Sunday, November 21, 2010

What is Glenn Beck getting nervous about?

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On his Premier Radio Network's program on November 12th, Glenn Beck discussed a number of activities that he is not "into" and intimated that "they" are out to set him up. Listen carefully to the following and notice the tone of Beck's voice. Is it his normally arrogant and cocky tone that he usually speaks with, or does it seem like Beck might be nervous about something coming out about him that will shed a new and embarrassing light on him? As you hear his words and tone, keep this question in mind: is there a skeleton hiding in Glenn Beck's closet?

So Glenn Beck is "rollin' dude heavy." There is a story regarding his youth that is about to break. An anonymous source has indicated that Beck has become aware of this impending story. In this audio clip Beck seems to be getting his supporters ready for information that he, apparently, will deny after it is published. What information? Over at, there is speculation that "Maybe it has something to do with his refusal to state publicly that he did not rape and murder a girl in 1990." It does not! That was a unfounded rumor started to give Mr. Beck a taste of his own medicine, making baseless claims about people.

So what is this soon-to-break story that has Beck so nervous? There is a clue contained in that audio clip, but it was probably not a consciously expressed hint. Coming soon to a blog near you, a story that Beck and his supporters will deny while his honest, liberal detractors should ask, "So what?" Stay "tuned" in.

Update 11/24/2010: A lengthy discussion between this Review and the anonymous source revealed to this person that Glenn Beck has never lied about or demonstrated hypocrisy regarding this skeleton in his closet. Because of that, there is -- at this time -- no public interest in conveying anything about this particular skeleton. If Glenn Beck should ever happen to read this post, you're welcome Mr. Beck. Oh, and welcome to the world of ethical journalism, something Beck seems completely estranged from.
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