Friday, January 28, 2011

400 rabbis ask Fox owner Murdoch to sanction Glenn Beck

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Yesterday, the Jewish Funds for Justice organization put together $100,000 and paid for a full-paged open letter to Rupert Murdoch in his Wall Street Journal which is pictured below. The letter asks Murdoch to sanction Beck for his anti-Semitic holocaust references and baseless attack on George Soros, a holocaust survivor Beck has recklessly and falsely accused of helping send other Jews to death camps. Below the letter is a discussion from Chris Matthews' Hardball discussing the WSJ letter and its purpose. The letter is copied and pasted from Mediaite, a media blog.

Matthews discussed this letter and the background information with Jewish Funds for Justice's Mik Moore and WaPo's Paul Farhi.

Will Beck be sanctioned? Do not expect any apologies from Glenn Beck any time soon. Beck seems to be the cornerstone of Murdoch's right-wing propaganda. "Beck, and by extension, Murdoch, make the world safe for the corrupt. That’s the role they play. It’s not an add-on. It’s not a side-effect. It’s in the job description. The outrages of Beck pile on higher and higher for a reason – they make the slightly lesser outrages on the remainder of Fox "News" seem even less outrageous.Get involved. Please, click on this logo and sign the petition to have Beck fired. It may not do any good, but it can't hurt either.

Stay up-to-date on campaign developments on the Fox News Campaign page on the JFfJ website.  On Jan. 13, JFSJ President and CEO Simon Greer attempted to deliver a petition with over 10,000 signatures asking Fox News and Rupert Murdoch to cancel Glenn Beck's show. While Fox News refused to accept the petition, the issue has continued to draw national attention, including mentions in the Washington PostReuters and Variety.

Note: The Glenn Beck Review has not received any funding from George Soros or any affiliated organization.
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