Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Glenn Beck Omnibus of Recent Inanities – The Carnival Edition

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Previously, Beck has been analyzed as a charlatan emulating his hero, Orson Wells, another masterful actor of the fake during the early years of radio. The following is the beginning of a piece reprinted here with permission of the author, Aunty Em who writes insightful articles about Glenn Beck over at News Hounds.

The Glenn Beck Omnibus of Recent Inanities – The Carnival Edition

Graphic reprinted here with permission of creator Mark Howard

This is the second in an occasional series due to the sheer ubiquity of the Fox “News” P.T. Barnum, the newly Passive-Aggressive Glenn Beck. After he launched his topsy-turvy “War Is Over, If You Want It” pledge —like some modern day combination of John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Marjoe Gortner —visiting the Glenn Beck Carnival became fun again. It hasn’t been that way for the last 8 months to a year. It was pretty much the same old rides and the same old empty cotton candy. But ever since his phony bologna pledge, and the hilarious E4 concept to start a Revolution, it’s a whole new midway. The Rodeo Clownturned Prop Comedian turned Evangelist has now turned Sideshow Barker. One minute you’re at the House of Mirrors, where everything reflected is totally distorted from reality, and the next you are on a Wild History Roller Coaster, almost being flung from the cart by the hair-pin turns. Don’t despair, the favorites never left. The midway still has the usual “Whack-A-Progressive-Mole”, and Barker Beck will make sure there’s a House of Horrors. Let’s walk the Glenn Beck Carnival together, shall we?

Over at The Fun House Crooks and Liars’ David Neiwert has a great catch. First he unloads the snark with a short article titled “Glenn Beck and Jared Loughner: Separated at birth?
I know! Let's start a rumor that Loughner is actually the secret love child of Glenn Beck (who in fact used to work in radio in Phoenix). And it will have every bit as firm a foundation as your average "Barack Obama is a secret whites-hating Marxist who is trying to destroy America" rant. Get out your chalkboards!
However it’s the video that makes this a 4-ticket attraction, guaranteed to make you laugh. Neiwert captures “[T]his weird segue [which] popped up the other day in the Twilight Zone between Neil Cavuto's Fox News show and the Glenn Beck show immediately following.” WARNING: Clear all liquids before getting on this ride:
The video she is referring to and the remainder of Aunty Em's post can be seen on News Hounds. In the remainder of her piece, she points out that eight out of nine of Beck's targets as of late are Jewish. Beck's bigotry is so obvious, it can be seen in England.
Before more people start swallowing Beck's fake "punditry, "
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