Friday, January 14, 2011

Mediaite's Bershad turns two blind eyes toward Beck's glaring hypocrisy

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Glenn Beck probably receives no greater attention on a daily bases than he does at the media blog appropriately called Mediaite. In a story written there by Jon Bershad entitled, "Glenn Beck: The History of Bacon (And how it Relates to the End of America)," the "journalist" notes, "This is chilling stuff that’s bound to make viewers think. At the very least, it’ll make them really hungry for bacon." Profound observation...NOT! Critical analysis? Apparently above Bershad's pay grade. Listen to the clip that's been extracted from the Mediaite story:

This is an obvious example of masterful 21 Century propagandist railing against a pioneer of effective 20th Century propaganda. Beck, decrying someone who "changed the last 100 years ... for profit," with his Fox show, multiple books, including Broke: The Plan to Restore Our Trust, Truth and Treasure (currently under review), and radio program, is doing his best to change this country in profound ways (regressively) over the next 100 years for profitFortunately, someone with a deeper understanding of the history that Beck cheery-picks in this clip left an enlightening comment. Alric_IV says:

So Beck goes the long way around to land on an unqualified accusation about an Obama appointee, Cass Sunstein. But what is Sunstein guilty of? Beck never says. By mentioning him after a dogleg story about Bernays, he doesn’t have to. Instead he tacitly plants the assumption that Sunstein, too, must be as insidious Bernays. But no direct accusation is leveled at Sunstein. Ask yourself, what has Sunstein actually done? What statement has he made? What act by Sunstein suggests he is accessing a superior command of psychology, one he’s using to manipulate us?
With that in mind, let’s take another look from a different angle. None of Beck’s viewers saw the technique that Beck himself just used. He manipulated them. He gave them the impression that he said something, when in fact he merely gave you a history lesson about one of the earliest ad men, delivered it in an ominous tone, then got his viewers to transfer that suspicion toward Sunstein without a single shred of reasoning. But what Glenn said was nothing new to intelligent people. We already understood the pervasive effects of advertising. Glenn, in his affectation of the concerned avuncular pedant, delivered a glossy but inaccurate history lesson. Advertising has been around a long, long time, even before Bernays. Bernays was responsible for introducing the concept of a hardy breakfast into the world of advertising, and bacon as a breakfast food, but Beck exaggerates Bernays’ influence as popularizing breakfast itself. The eventual assimilation of a hardier breakfast was the result of general economic improvements, not the power of Bernays’ influence. Wealthy people always ate hardy breakfasts; everyone else had coffee and toast. Considering that poor people would face a day of hard labor, a nourishing breakfast made good sense; they simply couldn’t afford it. So Beck turned a historical footnote about an early ad man into an epic conspiracy born by a sinister mastermind, then implied that Sunstein was using the same tactic.
Bravo, Mr. Beck, for your not-so-subtle psychological legerdemain. If anybody is a modern Bernays, it’s you. But you can fool only some of the people all of the time.
The moral poverty of Bershad's inane reporting at Mediaite is not just giving Beck's obvious hypocrisy a free pass. The GlennBeckReview made a different observation in the comment section, but it was not directed at Glenn Beck. Yesterday, this same reporter encouraged readers "to...DVR [Beck's Fox show] and show it to their friends." GlennBeckReview says:

Jon wrote, “Beck … kind of made himself hard to side with….”
Gee Jon, yesterday you’re telling your readers to “DVR” Beck’s show, and now you’re finding it hard to side with Beck. As you know, Beck’s reckless rhetoric has already motived three, thwarted assassination attempts. Jon, do you want to become an accessory to the next Beck inspired, murderous rampage?
Mr. Jon “DRV Beck’s show” Bershad, I’m addressing YOU! How will it make you feel promoting Glenn Beck’s violence-laced, nasty, yellow propaganda when someone takes your advice, DVRs Beck’s show, grabs a gun and “starts a revolution?”
Jon, cheer leading for dangerous propagandists is not the role of the 4th Estate! Fox IS the funny farm. We expect this from them. Is that what Mediaite is becoming too Jon? Seriously Bershad, Glenn Beck does an excellent job at promoting Glenn Beck; he sure as hell does not need the help of Mediaite “journalists.”
Three assassination attempts Jon. You want your name associated with the next one which just might not get thwarted?
“Gee, I read online at Mediaite someone, a REAL journalist, said to DVR Glenn Beck’s show, so I did. Beck told me that Obama is associated with Lucifer, so I had to take action with my rifle for the good of the country.” IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO READ IN THE NEWS JON?!?!
That is POSSIBLE Jon, if you continue to promote Glenn Beck as you did yesterday instead of taking his dangerous and irresponsible propaganda to task!
Jon, you’re covering America’s premier propagandist attacking propaganda, and you didn’t think to mention the obvious conclusion that any high school graduate might comprehend? The word, Jon, is hypocrisy. Beck all but screams “I’m a masterful hypocrite,” and you can’t be bothered to point this out!
If these comments are going to have any public value Jon, you need to address this criticism of your lame “reporting.” Let’shave this debate Jon, because I don’t think you really want to have the blood on your hands that might come from when you encourage others to watch Glenn Beck! I don’t think that Don Abrams wants this either!
Do I come off as angry Jon? You’re damn right I am. What you wrote yesterday wasn’t “lamestream” media; it made you a potential accessory to a horrific crime!
Bershad will not point out obvious hypocrisy when it's obvious for anyone critically inclined to see, but encourages people to DVR and watch the man who has already inspired thwarted assassination attempts and may well be the inspiration of the next national tragedy. Bershad would benefit from a graduate course on Frederick Nietzsche to learn critical thinking or spend some time reading the critical perspectives at Crook and Liars. The last thing Beck -- and our country -- needs is a "reporter" from mainstream media, ostensibly covering Beck's performance art, serving as a cheerleader and advocate for this liar and hypocrite. He has plenty of sycophants online handling that task, and they dominate the comment section at the Mediaite blog. 

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