Glenn Beck's documentation and you should not believe for one second that whatever your describing is exactly how the audience of Glenn Beck knows from Past, Present, Future and they do not walk the streets yelling Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck. You should not lure them to yell Review, Review, Review. Get ore involved, Say Glenn Beck Has A Voice For The Class Of Which Has Its Own Opinion. Happy Trails Until We Meet.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

jonalist, you come across as an uneducated tool of Mr. Beck. Carter has spoken out against Beck specifically. YOu miss that?

YOu come across more as an anti-Semite than even Beck does. Oh yes, it shows. See:

Address her accusations jonalist. Then find out how Beck manipulates you when you watch him.

Jonalist said...

No sir, you've missed the news about Zionist attacking President Jimmy Carter. Beck's comments are poking comments and not physical attacks as I see a physical attack against Carter is absolutely obvious that Zionist got all of the organization against Carter in a few hours. See there's a difference, Beck isn't trying to get anyone to go against a individual, Carter was physically attacked because of words misinterpreted to mean a literal sense 'KILLING JEWS IS OK", nothing what Carter specifically said. Beck is sticking to facts nothing outside of facts and I think the facts are correct, your missing the facts on everything you read especially what I wrote, but thanks for taking the time to understand what I wrote about.

ZOA is the Zionist Organization of America!
In fact ZOA continues to slander Carter on their main website. This is a [
The Zionist Organization of America is a 501c(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible.] and because of their slander I believe they should lose their 501c(3) non-profit organization license.

Article Title: "ZOA Condemns Jimmy Carter's Anti-Israel Book As Inaccurate, Shallow & Vicious"
Date: November 29, 2006
Contact: Morton A. Klein
Phone: 212-481-1500

That is what I am telling you, Glenn Beck does not CONDEMN President Jimmy Carter - Zionist Organization of America still does.


Right now on Zionist Homepage is links to their archived stories. There's not as many pages on the Zionist site.
Life in Jimmy's World
By Alan D. Miller
Posted on May 22, 2007 at 2:10 AM
The Carter Atlas
By Alan D. Miller
Posted on December 12, 2006 at 11:41 PM
Jimmy Carter in the New York Times
November 12, 2004 at 10:54 PM

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Jonalist wrote, " Glenn Beck does not CONDEMN President Jimmy Carter"

Do you ever watch Beck's show? He thinks Carter was a terrible president.

Frankly, I don't care what the ZOA is saying about Carter.

Tony said...

So after reading this single article anyone that does not believe Beck is a hypocrite, then they've been captured by Beck's masterly manipulation of their basic and higher needs?

You talk like he is some type of Svengali. I plan to read the other articles that provide "proof" that Beck is a bypocrite but this one by itself doesn't do it.

Where are the video clips of Beck saying Democracy can never work in the Middle East? I do think Beck simply has a different view on the potential for success of Democracy in various situations. He is skeptical of Democracy taking hold in Egypt because he believes there were and is radical Islamics behind the protests. He may be wrong on that but if that is what he believes then certainly he is going to be skeptical about the success of Democracy there.

On the other hand he did or does feel optimistic about Iraq's success with Democracy because it was facilited by the U.S. invasion of that country and therefore we have some control over it. I am not saying anyone, including Glenn Beck, should feel optimistic or skeptical about Iraq or Egypt's chances of success for Democracy. What I am saying is there are two different sets of circumstances and ANYONE can have a different view, belief or feeling about the outcome without it being hypocritical.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Tony, this is just one example of Beck's hypocrisies. There are many more:

There are reactionary (not radical) Islamics behind the demonstrations in Iraq. Condi Rice isn't fear-mongering about the Egyptian revolution. Beck is out of control:

Conservative Peter Wehner says, "I understand that a political movement is a mansion with many rooms; the people who occupy them are involved in intellectual and policy work, in politics, and in polemics. Different people take on different roles. And certainly some of the things Beck has done on his program are fine and appropriate. But the role Glenn Beck is playing is harmful in its totality. My hunch is that he is a comet blazing across the media sky right now—and will soon flame out. Whether he does or not, he isn’t the face or disposition that should represent modern-day conservatism. At a time when we should aim for intellectual depth, for tough-minded and reasoned arguments, for good cheer and calm purpose, rather than erratic behavior, he is not the kind of figure conservatives should embrace or cheer on."

So who is cheering Beck on? Ignorant and manipulated reactionaries. Yes, Tony, Beck is a hypocrite about democratic drives in the Middle East. Pointing a gun and dropping bombs on people isn't democratization; it's imperialism. What is happening across the Middle East now is organic. It won't all come out the way we want, but fearing it and railing against it is just hypocritical on Beck's part. It's how charlatans operate.