Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beck's Middle East analysis demonstrates ignorance, deception and stupidity

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Glenn Beck demonstrates once again that there is no issue he does not feel qualified to discuss by trying to show expertise and vision of the future or at least basic knowledge about the crises of leadership in the Middle East. After taking no courses on world politics, international relations or even ever mentioning any books on the subject, Beck addressed the subject anyway. Ignorance is never going to hold Beck back if there's is controversy and/or fear mongering to stir up. The following clip was extracted from the blog Mediaite.

He makes so many false claims, it's hard to know where to begin. First, there have been no "riots" in Yemen, only demonstrations and protests.(1) Egypt "will be Muslim Brotherhood," but Beck doesn't know the future any more than anyone else. Beck also claimed that Turkey is a “frenemy” as he calls them, but it has been a democratic republic for years.(2)
Chalk board map screen grab

Rachel Maddow addressed Beck's comments in her typically, insightful manner:

Maddow made mention of other times Beck has found reason to predict war breaking out. If fact, "This is at least the seventh different "Archduke Ferdinand moment" Beck has identified in the past four years."(3) If there is any opportunity to activate the fear centers in the minds of Beck's (ultra)conservative viewers, he is going to jump at the chance and not allow little matters of ignorance on the subject and false claims get in his way. That is, after all, how Glenn Beck rolls. That is what pays the bills for this charlatan.
Before more people start tuning into Beck's stupid fear-mongering, 
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Unknown said...

Good lord, I was expecting some quality in this anti Glenn Beck site. Do you HAVE to be a qualified academic to have a knowledge on a subject??? To the pompous and arrogant, I imagine the answer is yes, but it is simply not the case. A committed and interested individual can study a subject for years and gain the knowledge of some t*t who sat a few exams at a uni. I thought the Socialists viewed everyone as equal??? Obviously not those who haven't attended Uni.
Riots/protests semantics. Uniformed Police Officers where 'riot gear' when facing protesting hordes.
Let me point something out about Turkey, which you so want to defend. What is Turkeys official stance on the Kurds and their requests for independance???? Oh thats right, the PKK are a Terrorist Organisation and they have the audacity to criticise Israels stance on Palestine??? Pot, Kettle Black comes to mind.
Reccep Erdogan is an Islamist. Have you never heard 'The mosques are our Barracks' speech???
More recently, he confirmed, 'the conept of moderate islam is wrong' So when Marxists and Progressives like to point out that good muslims are moderate muslims, prove how much they know doesn't it. islam is islam, the good, the bad and the ugly.
So Glenn makes bold claims, so what. Why does that make him the biggest threat to the world. Barack Obama makes similar bold claims, like, we are over the worst of the recession (or similar) and we all know that thats a load of rubbish. You are trying to look for things that just aren't there and exaggerating things that are, and blatantly getting your facts (Turkey) wrong. You sound like everything you claim Glenn Beck to be. Unlucky.

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Benjamin Paul, Beck got his facts wrong. You don't have to be a Rhodes scholar to know this.

So what about Beck's 'bold claims?" They're patently absurd and based upon (according to the experts at the Brookings Institute) profound ignorance.

Beck is not the biggest threat to the world, but he is arguably the biggest threat to a UNITED States of America. Beck is excessively divisive and more to the point a deceitful, ignorant and vitriolic propagandist. He promotes hatred and fear.

My facts are not wrong: Turkey is a NATO ally and a long time democratic order.

I am not a vitriolic, hate-mongering, fear-mongering, deceitful and ignorant propagandist and rodeo clown. For you to claim that I sound "like everything [I] claim Beck to by" is profoundly shallow and of exceptionally poor judgment. Then again, I don't expect much more from someone defending a proven liar and proven hypocrite.

You need to spend more time reading here. This e-pamphlet makes a larger argument than Beck's conspiracy theory between radical leftists and reactionary Islamists being utterly absurd...although that too.