Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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According to every poll available, more registered voters want to have Democrats elected to Congress today than Republicans. That is probably not going to happen because most likely voters want Republicans elected to Congress today. Rarely during a midterm election have so few people mattered so much as these registered voters who will not likely vote today.

If the reader knows people who are registered to vote, take action. Get them this video. It describes a rather doomsday scenario of what a Republican Congress will mean, and there are better, more accurate reasons to stem the tide of the backlash against the President. This is nevertheless fun to watch. A better reason to vote today is jobs. A divided government will only create gridlock, and very little will get done to solve our problems in the next two years. Another excellent reason to vote today is what it is that the tea party candidates want to do to our Republic. Click here or here for details. Nothing else today matters more than the future of our democratic Republic than what you do to get registered people to vote.


Know any undecided or unenthusiastic voters?
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The Angry Bruin said...

All I have to see is that CNNBC and moveon.org are involved...that tells me this is just a load of CRAP!

The Glenn Beck Review said...

Weasel (I can't believe I'm deigning to address a weasel), have you bothered watching this?

Imploring people to vote "is just a load of CRAP!" Where do you get your "information," FoxPAC? The programming of minds there is incredible.