Friday, November 19, 2010

Soros notes Jon Stewart's turning of Beck's campaign on its head -- against Fox

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Previously on this Review, Glenn Beck's smear campaign against billionaire philanthropist, George Soros was exposed for the sleazy, underhanded and horrific lies that were included. Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart turned Beck's conspiracy charges against Soros on its head to argue that Beck is far more dangerous than Soros and even going so far as to call Beck the "The Manchurian Lunatic." Soros spokesman, Michael Vashon, has responded to Stewart's satire on Beck in a newsletter partially re-printed below.

The following clips were published on the media website, Mediaite, or as it's called by this Review, MediaFight, in their coverage "Epic: Jon Stewart Turns Glenn Beck's George Soros Conspiracies on FNC and Glenn Beck."

Part I
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Part II
The follow is a response from Soros spokesman, Michael Vachon:

Vachon: Last night Jon Stewart did a send-up of FOX News' obsession with George Soros...It's hilarious.

The author of Beck's newsletter asked, "Should Glenn seek a restraining order on Jon Stewart?" Continuing, the person wrote:

Jon Stewart is still obsessed with Glenn. His whole life seems to revolve around what Glenn says and does. Last night he devoted 66% of his entire show to Glenn - joking about the Soros expose. Glenn can take a joke, that's completely fine, but this is just getting creepy. The Blaze has the full disturbing story.

The Blaze, also posted these two videos posted with the following observation: "What conclusion does he reach in the end? Using a dramatic series of clips, [Stewart] tries to make Beck out to be the puppet master." How can the Blaze "journalist" write "in the end" without adding "no pun intended?" Even stranger is the conclusion that Stewart tried "to make Beck out to be the puppet master." Is this the keen observations and "objectivity" offered at It's understandable that Beck's employees would not want to tell the truth, but they have the same video that is shown above. Is it not obvious watching this that Stewart is joking that Soros has his arm up Beck's butt and thus claiming -- as a joke to mock Beck's vicious distortions about Soros -- that Glenn Beck is one of Soros' puppets? What is disturbing about the Blaze story is the utter lack of honesty in perceptions offered there. Of course, it is Beck's own "news" source, so that is to be expected.

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